Catfish#0732 History of "The Cult"

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  1. The Full and Current History of "The Cult"
  3. January 24th, 2018. Some may say that this date resembles the opening of the 12th level of Hell, or it was the birth of a new age. But, this story does not begin here...
  4. Deluded by time, the date of creation of the First Server has been lost. Estimates say that the creation dates back months or even a full year before this server.
  5. Established by Deputy Steve, the First Server provided a shelter from the atrocity that was Skype. Members of the Skype group could no longer withstand its constant crashing and lag, so they migrated.
  6. The First Server gave a breath of fresh air to the members, it was like a new world. Weeks passed and the server worked flawlessly, there were no crashes or bugs... it seemed too good to be true.
  7. And it was...
  8. The two members that were present in the creation of the First Server wanted rights equal to the owner. But, instead of gaining rights, they lost everything they had to the server. Now viewed upon as traitors, the members realized that this server was a tyranny.
  9. After several failed rebellion attempts, thwarted by Deputy Steve himself, the two members cut their losses and fled.
  11. Aided by others such as Paul Blart Bot and Errim, the two outcasts created a new society that would never accept tyranny.
  12. Kronk would be declared leader of the Second Server. The real name of the server has been lost in translation.
  13. The now four-man server was determined to exact revenge on the First Server for its atrocities. With propaganda depicting a utopia and great wealth, the First Server fell to its knees a month after the creation of the Second.
  14. The owner the Second Server decided to be lenient towards the crippled members of the First Server. Allowing past enemies like Elad Hadad, PoisonedAsh, and even Deputy Steve himself.
  15. With this newfound power, the server was able to hit a golden age. This was also during the time of the height of the "Dank Meme". Many became wealthy in the server from the explosion in meme culture.
  16. But, with great power comes great responsibility.
  18. The owner of the Second Server, Kronk, became corrupted by the power surge that the server was experiencing. He turned every member into a slave, threatened bans to anyone that spoke of rebellion. Of course, no one revolted since they did not want to be thrown into the cold darkness that was being server-less.
  19. Until one day, another migration was held, and soon followed the destruction of the Second Server due to its lack of meme slaves.
  20. Obergruppenfuhrer, the last of the three original members, led six to salvation.
  21. Originally named "Center of Meme Control", The Cult offered a perfect mix of democracy and communism, what we see today.
  22. Determined to never become the essence of the past servers, Obergruppenfuhrer gave power and a meme bank to every member. This would hopefully destroy any thought of revolt or migration.
  23. And this worked for a long time, several months in fact. Until one day, the former owner of the Second Server wanted more.
  24. Unable to give more, the owner of the Cult removed several of Kronk's rights in fear of destruction of the server.
  25. Later, the rights were given back to accommodate for threats of migration. But this was a ruse.
  26. In the period of a fraction of a second, six months of memes were eliminated from Obergruppenfuhrer's meme bank. This would later be known as the "Great Purge of Tuesday".
  27. The purge did not only include the vaporization of 100s of memes though.
  28. Fearing additional attacks by past enemies of the server, the owner deleted Administrator/Moderator ranks and the Shadow Realm was opened to put unlawful members in.
  29. People in the Shadow Realm would be void of rights and were only permitted to speak in their meme banks or the "Kingdom of Darkness" chat.
  30. Following the month after the creation of the Shadow Realm, Kronk would go on to commit several other crimes against the Cult. In response, the criminal was put in the Shadow Realm for eternity and dubbed the "King of the Banished".
  31. Aside from these hardships, the server expanded greatly, gaining fifteen new members over a period of a week and has become even more enriched in memes.
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