Counter-Blackmail Anon Ch 3: Trip to Hospital [Abandonded]

May 30th, 2014
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  1. Counter-Blackmail Anon Chapter 3: Trip to Hospital
  2. By Tumultuous
  3. Posted Friday 30nd May 2014 >>1801745
  6. [This story was abandoned mostly because I didn't know how to do all the research to find out exactly what problems would happen if someone was kicked in the stomache really, really hard. I've heard of people hospitalized and killed, but I wanted to get into the specifics.]
  9. "Okay, now that that's over with for now, I'd like some medical attention please", you announce as your legs start to give out.
  10. >With a look of alarm, Octavia rushes to your side to support you and put you on her back to carry you, while Cadence uses her magic to help keep you on your back.
  11. >Every tiny bit of movement is causing waves of agony to flow through you.
  12. >"Trixie, you stay here and keep cleaning up.
  13. >It's your job to help make sure the cleaning staff don't have to do too much to get this room back into perfect condition."
  14. >Cadence coldly commands Trixie, who can only shiver and nod in compliance.
  15. >"You remember what Anon said about making ponies disappear?
  16. >The truth is, I've never actually done that, but right now, I'm strongly considering it."
  17. >Octavia hangs a "do not disturb" sign on the outside doorknob just before all three of you dash out the door to leave the building.
  18. >"That'll keep the cleaning staff from coming in until we come back.
  19. >We'll just get a new set of bedding later."
  21. >Just outside the front doors of the hotel is a line of chariots waiting to take guests to their destinations elsewhere in the city.
  22. >Cadence and Octavia gingerly help you into one of the chariots.
  23. >Octavia in the back, and Cadence in the front, so that you had plenty of space to recline.
  24. >It didn't seem to help much. The pain was already so bad that you could barely move.
  25. >Your eyes were almost clenched shut in a vain attempt to ward off the worst of it.
  26. >"Take us to the Canterlot General Hospital. Quickly", she says, and forks over what must have been an entire day's worth of cab fares.
  27. >Without any further delay, the driver speeds towards the destination at a velocity only possible by those who know how to run the route in their sleep.
  30. >Be Cadence
  32. "Take us to the Canterlot General Hospital. Quickly", you say, and hoof over what you're sure is an adequate fare, and a more than adequate tip for fast service.
  33. >Shit shit shit.
  34. >Anon's injured.
  35. >It looks bad.
  36. >Blood from the mouth, clenching his midsection like it's filled with razor blades.
  37. >You're no medical professional, but if there's blood from his mouth, and he didn't just bite his cheek, there has to be something really wrong.
  38. >Less than 24 hours ago, /you/ were the most dangerous threat to him.
  39. >Now this.
  40. >You're really glad he was able to talk himself out of that situation with Trixie, but that still leaves one big injury to deal with.
  41. >You'd try to help out with what little first aid magic you knew, but those were spells tailored for ponies.
  42. >You already knew that they didn't work on griffons or minotaurs, so there was no chance at all that those spells would be able to help him.
  43. >The regret for not learning any real non-magical first aid is rearing it's ugly head, but you fight it down so that you could think as clearly as possible.
  44. >In fact, since he's the only one of his kind in the world, the medical world doesn't really have any idea how to deal with his unique biology in case of a serious accident or illness.
  45. >There wasn't a medical professional in the entire world who could really say that they knew how to treat him.
  46. >That was a scary thought, but, luckily, being royalty let you have a plan to get around that.
  47. >You hope.
  49. "Anon?"
  50. >"Mmmm?" acknowledged Anon, in too much pain to talk for long.
  51. >Or do anything other than wince and groan, really.
  52. "We're taking you to Canterlot General Hospital.
  53. There's a doctor there who specializes in working with non-ponies.
  54. His name is Dr. Bedside Manner.
  55. He's actually gotten an award for recognition in treating a variety of species.
  56. That's when I met him, as a matter of fact."
  57. >You're rambling at this point.
  58. >You know that.
