Akashi Collection [untypeset]

Sep 3rd, 2016
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  1. Akashi Collection Translation
  2. From
  4. [Akashi-san's Repair Circumstances]
  5. >A.Maru: Pardon my intrusion. | I'd like to ask for your help in repairs.
  6. >Akashi: Coming, coming, | It's time for Akashi to take the stage!
  7. >Akashi: Comrade Akitsu Maru really proved herself this Operation MI.
  8. >AM: I am grateful for the praise | but I still can't match Akashi-dono.
  9. >Akashi: As an Amphibious Assault Ship...
  10. >Akashi: Hm?
  11. >Akashi: Hmmmmm??
  13. >Akashi: Uh--....
  14. >Kiso: WHat is it?
  15. >Akashi: Uhm...I'd like to ask a favor of Kiso...
  16. >Kiso: You want me to get you the Army's ship blueprints through Maruyu?
  17. >Akashi: Yes-- it doesn't have to be an actual blueprint.
  18. >Akashi: I'm currently helping to repair Akitsu Maru, | but I don't know what her flight scroll and lantern are made of; | I could also make use of it in the future, so it'd be best if I got the blueprints.
  20. >Kiso: So why don't you just ask Akitsu Maru?
  21. >Akashi: A...although you say that... | although that is an option...but, you know...
  22. >Akashi: I can't bear asking the Army for something-!
  24. >Akashi: It's not like I have anything against Akitsu Maru! | I simply have strong objections to requesting anything of the Army!
  25. >Kiso: that so...
  26. >Akashi: P...pardon the autism (literally: S...sorry for having such a sense of pride...)
  27. >Kiso: It's fine, I get it. | Speaking of which, where's Akitsu Maru?
  28. >Akashi: She's already in the baths. (note: implied that she's repairing)
  30. >Kiso: You...why do you even exist...
  31. >Akashi: No, shut up--
  32. >Kiso: Maruyu--
  33. >Maruyu: I'm here, Kiso-san!
  34. >Kiso: I'd like to ask you something.
  35. >Maruyu: Ask away~
  36. >Kiso: Regarding the army's--...
  38. >Akashi: I can't bear asking the Army for something-!
  39. >Kiso: Eh, whatever, I'm not that kind of person, right?
  40. >Kiso: Well, regarding Akitsu Maru's...flight deck...
  41. >(note: apparently Kiso wrote a whole song to convince herself, and I'm not going to bother writing this in a song format)
  42. [Kiso, calm yourself down]
  43. [Throw away the Army-Navy bias!]
  44. [Even if the Army messed up your plans a little]
  45. [Even if the Army calls you Kiso-dono, don't take it to heart!]
  46. [Maruyu and I, aren't we friends?](Wowow)
  47. [Maruyu and I, aren't we best friends?] (Wow)
  48. [I can't admit defeat]
  49. [To be biased against the Army is to be seafloor trash!]
  50. >Kiso: Maruyu...
  52. >Kiso: You're still not that good at diving. | It's nothing, it just seems as if paddling a little in the sea is a little too much for the big boys in the Army. It's okay to take it a little easy, you know.
  53. >[Sudden Condescension]
  54. >[Kiso: I'm such an idiot! I'm human trash! Trash!]
  55. >Kiso: I'm going to leave it to you, Yamato, after all.
  56. >[Kiso: M...maruyu really didn't do anything wrong...]
  57. >Yamato: Alright.
  58. >Kiso: Eh? | It looks like it's going well? | maybe larger ships are just better at this?
  60. >Yamato: So the Army equivalent of Curry is apparently Potato and Meat stew.
  61. >Kiso: What the hell did you ask? | Even though it is true that Potato and Meat stew is the Army's staple...
  62. >Yamato: But it seems like Maruyu likes Beef even more.
  63. >Kiso: That kid has surprisingly highbrow tastes!
  64. >Yamato: I, of course, like mincemeat curry the most!
  65. >Kiso: Okay, got it, I got it all!
  67. >Yamato: Ah, by the way | Akitsu Maru and Nagatsuki use the same model of boiler, so Nagatsuki might know something.
  68. >Kiso: That's what I was asking about! | How did the main topic become a segue?!
  69. >As a secret project among secret projects, Maruyu was of course privy to Akitsu Maru's reports, but--
  70. >Maruyu: I forgot!! :)
  72. [Shipgirl Storage Filled]
  73. >It's a new shipgirl!
  74. >...Ah?
  75. >The amount of Shipgirls has reached maximum capacity!
  76. >Will you pony up?
  77. >Or will you scrap someone?
  78. >TTK: ....right, Akashi, Ooyodo, both of you are to go back to your old jobs.
  79. >Akashi: Oy...Admiral...!
  80. >[Akashi: I-it was really hard for me to become a full-fledged shipgirl!]
  81. >[Not long after the Summer event, my docks ran out of capacity, and things got crowded.]
  83. [Ooyodo is Super Cool (Parable)]
  84. >Akashi: Thanks for your work~!
  85. >Akashi: Ooyodo, | Is today's work complete?
  86. >Ooyodo: Mm.
