chorona na na

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  2. DJ's not nice
  3. Rucka Rucka are we
  5. Uh, I tell you where it from
  6. China, that's from where Corona comes
  7. Wuhan side, it arrive on Tuesday
  8. It flew over here on a bat some dude ate
  9. I put it in stir fry and give it to the guests
  10. I sew it one Nikes and cook it in the meth
  11. I wash it in dry clean, give it to Mall Cop
  12. No one suspect me 'cause I have small cock
  14. They scared, it's bad
  15. Corona virus isn't good
  16. They mad, forty five minutes
  17. I wait here and all I get is chopsticks
  19. I sorry but I have it and you have it
  20. Or you ate it when I made it in chicken and celery
  21. I guess you shoulda order some Mickey D's
  22. Listen
  24. I have corona-na-na-na-na
  25. And you have corona-na-na-na-na
  26. And we have corona-na-na-na-na
  27. Everybody have corona-na-na-na-na
  28. Selena has corona-na-na-na-na
  29. Justin has corona-na-na-na-na
  30. Taylor has corona-na-na-na-na
  31. Jesus has corona-na-na-na-na
  32. Corona
  34. Chinese in California, we gotta drone now
  35. They have corona
  36. Every city wall that we build get knocked down
  37. By Mongolians
  38. Airport, check if he black
  39. He could be yellow man wearing mask
  40. In fact keep a eye on the Black Eye Peas
  41. Could be BTS with a fake IP
  42. And the Cosbys could have corona
  43. Take his clothes off, could be Kim Jong in disguise
  44. Throw rice from the plane
  45. To tell if Obama's really Asian
  47. They black, they could have corona
  48. Because they're really yellow
  49. Which also means Asian could be wearing fake face
  50. Which means they're black but they trade their race
  52. I got it now the Chinese are Obama
  53. So they all got Ebola and black people are Chinese men
  54. Corona's not a Mexican alcohol
  55. It's all of Africans
  57. I have corona-na-na-na-na
  58. You have corona-na-na-na-na
  59. Obama has corona-na-na-na-na
  60. Kanye has corona-na-na-na-na
  61. Will Smith has corona-na-na-na-na
  62. Tupac has corona-na-na-na-na
  63. Steve Harvey has corona-na-na-na-na
  64. Magic Johnson has corona-na-na-na-na
  65. And AIDS
  67. Timothy, Freddy, Dominic, and Nigahiga
  68. Have ebola
  69. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Karl Malone
  70. Have corona
  71. Chinese dry cleaning in Arizona
  72. Have corona
  73. Every city wall that we build get knocked down
  74. Oh no, ruh ruh
  76. You have corona-na-na-na-na
  77. Ken Jeong has corona-na-na-na-na
  78. John Cho has corona-na-na-na-na
  79. Mr Miyagi has corona-na-na-na-na
  80. Lucy Liu has corona-na-na-na-na
  81. Bruce Lee has corona-na-na-na-na
  82. Rob Schneider has corona-na-na-na-na
  83. Tiger Woods has corona-na-na-na-na
  84. And ebola
  86. I have some corona
  87. We all have corona
  88. We need a big sauna
  89. And some Asian donuts
  90. Tommy has corona
  91. Billy has corona
  92. Zack has ebola
  93. Trini has coro-
  95. Wait no, she Asian, so that mean she really black
  96. No, no, if she really black, then that mean she really Asian
  97. No, if she Asian then she black
  98. But then she really Asian again because
  99. No, she was black the first time
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