MagiReco Main Story 2.0.1 (Prologue)

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  1. [2.0 Prologue — Record of the Beginning]
  3. [2.0.1 Two Paths]
  5. []
  7. [black screen]
  8. Kagome: Why...
  9. Why does this kind of stuff only happen to me...
  10. All that happened was me transferring schools...
  11. I did nothing wrong...
  13. [inside a witch barrier]
  14. Kagome: "What is... this..."
  15.     "Paper...?"
  17. WriTten oATH
  18. i, sWeaR, tO,
  19. dEstR, oY, mAgiCal GIrLs
  20. nAme:_______
  22. Kagome: "I don't know..."
  23.     "I don't know about any magical girls...!"
  25. WriTten oATH
  26. i, sWeaR, tO,
  27. dEstR, oY, mAgiCal GIrLs
  28. nAme:_______
  30. Kagome: "It's true!"
  31.     "I don't know anything"
  33. Witch Minion: *minion sounds!*
  35. Kagome: *scared squeal*
  36.     "What...?"
  37.     "It'll okay if I just write here...?"
  38.     "If I write my name here..."
  40. [flashing impact, minion disappears]
  41. Kagome: "Huh...!?"
  42. Iroha: "Are you okay!?"
  43.     "Just wait a moment, I'll defeat the minion right away!"
  45. [battle]
  47. [outside the witch barrier]
  48. Iroha: "Whew... I managed to defeat it..."
  49. Kagome: "Um... what are you..."
  51. [end flashback]
  52. Kagome: "What Iroha-san said that day is true, isn't it..."
  53.     "The likes of witches and familiars are dangerous beings that hurt people"
  54.     "And magical girls defeat these beings..."
  56. *I also learned this while continuing my investigation*
  58. Kagome: "It's so sad..."
  60. *Sad?*
  62. Kagome: "They're fighting for everyone else's sake, but no one is aware of them..."
  64. *Indeed... no one knows of the magical girls heading towards their death*
  66. Kagome: "Um..."
  67.     "When Kyubey makes a contract with a magical girl"
  68.     "It grant them a wish, right?"
  69.     "So then now I'll wish to save them..."
  70.     "to 'Save magical girls'"
  72. *We don't know how that would be granted*
  73. *Recklessly offering your life like that isn't wise*
  75. Kagome: "The, what should I..."
  77. *We can only record*
  79. Kagome: "Record...?"
  81. *As some of the very few people who know of magical girls, we can make an effort to let world know the truth, that should pave a wide road to saving them*
  82. *After this, I will continue investigating, and as a girl of the same age range, I'm sure you will be able to communicate their reality*
  84. [cut to different location]
  86. Kyubey: "Are you really sure? Satori Kagome"
  87. Kagome: "Yeah..."
  88. Kyubey: "I can grant anyone one thing you wish for, you know?"
  89. Kagome: "Before making a contract with you, I made a promise..."
  90.     "And... talking with you, I have gained more things to communicate"
  91.     "I had thought the price for getting your wish granted was fighting against witches"
  92. Kyubey: "Is that something to get this gloomy over?"
  93.     "Because 'Magical girls become witches' this universe can continue existing"
  94.     "As that also opens the door to humanity's continued existence, I don't think this is a bad deal"
  96. [cut to different location]
  98. Kagome: "..........."
  99. Unnamed woman: "Apparently everyone's already gathered at the cafe in front of the station"
  100. Kagome: (No one knows...)
  101. Unnamed man: "Regarding that matter, I'll be giving an explanation now"
  102. Kagome: (That while being unaware, they are being protected...)
  103. Unnamed girl: "Fiiinally class is over, what should we do after this"
  104. Kagome: (That they are being kept alive in exchange for someone else sacrificing their life...)
  106. [gray background]
  108. Kagome: Magical girls fight against witches that drive us into misfortune
  109. But they are toyed with by an unreasonable fate
  110. To save them I need to communicate
  111. To communicate I need to record
  113. [city background]
  115. Kagome: "A considerable amount of time has past since then, but I still haven't been able to do anything..."
  116.     "But, Iroha-san, I've finally become able to take action on my own..."
