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  1. iPhone 5 Malaysia!
  5. Thinner! With shiny glass back piece-9.3 mm thick
  6. Video chat on 3G, 4G (no longer restricted to WiFi)
  7. Face Time over 3G and 4G
  8. Custom SMS tones
  9. Custom Email alerts with ability to assign with different email address
  10. Sleek design
  11. OLED screen
  12. Scratch proof and shatter proof screen
  13. Wireless sync with iTunes
  14. 32G and 64G memory
  15. NFC Technology – The new iPhone 5 supports NFC technology the one which is used in Google's Flagship Android phone, the Nexus S. With NFC technology, iPhone 5 will have extremely high data transfer rate between two devices.
  16. Facial Recognition – The iPhone will be able to identify  its owner through facial recognition. The phone can be unlocked and begin to function after recognizing its owner. We've seen similar technology in laptops when logging on to windows via face recognition. It no doubt come in handy for other apps.
  17. Advanced Antenna – The problems with the iPhone 4 is completely worked out on the iPhone 5.
  18. iPhone 5 Camera – The new iPhone 5 will have an megapixel camera and can record full HD video (720p we expect)with a capped recording time of 25 to 30 seconds. The camera is equipped with a Omnivision OV8820 sensor.
  19. Battery Backup – iPhone 5 comes with an awesome battery that exceeds the life of the 3G by 14 hours – 7 hours over 4G which makes it perfect for heavy use.
  20.  iPhone 5 Screen Size - 3.7-4.0 inches (scratch and shatter proof) Apple will be removing more of the nonsensitive borders on either side of the screen, reducing the size of the home button and possibly increase the size of the phone itself.
  21. iPhone 5 Processor – 1.2GHz Dual Core
  22. iPhone 5 provides you with a variety of email alerts and notification. You can now assign alerts for different emails as well.
  23. Multiple Versions – It is expected that Apple will be releasing 3 versions of the iPhone 5, one is the regular iPhone that includes all of the specifications listed here, the second will have a sliding qwerty physical keyboard, and the last will be an iPhone 5 mini which will a smaller screen, fewer features and a lower price point.
  26. iPhone 5 Malaysia Release Date
  28. The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in the month of September or October (updated) 2011 in the US and shortly after that in Canada. Some analysts say that iPhone 5 Malaysia may have to wait until as late as December 2011 (updated).
  30. iPhone 5 Malaysia Price
  32. Well, the price for iPhone, 2, 3, 3GS & 4 in Malaysia always start with RM2,+++. The rumors said iPhone 5 will be a little bit cheaper than iPhone 4. So, iPhone 5 price in Malaysia should fall in RM2,+++ as well.
  34. Note: Above is rumors only but were gathered from all the potential sources.
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