Temptress' Bell

Oct 6th, 2018
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  1. Temptress' Bell
  2. Rarity ◊◊♦
  4. A lovely magical bell with a string attached.
  5. It is not a bell that tempts mamono, it is a bell that holds the power to invite men's "Demons".
  6. By pulling a string connected to the bell you can make a noise ring, and the bell in name only reverberates a piercing sound.
  8. Just as it sounds, it is only an ordinary noisy bell, but if the person ringing it rings it while thinking of a man who has become their target, then the man that heard that sound will have a magical effect brought on him.
  9. The piercingly provocative tone this bell plays is indiscreetly irritating and rubs a man's nerves the wrong way.
  10. The ringing of the bell becomes annoying, and although it will cause aggressiveness along with a sense of anger, irritation and aggressiveness will be completely transformed into lewd desire and impulses by the magical power of the bell.
  11. In other words, it is a bell with the power to tempt men to have extremely aggressive carnal passion, and if men continue to listen to the bell, they will start to think of ravishing the partner who rang that tone with irritation and carnal lust.
  12. This bell with an extreme effect is habitually used not only by those with masochistic desire, but also those who prefer stimulating intercourse and children of mamono that perceive intercourse like playing, this is rung in order to arouse the man they have their sights on, and is for luring them into back alleys and the like to enjoy ravishing intercourse.
  14. Moreover, except those that are specified as targets, there is no magical effect, and it is heard as just a noisy sound.
  15. Also, since it is necessary to specify a male target with clear intent to tempt, or holding a lust of masochism, even if someone who knows nothing rings the bell, in most cases the magic effect will not appear.
  16. However, if masochistic desire is hiding inside, and it is suited to a specific man, the effect may appear even if unconsciously.
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