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  1. [otc] kuraitenshi: i'm totally down with tail-plugs
  2. Michael Dukakis entered chat.
  3. Shadowplay: lorden are you into dogs are cat cosplays?
  4. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): real animals > fake cosplay
  5. Pillcr0w: wow, chat filled up fast.
  6. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: yeah.. lol
  7. Michael Dukakis left chat.
  8. Shadowplay: ?
  9. Shadowplay: anybody ever duct tape a hamster?
  10. Aki ([k]): oh so goats are where it's at.  I get it.
  11. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): i shoved a hampster up my ass once
  12. Lorden: What the christ
  13. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: *hugs lorden tightly tickling their nose with my ear*  ;3
  14. Aki ([k]): it's all fun and games until someone loses a colon
  15. Shadowplay: ive feltched before
  16. Shadowplay: but with a mouse
  17. Lorden: you guys like really scare me now
  18. Shadowplay: ?
  19. Shadowplay: why
  20. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: ehh...
  21. Shadowplay: im very safe when i do it
  22. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: cocaine smuggling?
  23. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: XD
  24. GentlemanBrofroShark entered chat.
  25. Shadowplay: no feltching
  26. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: ah..
  27. Shadowplay: you have no idea how amazing it is
  28. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: ehh..
  29. Shadowplay: you can feel the animal in you
  30. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: if it involves putting things in your anus no... i dont.. and never want to..
  31. Shadowplay: its like yor cavity becomes  a cavern, like its in its natural habitat
  32. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): yeah its just a bad idea to try to get them to blow you
  33. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): they bite and it fucking hurts
  34. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): its aalso really hard to explain at the hospital
  35. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: e_o
  36. Shadowplay: and you can feel the mouse move around in your rectum, you become ne with nature, its exciting
  37. [otc] kuraitenshi: i've tried that with a cat once. they're fairly pliable as kittens. and their tongues aren't so harsh and sandy
  38. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: ehhh...
  39. GentlemanBrofroShark: What the fucking shit am I reading?
  40. [otc] kuraitenshi: you have to hold them by their neck
  41. GentlemanBrofroShark: D:
  42. Lorden: This is not a furfag group go elsewhere
  43. Shadowplay: im straight thank you
  44. [otc] kuraitenshi: likewise -_-;
  45. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: as am i..  :3
  46. Shadowplay: me and my girlfriend did it, then i shoved a wooly mammoth up her cunt
  47. [otc] kuraitenshi: anyhow, if you press the head against kitten's lips long enough, they'll open wide
  48. [otc] kuraitenshi: it doesn't really fit, but it's better than beating off on their belly
  49. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: -____-;
  50. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): you can ass fuck them easy
  51. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): as long as you hold them even if they scream you can shove it in
  52. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): its not healthy for them though but if its a stray you can throw it out when your done
  53. Pillcr0w: ....
  54. [otc] kuraitenshi: wait
  55. [otc] kuraitenshi: so is it like a... furry cocksleeve?
  56. Shadowplay: i mated with a pony once, it was beautiful, i felt one with nature, i felt like a centaur
  57. [otc] kuraitenshi: i forgot to put on my glasses
  58. [otc] kuraitenshi: shit
  59. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: shadowplay..
  60. Shadowplay: i wish i could have baby ponies with the mare =(
  61. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: im a bit frightened by you..
  62. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: e_o
  63. Shadowplay: why?
  64. GentlemanBrofroShark: Faggotry is bragging about the fact that you fucked someone
  65. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: ehh..
  66. GentlemanBrofroShark: Just saying
  67. Shadowplay: i didnt "fuck" her, i mated with her
  68. Shadowplay: it was love making and it was beautiful
  69. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: all your stories of having "fun" with animals..
  70. Lorden: Okay really bro like get out
  71. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: yes..
  72. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: please..
  73. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: e_o
  74. Shadowplay: its not "fun" ..its love
  75. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: its kinda..
  76. Shadowplay: just because YOU dont understand
  77. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: how can i say?
  78. GentlemanBrofroShark: The terrible trolling is making me laugh
  79. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: looked down upon by society..
  80. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: i dont judge ok?
  81. Shadowplay: society means nothing to me
  82. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: im just saying..
  83. Shadowplay: i am apart from it, i am one with nature
  84. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: ahh..
  85. Shadowplay: i am of the wolf bretheren
  86. GentlemanBrofroShark coughs, "Faggot" cough
  87. Pillcr0w: whats your expirience with dolphins?
  88. DMitsuki (Greatest of all time): nah but seriously, furrys are fucking disgusting freaks what the fuck is wrong with you people
  89. Lorden: get out
  90. 웃¥☣נєηѕση☣♪†: <--  vulpine here..   ;3
  91. You have been banned from the chat by Lorden.
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