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  2. ShilohToday at 10:34 AM
  3. Just a lot of shit in general
  4. Honestly I saw your messages this morning cause I was still awake. Got barely any sleep
  5. ShilohToday at 11:36 AM
  6. Not entirely sure at all what to do or what’s going on
  7. I’m not like kicked out at the moment
  8. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:45 PM
  9. Ahhh, Kaz said you were in tears
  10. ShilohToday at 3:45 PM
  11. I was
  12. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:45 PM
  13. and I was ready to go to battle, but figured I'd wait
  14. Oh you streamin! okay, talk later then
  15. ShilohToday at 3:45 PM
  16. It’s fine
  17. Mic is muted and I’m standing outside anyways
  18. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:46 PM
  19. Ahhh, I see. So. What even happened?
  20. ShilohToday at 3:46 PM
  21. Broke down and bought a pack of cigarettes too so shame on me
  22. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:46 PM
  24. ShilohToday at 3:46 PM
  25. She said she’s given up
  26. Yes much shame
  27. Lol
  28. But I talked to her last night and told her what I’m gonna do
  29. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:47 PM
  30. What is that
  31. ShilohToday at 3:47 PM
  32. Start a new job tomorrow and I plan to turn shit around
  33. Also told her she’s full of it for saying she wants to go back to her old self
  34. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:47 PM
  35. What is SHE going to do?
  36. ShilohToday at 3:48 PM
  37. Dunno
  38. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:48 PM
  39. Yeah, that is bull
  40. ShilohToday at 3:48 PM
  41. Well her old self was doing drugs being an alcoholic and sluttin up
  42. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:48 PM
  43. Ohhhhhh no
  44. ShilohToday at 3:49 PM
  45. Told her that if she wants to go that route then by all means tell me to gtfo and she can back to all that
  46. I’ve got other shit to worry about at this point
  47. Like how I’m gonna get the food lol
  48. Fatty gotta eat
  49. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:50 PM
  50. I think, and I was going to say this before the old self explanation- get a job. Save your money, move out. I think if the relationship were to go anywhere positive, I think you guys need to revisit it within your own spaces.
  51. And yes, 100% you have a lot to worry about.
  52. I fucking wish Larry and I already had a place.
  53. I already told him when things first started going bad, that I'd want you with us.
  54. Not even as a "until he's on his feet" thing. More of a "I need our friend to be right" way.
  55. This is so frustrating.
  56. You need something you know you can rely on.
  57. ShilohToday at 3:51 PM
  58. yeah
  59. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:51 PM
  60. I can't help with that right now, it's going to have to be you that you rely on for right now.
  61. ShilohToday at 3:51 PM
  62. It'd be nice to not be sitting here questioning shit constantly
  63. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:52 PM
  64. And not bouncing all over the country too
  65. ShilohToday at 3:52 PM
  66. Yeah
  67. Soon TM
  68. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:52 PM
  69. one sec letting doggo out
  70. k back
  71. ShilohToday at 3:53 PM
  72. wb bruuuuski
  73. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:53 PM
  74. yeee thanks friendo
  75. ShilohToday at 3:54 PM
  76. no problemo me guy
  77. MeeloMaliceToday at 3:55 PM
  78. I can't stop farting today.
  79. Help. Me.
  80. ShilohToday at 4:09 PM
  81. XD GG
  82. MeeloMaliceToday at 4:13 PM
  83. xD
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