Dadonequus Discord (The After Years) Scrappy

Jul 9th, 2017
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  1. >"Scrappy, ah'm sure she remembers. C'mon, ah made some fresh apple pie. And ah'm sure yer' hankerin' for a piece." Applejack tried to tempt you, but you would not be influenced by sweet pie goodness
  2. "I can't. It's already night time. Somepony has to be here to unlock the door for her when she gets here!"
  3. >Applejack walked past you, and just pushed the door open without even touching the lock. Then looked back at you with a deadpan look.
  4. >But this only put you in a state of shock
  5. "Oh no! Bad ponies could have entered at any time and attacked! Why was the door unlocked?!"
  6. >"It usually is. But ya follow everypony else around so much ya just never noticed"
  7. "Oh..."
  8. >After all these years. you never realized that,
  9. >Or maybe you just never noticed because of how dedicated to your duties you were.
  10. >And waiting for Applebloom was your duty. to let her know that you were loyal. And that you loved her.
  11. >You missed her
  12. >.....
  13. >You made yourself sad.
  14. >"Scrappy, you alright?" Applejack said as she gave you a gentle rub on your back. You were in your dog form after all. You had to be. You didn't want to be in changeling form unless you had to be. You weren't ashamed of it. It's just a changeling isn't a dog. "Ah know that look. Somethin' is buggin' you, ain't it?"
  15. "I just miss Master Applebloom....and...It makes me miss everypony I don't get to see anymore"
  16. >"Everypony ya don't get to see?" Applejack started to ponder on what you meant "But ya get to see all yer friends all the time. A'hm afraid ah don't really follow."
  17. >you sighed
  18. "I mean, you know, My queen. And the Anon from that other dimension"
  19. >Applejack seemed to be offended when you mentioned your queen though "'Scuse me? Scrappy, Yer "Queen" almost made ya into rotten apple stew last ya saw her. And that was plenty a moons ago. She ain't worth worrying about Scrappy, she only ever cared about herself."
  20. "I know..."
  22. >That was true. You were the one who first sniffed her out when she was planning with the Raptorians. You tried desperately to get her to stop her evil plan. And that you could convince everypony to accept her.
  23. >But she called you an idiot. a traitor. A fool.
  24. >But you didn't care. You just wanted her to be ok.
  25. >Even after she hurt you with her magic. And told you to bring her message to Anon.
  26. >That message. "Either take my offer, or watch everything perish, you still remembered it."
  27. >But you didn't care. She was just hurt. She didn't have a place to call home. She didn't know how to care about somepony else. If she learned to care about a somepony. She would have never stayed evil.
  28. >You knew Anon, as good as a friend he was, was probably not the best choice. Especially since you still had to destroy him for tainting Master Applebloom's honor that one time. But that would be for later. When he was ready.
  29. >If there was somepony else. Maybe a pony that wasn't evil at all. Maybe your queen wouldn't have stayed evil. Or at least...she wouldn't have stayed mean.
  30. >And besides...
  31. "But she's my mommy. I wouldn't be here to protect all of you without her"
  32. >Applejack went silent for a while. She seemed to be hurt by the mention of the fact you called your queen your mommy as well.
  33. "...Applejack...I'm sorry if I upset you"
  34. >"Hrm? Oh nah, it's fine Scrappy. Ya just got me thinkin' is all. Look, ah personally think that no mother should treat her foal that way. Ah know she was yer..."
  35. >She really did hate her
  36. >and it made you sad
  37. >And when she looked at you, she suddenly stopped, and looked away.
  38. >"Yeah, so...that other Anon, ya know? Ah don't know much about him at all. Why don't ya tell me about him?"
  39. >Applejack seemed really calm now. And she was sitting next to you. gently giving you head rubs. It was as if she was trying not to make you feel sad.
  40. >Well, head rubs did make you feel a little less sad.
  42. >But then you decided to cuddle into her. Cuddling was almost as good as hug times.
  43. "mnn..Well..that other Anon. He was really different from the Anon we know"
  44. >"Ah heard, some sort of prince, right?"
  45. >You nodded, nuzzling your head into her side.
  46. "not sort of, he was a real prince. The son of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!"
  47. >"Still have a hard time believin' that. But apparently that chessboard of yers is the genuine article. He must have liked you a lot to give somethin' like that to you. It's a one of a kind, ain't it?"
  48. >you nod once again
  49. "Mhmm, Anon thinks it's really dumb for me to be friends with his other self since we didn't get to be around each other much. But, the little time we did have was amazing. I always remember how our meetings went whenever I play chess. It makes me hope, that one day, when I meet him again, that he won't do something to dishonor Master Applebloom. I'd really hate to have to destroy him."
  50. >Chess was one thing. But nopony was allowed to dishonor Master Applebloom. Nopony. But that didn't take away from your feelings.