  87. >Ooyodo: I was just planning to head back too.
  88. >Akashi: Ooyodo, are you hungry?
  89. >AKashi: Let's get food together, how about it?
  91. >Akashi: And then--right halfway through the improvement process, he comes and tells me that he doesn't have enough screws!
  92. >Ooyodo: Guess it's time to start saving up screws again.
  93. >Suzuya: Akashi--!
  94. >Suzuya: So sorry, but we need some emergency repairs, could we ask you--?!
  95. >Akashi: Sure--! It's my time to shine!
  96. >Akashi: Sorry, Ooyodo! | I'll be right back!
  97. >Ooyodo: It's fine, I just finished as well.
  98. >Akashi: Being a good listener is a given, | but also
  100. >Akashi: In truth, Ooyodo doesn't normally eat very quickly.
  101. >Akashi: She always matches the other person's pace. | This makes things a lot easier for people who eat particularly quickly or slowly.
  102. >[Akashi: Sorry--]
  103. >[It's not hard to eat slower than usual, but it's impressive to speed up your eating pace to match fast eaters like me]
  104. >Akashi: Thank you for hearing me out on all that.
  105. >Ooyodo: I feel as if I haven't heard enough. | Tell me the rest once you get back!
  106. >[* note: Roomates]
  107. >Akashi: Awesome~
  108. >Ooyodo: Akashi,
  109. >Ooyodo: Do your best!
  110. >Akashi: Cool like that.
  112. >Ooyodo: For Akashi, asking her to take it easy is like asking the river nile to flow backwards.
  113. >Ooyodo: say what you like, she's going to do her damndest.
  114. >Ooyodo: Moreover, if you ask something of her, you know she'll give it your all.
  115. >Ooyodo: No matter how I try ot make her relax, | Not asking her to do what needs to be done ends up even worse.
  116. >[Akashi: Why didn't you tell me earlier?!]
  118. >Ooyodo: Does this naval district ask too much of Akashi....
  119. >Akashi: Ah, Oo...
  120. >TTK: Ooyodo,
  121. >TTK: Please explain the next operation.
  122. >[Akashi: Feeling like she doesn't belong]
  123. >TTK: Also, what assignments are left for today? | If we can fulfill multiple at once, could you arrange that?
  124. >Ooyodo: Yes, please leave it to me.]
  125. >[<--- Admiral]
  126. >Akashi: It seems like she's really busy. I guess I'll go to sleep first.
  127. >[All cleaned up]
  128. >[note: To: Akashi, Make sure you get a good night's sleep! -Ooyodo]
  129. >[Akashi: How cool does she get...]
  131. >[Akashi: Ooyodo, let's get married!]
  132. >[Ooyodo: .....I have no opinion...]
  134. [Akashi's day off] >Ooyodo: No | it's forbidden!
  135. >Ooyodo: I'm not going to let you sortie in that state!
  136. >Ooyodo: I'd overlook it if it were an exercise, but this is an actual sortie!
  137. >Akashi: Oops... | sorry, it's because I've been working a few all nighters, so I accidentally...
  138. >Ooyodo: No! | It's the fault of the Admiral who keeps on giving you jobs that require all-nighters!
  139. >TTK: S-sorry.
  140. >[Laptop Computer Admiral]
  141. >Ooyodo: at any rate,
  143. >Ooyodo: Akashi, you're going to take the day off and get soem rest.
  144. >[I'll sortie in your stead.]
  145. >Akashi: Eh--...
  146. >Ooyodo: Akashi....?
  147. >Akashi: Yes ma'am...
  148. >Akashi: Hm--
  149. >Akashi: What should I do...
  150. >Akashi: I'll go take a look at the shipyards, I guess.
  152. >[Ooyodo: Today, anything work-related is forbidden!]
  153. >[Rest...]
  154. >[*Note: I'm digging in]
  155. >[Take it easy and eat a little slower]
  156. >[Akashi: Ahh, I started scarfing the meal down again without noticing...]
  157. >[Rest...]
  158. >A nap without an alarm clock....
  159. >Akashi: Mm--...what should I do now...
  161. >Ooyodo: Akashi!
  162. >[Akashi: Aw shit-- she mad--]
  163. >Akashi: Mhmhm~ sorry,
  164. >Akashi: But this is what I like to do the most.
  165. >[Uzuki: Thanks for your work, Pyon~]
  166. >[Satsuki: Woah, I really thought I was going to die...] (note: Could also plausibly be Kuma or Kako, since their docking lines talk about how they think they're going to die.)
  167. >Ooyodo: Is there anything you like more than work? (note: I don't know exactly what 之後有的活要你做 means.)
  169. >[Hi, we're (some shit) and (some other shit). ]
  170. >[This is a compilation of our previous doujin and copy doujin, though the new chapter is new. The past year i was working on a commercial manga (it should be sold this year), but overall I had quite a few chances to draw Akashi. I'm really happy about it, and I really enjoyed drawing!]
  171. >[My life consists of thinking of situations where Akashi has to get babied by Ooyodo.]
  172. >[I'm usually taken care of by Akashi, and I hope that from here on out she'll have even more chances to shine--!]
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