  117.     "What are you... currently doing...?"
  119. []
  120. Rumor familiar: *familiar noises*
  121. Iroha: "This is that rumor from the time with the Breakup Rule!?"
  122. Tsuruno: "'Nemu' isn't making them anymore, and didn't she say she erased them all!?"
  123. Iroha: "Yeah!"
  124.     "They should all be erased except for the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura!"
  125. Ui: "I had everyone come since it felt different from a witch, but..."
  126.     "To think it would be something this strange"
  127. Little Kyubey: "Mokyuu..."
  128. Yachiyo: "Be careful, anything could happen!"
  129. Felicia: "It's fiine!"
  130.     "If we just try hitting it, we'll figure something out!"
  131. [Felicia goes off]
  132. Yachiyo: "And just after I said that!!"
  133. Sana: "Felicia, stay...!!"
  134. ?Rumor?: *rumor sounds*
  135. Felicia: "Agh, seriously...? What is this...!"
  137. [switch to battle field]
  139. Felicia: "I'll do it... I can handle this myself"
  140.     "I'll go boom and bam and send it flying!"
  141. Tsuruno: "Hey, wait, don't just go charging in by yourself!"
  142.     "It's dangerous if we don't at least go with two of us!"
  143. Ui: "Um, I'll go too!"
  144.     "Sorry to get you wrapped up in this...!"
  145. Tsuruno: "Don't worry about it Ui-chan!"
  146.     "No one knows what kind of enemies will appear beforehand!"
  147. Felicia: "We just need to crush the enemy in front of us right now!!"
  149. [battle]
  151. ?Rumor?: *rumor sounds*
  152. [Rumor dies]
  153. Ui: "Haa... haa..."
  154. Felicia: "Ah, that felt good"
  155. Yachiyo: "Well done, Ui-chan"
  156. Ui: "Y-yeah..."
  157. Felicia: "And I didn't?"
  158. Yachiyo: "Yes, yes, good job"
  159. Felicia: "Hehe!"
  160. Ui: "...this was a rumor?"
  161. Sana: "This is your first time fighting one, huh, Ui-chan"
  162. Ui: "Yeah..."
  163. Sana: "You see, before there were all kinds of urband legends in Kamihama..."
  164.     "And these rumors are manifestations of those..."
  165. ”Since we defeated the core rumor, the barrier should disappear..."
  166. Ui: "Nothing's happening though...?"
  167. Iroha: "It's neither a witch nor a rumor, something might be different..."
  168. Tsuruno: "In the first place, that the barrier isn't disappearing means that..."
  169. [flashing]
  170. Tsuruno: "A, as expected!?"
  171. [cut to prologue CG]
  172. ???: "∵Uuufufu_HAHa!!"
  173. Ui: "Kyaaa!"
  174. Felicia: "A witch...!?"
  175. Yachiyo: "It feels different..."
  176. Tsuruno: "The strength of this magic is abnormal though"
  177.     "To think there would be this strong of a witch even though the Wings of Magius dissolved..."
  178. ???: "∵Kusukusu_-aha!"
  179. Iroha: "It's aiming for us..."
  181. []
  183. ???: "∵Hihi_fufu-!!"
  184. Iroha: "Ugh, it can still move...!?"
  185. Sana: "Iroha-san...!"
  186. ???: "∵Fa-hhaha!!"
  187. Sana: "Ah...!!"
  188. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  189. Sana: "Uu..."
  190. [??? moves closer]
  191. ???: ".........."
  192. Sana: "A..."
  193. Tsuruno: "Don't touch Sana's soul geeeeeem!"
  194.     "Flame Waltz!!"
  195.     "Even though I gave it my all..."
  196. ???: "∵Ha‾ahha-fufufu!!"
  197. Tsuruno: "Ungh!"
  198. Sana: "Tsuruno-...san...!"
  199. [flash]
  200. ???: "∵Nihi_ihi!?"
  201. [pan to the left]
  202. Ui: "O-over here...!"
  204. [switch to battle field]
  206. Iroha: "Ui, Yachiyo-san, Felicia-chan!"
  207. Yachiyo: "Indeed... if two people aren't enough—"
  208. Felicia: "—we'll power through 4 people!"
  209. ???: "∵Fahha‾hahaha_ifuhihi!"