  51. >Applejack chuckled, did she find your words funny? "yer a funny little bug, Scrappy. but ah guess thats why everypony gets along with ya so well. When you make a friend, ya get more serious about it than ah do about applebuck season."
  52. "Well, that's how it's supposed to be. Right? You're supposed to care about your friends. No matter what. Even if you don't see them for a long time. You always remember them right? They will always be your friend...right?"
  53. >Applejack looked back and gave you a warm smile. "Ya know Scrappy, you're darn right about that. Ah know exactly how ya feel"
  54. >She does?
  55. "You do?"
  56. >"You're darn tootin' ah do. Let me tell you about the time ah met with a friend ah hadn't seen in a long long time"
  58. >She explained to you when her friend "Coloratura". Or as she seemed to like calling her. Rara. came to Ponyville. There seemed to be something going on with her manager and stuff. But it was kind of hard to follow. But Applejack and Rara first met when they were foals. And that was important to you because it was friendship stuff. But then bad stuff happened, and then good stuff happened. And there, as she said, was a very beautiful song. On piano even! Piano was always a nice instrument to listen to. It all sounded like something Anon would tell you about. Like an "Episode of a saturday morning cartoon". And you liked it a long.
  59. "She sounds like a really nice friend Applejack! I wish I could have been there to hear her song and..."
  60. >Your ears droop as you realized that you could have, in fact, been there. But you were busy with evil changeling things.
  61. >You felt bad. Because you could have experienced it for yourself.
  62. "...ohm...I could have been there. But I was doing evil things. She sounds like show would have been a great new friend. "
  63. >Applejack chuckled, again, she seemed to find something funny. And now you felt hurt.
  64. "Why are you laughing? I'm feeling bad...."
  65. >"Aww c'mon Scrappy. yer makin' it out like you can't meet her at all. And besides, what were ya gonna do if ya met her before? Just bark?"
  66. >.......oh right...You were evil before. And everypony would have been scared of you if you just spoke.
  67. "....oh yeah...wait. Did you say that maybe, I could meet her? How can I do that? How Applejack?! How!"
  68. >You were excited, you may possibly be making a new friend! And from the way she sounds. She'd probably really like you!
  69. >You couldn't stop bouncing in excitement.
  70. >"Alright, simmer down" Applejack giggled as she stood up and dodged your erratic bouncing "Ah mean, all ah gotta do is shoot her a letter and ah bet she could come down for the apple family reunion comin' up. How does that s-SCRAPPY?!"
  72. >You couldn't contain yourself as you clinged onto Applejack. Unable to hold your doggie form. And cheered. Even in your reformed form. You were a tiny runt. But boy did you have a ton of energy!
  73. >"SCRAPPY! SCRAPPY! Get off! Ah ain't no bull!" Applejack said as you rode her, bouncing about along her back. Hopping up and down from it.
  75. >"Yeah ah know! But if ya keep bouncin' around like that! Ah'm gonna end up with a worse back than ole Granny Smith!" She yelled out at you
  76. >........oh
  77. >You flittered your wings and landed on the ceiling. looking down at her with a weak and meek smile.
  78. "I'm really sorry Applejack. I have shamed you, and I am.....willing to face punishment."
  79. >Applejack shook her head and sighed "Knock it off Scrappy, I ain't gonna punish you for gettin' excited to make a new friend. But ah will bop ya if don't cut it out."
  80. >A bop if you don't cut it out?
  81. >It stupified you so hard that you fell off the ceiling and landed on your back onto the ground. Still wondering without feeling any pain.
  82. >You then looked at Applejack. Curious.
  83. "Cut what out?"
  84. >Applejack just stared at you. She looked like she was shocked at something. But then she looked up, shook her head, and smiled.
  85. >"Nothen, but yer feelin' better. Right?"
  86. >You nod with a smile, still on your back
  87. "Mhmm!"
  88. >"Want some pie?" She asks
  89. >You shake your head
  90. "Not until Master Applebloom gets home"
  91. >Applejack nearly fell when you said that.
  92. >"Yer more stubborn than a mule, ya know that?"
  93. >Wha?
  94. "Mules are stubborn?"
  95. >Then Applejack started shaking! Like, Literally shaking!
  96. >But with anger.
  97. >"Scrappy! yer gonna go in the kitchen right now and git some pie or ahm gonna make ya!" She pointed towards the kitchen
  98. >Make you?
  100. >Your eyes thin out, as you look at her with a determined smirk.
  101. >She has.....challenged you
  102. >And if it's one thing you always had to take seriously. Was a challenge!
  103. "I accept your challenge! I will get by you to get to the pie before you can even lay a hoof on me! This is for the honor of Master Applebloom!"
  104. >"....say what?" Applejack looked confused, but this was obviously a ploy.
