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  1. Hey, probably wondering why the hell I'm writing this. Main reason being that I'm not going to be playing games and being in calls much to, at all for the next couple months (Sometime in June).
  3. I need to bring my grades up, I have a 1.5 GPA right now, and it's because I'm staying in my room not working on anything important.
  5. I also need to become more into band, by going to practices and practicing more at home, because I'm behind most in there, hell, I'm behind most freshman.
  7. And most important of all. I haven't talked much about this, but right now I'm supposed to be working on my HTML5 and Python certifications, but it's being delayed just because I don't want to try because I'm playing games. I need to take a break, it's becoming a problem.
  9. So, I just need time away, and it won't just be this time, it'll probably be when school starts back too, this stuff is important to me, and I want to become better at it, and not put stuff away, because Freshman year, and most of this year, I've been a shitty student, and I'm going to fix that by not wasting time.
  11. Thank you, hope you understand.
  13.     ~ Joshua
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