(MLO) The Great and Powerful Mommy

Jan 3rd, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >Not the concept of being unknown, though you're quite that as well
  3. >And technically, Anonymous wasn't your full name either
  4. >Officially, on your birth certificate, you're "Anonymous Pendratt Lulamoon"
  5. >Your mother always had a taste for the strange and the flamboyant
  6. >You had worked with, well for, her ever since she had decided to go back on the road, about a month after you began walking
  7. >So your childhood had been taken up by working for your mother in her stage shows, working the curtains, pyrotechnics, and other effects in the show
  8. >You had even earned your cutie mark doing it, an exploding Romane Candle
  9. >But even after that, you still stuck with her, working behind the scenes to make her show all the more amazing
  10. >There was only one thing you didn't like about your mom
  11. >"Oh Anon! The Great and Powerful Trixie requires supper for her and her stallionfriend!"
  12. >Okay, maybe three things
  13. "What would you like to eat mo- oh Great and Powerful Trixie?"
  14. >She gave you a smirk that drove you to a red haze every time
  15. >"Make us a salad with sunflower seeds, and don't dare skimp on the seeds, Trixie will know if you do!"
  16. >You sigh, she never actually could tell, but you figure her stallionfriend wouldn't notice
  17. >He was more of a toy than anything else anyway, it wasn't like you'd ever see him again
  18. >But that was how your mother was, do a show, go to the bars, bring home a random stallion while half-drunk, then raid the liquor cabinet in your shared wagon
  19. >She had bought a larger one a while back, but there still weren't any walls for insulation
  20. >Of course that meant, in the morning, you could always get your revenge by playing loud music
  21. >You were passive-aggressive that way
  22. >Maybe that was why you never told your mother that you were in love with her
  23. >Never told her that she makes you worry when she comes home half-drunk with another stallion every other night
  24. >Never explained why you did absolutely everything she asked of you without questioning why, no matter how ridiculous
  25. >So you went into the small kitchen and eavesdropped on the pair conversing as you prepared their meal
  26. >You never ate at the same time as your mother, thanks to your odd sleeping schedule
  27. >As you cook, you reflect back on the way your mother acted towards you in the past couple of years
  28. >You had recently gone through puberty, along with everything that it entails
  29. >As soon as your mother found out, she started teasing you endlessly
  30. >Wearing suggestive clothes around the house
  31. >Asking you to dry her off after a shower
  32. >Shimmying her plot in such a way when you two walked together, that you caught glimpses of her vagina past her tail
  33. >It always sent you into a tizzy, no matter how many times she'd done it
  34. >And you knew why she did it
  35. >It was because you both knew that you were too much of a pussy to do anything about it besides clop when she wasn't around
  36. >But that was all about to change
  37. >You bring the couple their salad along with a bottle of cheap alcohol
  38. >But you had slipped a couple teaspoons of saltpeter into the bottle when you had opened it
  39. >You nodded to both of them, then left the wagon to let them do their business
  40. >It was better for you to not be there when it happened, though they might have a hard time with a combination of liquor and saltpeter in that stallions system
  41. >You grin to yourself, impressed at your own resistence to your mothers actions, however passive
  42. >But you knew it couldn't last forever, sooner or later you'd have to confront her
  43. >But later was fine for now
  44. >A carriage driver nearly runs you down and snaps you back to the present as he yells at you in some language you don't know
  45. >You had travelled fairly far north with your mother, far away from Ponyville to the cold plains of Stalliongrad
  46. >As far as you could tell, there were only two attractive things about this place
  47. >Beautiful architecture and cheap liquor
  48. >And as you walked down the street, levitating a bottle in front of you that you would occasionally take sips from, you were able to partake in both
  49. >You passed by a massive temple, festooned with towering minarets and a huge, scarlet dome in the center
  50. >The plaque said it was the cathedral of St. Equus, a pony that had been martyred attempting to save the lives of a family of Lunar loyalists during the rebellion over a thousand years ago
  51. >The Solar soldiers here had been extreme hardliners and were executing Lunar loyalists in the streets as an example to others
  52. >When Equus had seen a family with three foals dragged into the street in front of his house, he had taken action
  53. >He had gone and confronted the captain, saying he could vouch for their loyalty and morality
  54. >The captain had ignored him and ordered the family executed, to which Equus took great exception
  55. >He stepped between the guards and the family, telling them that to kill the family, they'd have to kill him, a Solar hardliner
  56. >The guards didn't even hesitate to kill him as soon as he had finished speaking
  57. >His death had caused massive riots, and when Celestia had heard of why the ponies were rioting, she came to Stalliongrad herself and dedicated a memorial to the brave pony that had looked out for the safety of others at the cost of his own life
  58. >When Celestia had been revered as a goddess later and the cathedral built, the memorial had been moved inside and placed beside the altar
  59. >And you threw your now empty bottle of cheap alcohol at the gates
  60. >You were quite drunk of course, but you were sober enough to realize it was a mistake as soon as the bottle left your grip
  61. >A pair of police ponies gave chase right away, and you tore through the streets ahead of them, laughing from adrenalin
  62. >You eventually lost them and trotted back to the trailer
  63. >It had been a good few hours since you had left, so you figured that would be enough time for your mother to be finished with the useless stallion
  64. >As you opened the door, your thoughts were justified, but the sight that greeted you was not
  65. >Your mother was alone at the table, a half-empty bottle of the hardest liquor you two had sitting in front of her
  66. >You trotted over to her, dertermined to figure out what had transpired to leave her in such a state
  67. >You place a hoof on her shuddering withers and speak up
  68. "What's wrong mom?"