  59. >But it's all to reassure him that he'll be in good hooves.
  60. >You'd be lying if you said to yourself that you weren't also taking comfort in feeling like you were doing something useful to help the situation.
  61. >You've been adding to the "problem" side of that equation too much over the last day.
  62. "You know, part of the duties of being a princess is having to attend award ceremonies and award the medals.
  63. This award was given after a big traffic accident where the tour bus for a group of griffons crashed into a minotaur trade delegation.
  64. It could have turned out to be a disaster, but Dr. Bedside Manner headed a team of doctors that helped to save the lives of the minotaurs and griffons who were in critical condition!
  65. If anypony knows how to fix you up, it's going to be him!"
  66. >This is said with as much good cheer and optimism as you can muster, in the hopes that it will both distract him, give him hope, and keep both of you from really thinking about the consequences of being an injured entity in a world that has no real medical understanding of how to deal with you.
  67. >Anon only gives a choked "Sounds good" as a reply.
  68. >Still, as long as it keeps both him and you focused on something other than the pain.
  70. >As long as you're checking on morale, you may as well take a look at what Octavia's doing.
  71. >She's been pretty quiet since you all flipped through the blackmail pictures.
  72. >She has Anon leaning against her, his head almost in her lap, and she's stroking his hair like a worried spouse.
  73. >Only half-listening to you, most of her attention seems to be split between trying to keep Anon as safe as possible between here and the hospital, and being deep in thought about... something.
  74. >Considering the kind of argument you two were having this morning, and how tense she is at the moment, it's probably best to not poke at that particular bee hive.
  76. "How are you doing now, Anon?
  77. Is the pain getting worse?"
  78. >There's a time for cheerful distraction, and then there's a time for trying to find out if the situation is getting worse.
  79. >The tension is really getting to you.
  81. >With shallow breaths, Anon musters up the focus to reply to you.
  82. >"I... I'm not sure. It hurts so much that I can't really tell."
  83. >It's obvious that he's trying very hard to move as little as possible.
  84. >The bumps on the road must be awful for him.
  85. >The muggy, somewhat unpleasant odour of a densely-populated downtown canterlot at noon is probably going completely unnoticed by him.
  86. >That would be one of the most striking differences between Canterlot and a small town like Ponyville, next to the sheer scale of the infrastructre.
  87. >It's definitely something that would bother a first-time visitor more than the noise, which was a comfortable third in the list of things tourists would notice.
  89. >Oh, look at that.
  90. >You're still rambling and trying to keep yourself distracted.
  91. >That's no good.
  92. >Noticing that he's starting to speak again, you quickly refocus.
  94. >After a particularly large pothole and accompanying groan fron Anon, he continues.
  95. >"This trip is really not a whole lot of fun for me."
  96. >No kidding.
  97. >"I wish I could just pass out from this to make it easier."
  99. >"Please don't say that, it would be terrifying if you passed out, Anon." Octavia interjects.
  100. >"Passing out is a sign that something is going very, VERY wrong.
  101. >As long as you're conscious, we can at least verbally check on your injuries."
  103. >While you're sure that there are ways to be hurt while staying conscious that are worse that injuries that force a pony into being unconscious, you can definitely agree that you'd prefer an injured-but-conscious Anon to an injured-and-unconscious Anon.
  104. >You reach back and put a hood on his shoulder to try and communicate this to him.
  105. >Octavia takes a look at your hoof, then at you, while wearing an unreadable expression on her face.
  106. >After a moment, she returns to her ministrations on Anon, without changing from her rhythm at all.
  108. >Putting aside that weirdness, you turn back to the front, bringing your foreleg with you, and look around to check to see how far you were from the hospital.
  109. >To your relief, the chariot's destination was very close by.
  110. >You decide to share the good news with everyone.
  111. "We're almost at the hospital!
  112. Get ready to move.
  113. Anon," you address him directly, "you're going to get some help in just a minute."
  115. >"That feels like an eternity right now.", he responds quietly.
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