  211. [battle]
  213. Iroha: "It'll work..."
  214.     "With this, it's OVER!!"
  215. [flashing, ??? disappears]
  216. Iroha: "Haa...fuu..."
  217. [barrier disappears]
  218. Sana: "We just barely made it..."
  219. Tsuruno: "Even though I'm supposed to be the strongest, I'm ashamed..."
  220. Yachiyo: "There's nothing to be depressed about, it's been a while since we fought a foe this strong"
  221. Felicia: "Hey, there's no grief seed?"
  222. Iroha: "Eh, even though it was such a tough fight"
  223. Felecia: "Stingy..."
  224.     "A?"
  225. [slow flashing]
  226. Iroha: "Kya!"
  227. Yachiyo: "Iroha!"
  228. Iroha: "........."
  229.     "What was that...?"
  230. Yachiyo: "...Look at your arm"
  231. Ui: "Something's attached to it"
  232. Iroha: "Eh?"
  233. [a bracelet is shown]
  234. Iroha: "Wha... What is this...!?"
  235. Yachiyo: "It's kind of creepy... Can you take it off...?"
  236. Iroha: "Yes"
  237. [Iroha tries to take it off]
  238. Iroha: "Huh...?
  239.     "Fu...nn...!"
  240. [Iroha tries to take it off again]
  241. Iroha: "I couldn't remove it..."
  242. Ui: "I'll try too!"
  243. Iroha: "It's really tough though..."
  244. [Ui tries to take it off]
  245. Ui: "Nn-!!"
  246.     "Fuu... it really won't come off, huh..."
  247. Sana: "Um, maybe it's better not to try to take it off with force...!"
  248. Tsuruno: "I feel a strong magic, maybe it's an effect of that"
  249. Yachiyo: "Possibly, though leaving some mysterious thing as is makes me anxious"
  250.     "For now, let's gather information from our contacts"
  251. Tsuruno: "Yeah, that sounds good"
  252. Sana: "Iroha-san... are you ok...?"
  253. Iroha: "Yeah, I'm fine, Sana-chan"
  254. Ui: "........"
  255. Iroha: "Ui?"
  256. Ui: "...Maybe it wants to go somewhere?"
  257. Iroha: "Hm? What do you mean?"
  258. Ui: "Ah, no, it just kinda felt like that"
  259. Little Kyubey: "Mokyukyu!"
  260. Iroha: "You thought so too, [username]?
  261. Little Kyubey: "Mokyu!"
  262. Felicia: "I don't get it"
  263. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  265. [cut to Kagome's notebook]
  267. The twilight is a disquieting omen of brooding curses.
  268. 'Witches' lord over the town, dragging people into the darkness.
  269. What do you think saves them from this?
  270. Light is hope, hope is a wish.
  271. Girls mutter a wish to a mysterious white creature, strong hope becomes a light, and the power to illuminate the darkness dwells in them.
  272. That's how 'Magical Girls' are burn.
  273. And yet, the light is shrouded by darkness.
  274. Darkness is despair, the flip side of light's hope.
  275. The journey 'Magical Girls' embark on is destined to end in despair—while they diligently fight, they are gradually tainted by despair.
  276. In being tainted by despair, they descend into darkness...
  277. The shining 'jewel' of life is tainted pitch black, and 'magical girls' turn into 'witches'.
  278. Round and round and round and round, their fortunes take a turn for the worse.
  279. Whether only a hundred years or a thousand.
  280. A repetition of countless sacrifices.
  281. It's heart-rending... sad... shameful...
  282. I am ashamed of the me who didn't know death.
  283. That's why I record...
  284. 1 word, 2 words, even if it's just bit by bit, I will fight destiny, for the sake of our light...
  285. Because, as the people who know increase one by one, we become more able to be a light for the magical girls.
  287. [cut to Kagome in her room]
  289. Kagome: "........"
  290.     "...Aru-chan, do you think I'm doing a proper job writing this down...?"
  291. Aru-chan: <I think it's good>
  292. Kagome: "I'm glad..."
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