  69. >Her head turns to you and it's immediately clear she's not had a good night
  70. >Her eyes are bloodshot, her cheeks stained with tear streaks, and her chin and chest coated with patches of the liquor she was drinking
  71. >She had been crying, and drinking far more than usual
  72. >"I-I mean, the Great an' Powerful Trixie was rejected by that plebian mule she brought home!"
  73. >Her words are slurring a bit from drunkeness, but you can understand her at least
  74. >"What a fool, he was losing out on all this!"
  75. >She drunkenly gestures to her body, shimmying in place to complete the effect
  76. "He must have been an idiot. Who wouldn't want you, mom?"
  77. >A smile breaks out on her face and she takes another swig of the alcohol
  78. >You grin back and nuzzle against her booze stained coat, trying to swing her depressed mood around
  79. >"Y'know Anonymous, ever since you grew up, you got handsome. You remind me of your dad, and maybe that's why I tease you so much."
  80. >She sighs and nuzzles you back and nibbles at your ear
  81. >"He left after you were born. Guess he just couldn't handle the Great and Powerful Trixie."
  82. >You can see this is all leading somewhere
  83. >And for you, it's a dream come true
  84. >You had been on the road with her since you were born, and she was the only pony you had ever truly loved
  85. >And now she was returning that feeling
  86. >Sure she was drunk, but what did it matter?
  87. >She probably wouldn't remember any of this tomorrow, so you may as well take advantage of it while you can
  88. >"I wonder if I'll ever find a stallion that can handle everything that Trixie has to off--"
  89. >You cut her off with a kiss, your tongue invading her mouth and caressing the orifice
  90. >You taste the alcohol she's been drinking, the salad you made for her
  91. >And you can almost taste her lust as she returns the kiss, her own tongue wrestling with yours
  92. >Her magic engulfs your body and practically throws you onto her bed, the larger of the two in your home
  93. >She slowly trots over, her magic holding you in place as she sheds her usual cape and hat
  94. >"Trixie has wanted this for a long time, so you had better not disappoint her!"
  95. >You nod solemnly, deciding to not make a sound and just let her talk
  96. >Though your decision may have been influenced by the magical gag your mother had put on you
  97. >She straddles you, her hot, winking vagina pressing on your rapidly growing erection
  98. >The heat pouring from her plot tells you that she's in estrus
  99. >You may have cared, were you not so taken with lust
  100. >You've already reached full mast and she starts grinding on your shaft, sliding her wet vulva back and forth, lubing you up
  101. >"Oh, you've grown up so big! I wonder what you taste like."
  102. >Your dick twitches, her words arousing you even further
  103. >She moans at the movement, but slides off and lifts your member so it stands straight up
  104. >"You should be glad that Trixie is feeling so kind on this auspicious night. It is her birthday after all!"
  105. >Oh shit, you had totally forgotten
  106. >Of course, right now you were too occupied to care, you'd take care of it some other time
  107. >Trixie takes the flare of your cock into her mouth and slides down the shaft
  108. >Without even flinching, she begins deep throating you
  109. >Sliding in and out of her warm throat was driving you mad, and you start thrusting in time with her bobbing
  110. >But before you can cum, she slides your dick out of her mouth with a pop and smiles at you
  111. >"Ah, ah ah, not yet. Trixie hasn't had hers!"
  112. >Your instincts take over in a flash, and before you can stop yourself, you've destroyed the spell keeping you in place and silent
  113. >You push her onto her back and slam your member into her marehood
  114. >She cries out at the sudden violation, but is soon moaning as you rut her
  115. >You use your magic and stimulate her winking clit as your stallionhood slams in and out of her pussy
  116. >Her juices soak both of your crotches as she orgasms from the overstimulation
  117. >Her contractions drive you wild and your pace speeds up
  118. >The force you're using is probably enough to leave bruises, but you're far too deep in ecstasy to care
  119. >You can feel yourself approaching orgasm rapidly
  120. "Mom, I'm gonna cum!"
  121. >She manages to speak between pants
  122. >"Yes, cum for mommy! Fill her up with your seed!"
  123. >Well, you can't ignore an invitation like that
  124. >You shoot your load inside of her, squirting directly into her womb with your seed
  125. >You slow your thrusts and she stops grinding on you
  126. >Both of you look at each other, panting in exhaustion
  127. >Finally, your mother reaches up and pulls your muzzle to hers, locking your lips in a kiss that holds more meaning that just lust
  128. >And you return it with just the same amount of feeling
  129. >You pull out of her and wrap your hooves around her body, spooning her
  130. >Together, you both use magic to pull the stained covers over top of you
  131. "I love you, mom."
  132. >As you fall asleep with her in your arms, you hear her speak and feel her kiss the tip of your horn
  133. >"Trixie love you too, Anonymous. I love you, son."
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