  105. >You rushed past her and into the dining room. She didn't even try to stop you. Probably because you were too quick.
  106. >Then again. So were you. All that training and work with your new family had made you a much stronger bug than you used to be. You flip so hard that you spin out and slam into the table, right onto your back, Making it spring back enough for the pie to fly up, then back down onto your face.
  107. >"Scrappy! That.....Scrappy!" Applejack got all excited all of a sudden as she rushed towards you and removed the pie from your face.
  108. >"Scrappy! Are ya ok?! Ah'm gonna get some water and a doctor and....Scrappy?" Applejack again seemed shocked as you licked up the pie from your face and looked at her with a goofy smile
  109. "I win"
  110. >" win..." She says in a low voice, then yells out "YA WIN?! SCRAPPY! THAT PIE COULD HAVE BURNED YER FACE CLEAN OFF!"
  111. "No it can't. Changelings can handle heat a lot better than ponies. We adapted since we used to live in the badlands...oh wait. My siblings still live there. But it isn't so bad anymore. Oh also, I won!. What did I win?!"
  112. >Applejack didn't seem to know what to say. Then, it was like something hit her. And she began to laugh "ah guess you won the whole pie"
  114. >You rolled off the table and started to run in place in a panic.
  116. >Applejack placed her hoof on your head and pressed a little hard. "Scrappy. Scrappy, listen. Applebloom isn't probably gonna show up til mornin'. Why don't ya get some rest?"
  117. "Can't! I have to be awake! For her! I've never once missed greeting her. Never ever! Seeing her smile, and call my name, and feels great everytime."
  118. >Applejack stopped to think for a moment. She cared about you after all. Did she think you weren't going to get enough sleep? Because to you, that wasn't important.
  119. >"Well Scrappy. If yer feelin' like you need sleep. Then you should probably sleep. If ya fall asleep any later. You'll miss saying hi to Applebloom"
  120. "Which is why I won't sleep at all! It's the perfect plan!"
  121. >"Maybe, but ah dunno. Ah know if ah wanted to greet mah sister. I'd go to bed now, get up early, make a mighty good breakfast fer the family to eat. And by the time ah was done. Applebloom would be comin' right through that door. Happy and hungry, and we'd have ah great family breakfast."
  122. >Did she say. She'd be happy? You want Applebloom to be do, you do! This sounded like a much better plan!
  123. "So, what you're saying is. If I sleep now, and wake up early. I could make breakfast for everypony? AND get to see Applebloom come through the door?"
  124. >you weren't a very good cook. But for Applebloom, you'd make the best breakfast ever.
  125. >"Er, Scrappy. How about we get up together and ya just help me and Granny Smith make breakfast?"
  126. >Oh.....that works too.
  127. "Ok!"
  128. >Applejack sighed in relief. She cleaned up the mess of pie you made. Stretched and yawned, and got ready to go to her bed. Saying goodnight to you.
  129. >But then you realized something.
  130. >If you slept on your little doggie bed downstairs. You'd be alone. You didn't mind being alone. But, you might not wake up with Applejack...or worse! She might forget to wake you up.
  132. > you saw Applejack walk off. You started to feel anxious. She does so much for you too. And she probably misses Applebloom just as much as you do.
  133. >And she was going to sleep alone. Knowing her sister was away.
  134. >That must lonely.
  135. >It must have.
  136. >you just knew...
  137. "Applejack! Wait!"
  138. >Applejack stopped, and looked back at you with a yawn. "Yeah? What's wrong?"
  139. >You transformed back into your doggie form. And sat your butt down behind her. Looking up at her with a cute little frown.
  140. "I'm really sorry. I was so sad about missing the master that I forgot that it must be torture for you too. I insist that I sleep with you to keep you, the master's sister, and my friend, happy and safe from scary feelings."
  141. >"Scrappy, ah'm ah big cowgirl, ah don.........mnnn"
  142. >She stopped. It was like she could see just how worried for her you really were.
  143. >"..Ya know what? Why not?As long as ya don't go all crazy on me. Ah don't mind bunking with ya for the night."
  145. >You get a quick stern look from Applejack, right before you were about to bounce about again.
  146. >You gulp
  147. "S-sorry"
  148. >"..It's alright Scrappy. Just remember the rest of the family is tryin' to get some rest. Now come on. the quicker we get to sleep, the quicker we can see Applebloom."
  149. >And that was just one of the many moments you have being the faithful dog of the Apple clan. And of course, you were there just in time to greet Applebloom right when she got home.
  150. >But thats how it always was. You'd always be there for her when she needed it.
  151. >But not just Applebloom. You knew you had to protect your other friends and family too. From anything that would make them sad or hurt them.
  152. >As their dog. That was your mission. And you'd make sure to never fail.
  153. >Also, scolding hot apple pie was pretty good.
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