Theatre Mask for Fyffil in GemStoneIV

May 7th, 2018
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  1. a suede-tied theatre mask
  3. Unfurling to the rhythm of your song, your vision is filled with the scene of a trail leading through an autumn-kissed glade. Gay laughter rings lightly in your ears, and soon, its source reveals itself to you in the form of two halflings. Their clothing is bright and colorful, that of traveling troubadours, and you instantly feel a kinship to them. You hail them cheerfully, and they return the greeting in kind. Soon the pair is joined by others, and you find that you and your family are amongst kindred spirits. Slowly, your vision fades on the group as they set up a small camp.
  6. Soft and slumbering, a tune rises to meet your song, and it is filled with a deep contentment mingled with a heavy lassitude. The stars spread before your vision through the filter of trees illuminated by moonlight and the quiet sound of laughter and singing. Glimpsed between the trees, you can see the outline of a ger separated by a small camp fire from a wooden wagon and know that two families, both performers, are bridging the gap between the races and enjoying the night. The fire flares brightly for a brief moment, and then, the vision fades
  9. Strange and eerie, the sound of your song is quickly swallowed in a deafening silence that robs your vision of all light. A strange sense of being disconnected from everything around you falls upon you, and your senses are bereft of anything to feed them. Out of the darkness, a sanguine handprint moves towards you and eclipses your vision with its light for a brief moment before it is gone.
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