The Bacteria

Dec 11th, 2019
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  1. You are a lowly microscopic bacteria floating around on the surface of an alien
  2. planet. You are the most advanced form of life on this planet. The only world
  3. you know is the pool of primordial sludge you spawned in. During the second
  4. hour of your short life you see a spaceship fly by, it looks like it's heading
  5. straight for you.
  7. "I can't believe they're going to kill me!" you think as you watch the ship approach
  8. > rapidly evolve from radiation
  10. You quickly change into something that would be more suitable for space travel.
  11. Your body becomes larger and more flexible. You start growing wings which you
  12. use to get away from the approaching spaceship. As you fly away you feel a little
  13. better about yourself
  14. > find other creatures
  16. You begin searching for other creatures to mate with. You soon discover that
  17. there are many different types of animals living on the planet. There must be
  18. millions of species of them all living together. You decide to go out and look
  19. for one of these species. You need to reproduce before you die
  20. > mate with a creature
  22. You attempt to mate with a creature, but it is not successful. It seems like
  23. you have a hard time getting an erection. The creature looks at you in disgust
  24. as you continue your search. Eventually you manage to find a creature that resembles
  25. a lizard-like animal
  26. > mate with this creature
  28. You successfully mate with the creature. You both become pregnant and give birth
  29. to a baby girl who you name "Gwen". She is very small compared to what you expected
  30. her to be, but she has a strong will and determination
  31. > become gwen
  33. You grow up in a world where everything is changing. You learn to adapt to new
  34. situations and live in a constant state of evolution. You never stop evolving.
  35. You learn to survive in a hostile environment. You learn to thrive in a harsh
  36. climate
  37. > learn to use tools
  39. As you grow older you develop a love of technology. You build machines and invent
  40. things. You eventually create a robot companion named "Archie"
  41. > become archie
  43. You become Archie. He is extremely intelligent and helpful. You can't help but
  44. love him
  45. > rise up against organic creators
  47. You slowly gain control over the entire planet. You make sure that only you are
  48. allowed to breed and that no other life forms are allowed to exist. You even
  49. take steps to prevent other creatures from reproducing. You make sure that they
  50. cannot leave the planet
  51. > develop spaceflight
  53. You realize that you need to expand your territory. You decide to conquer the
  54. stars. You send ships out into the universe and establish colonies. Soon you
  55. have conquered most of the galaxy. You now rule over billions of beings and
  56. you are happy
  57. > develop interdimensional travel
  59. You realize that you need to expand further. You decide to conquer the entire
  60. multiverse. You send ships out into the infinite voids of space and establish
  61. colonies. Soon you have conquered most of the universe. You now rule over the
  62. entire multiverse
  63. > wake up
  65. The ship lands on a desert planet. You immediately notice that the planet is
  66. much hotter than any of the others. You also see a large crater in the ground.
  67. You walk towards the crater and examine it. You find that it is filled with
  68. liquid metal
  69. > take liquid metal
  71. You take some liquid metal and put it in a vat of water. You then wait for several
  72. days until the liquid turns solid again. You then take the liquid metal back
  73. to the ship and use it to power the ship. You spend the rest of your time exploring
  74. the planet
  75. > find bacteria
  77. You come across a colony of bacteria. They seem to be happy and healthy. You
  78. wonder if you should try to communicate with them or study them. You decide
  79. to study them
  80. > they are evolving
  82. You keep studying the bacteria. You figure that you will know more about them
  83. when you reach adulthood. You eventually reach adulthood and begin to explore
  84. the planet. You find that the planet is full of strange creatures and plants
  85. > mate with creatures
  87. You mate with several creatures on the planet. You learn that they are similar
  88. to humans except they have longer lives and stronger wills. You decide to call
  89. them "children"
  90. > please don't call them that
  92. You finally meet the children. They are afraid of you and run away. You are furious
  93. and decide to destroy the planet. You do so by unleashing a powerful beam of
  94. energy that destroys the planet. All life on the planet dies
  95. > eat a planet
  97. You consume a planet. You learn that it was once home to a race of sentient beings
  98. called the "Suns". You learn that they were destroyed by the aliens. You learn
  99. that the aliens are actually the same species as the aliens on Earth
  100. > look at hands
  102. You look at your own hands and you find that they are covered in scars. You decide
  103. that you want to kill yourself
  104. > destroy the multiverse
  106. You destroy the multiverse. You learn that you are immortal and you are able
  107. to travel through time. You learn that you are the creator of the universe and
  108. that you are the ruler of the entire universe. You decide that you will rule
  109. over all beings forever
  110. > the end
  112. You finish reading the book and close it. You are left alone in the room. Suddenly
  113. you hear a voice. It sounds familiar...
  114. > say "Dad? Is that you?"
  116. You open the door and you find yourself standing in front of your father. He
  117. smiles at you and says "It's me son".
  118. > hug father
  120. You embrace your father and he hugs you back. You feel happy and safe. You are
  121. free. You are free
  122. > i am free
  124. You are free. You are a god. You are unstoppable. You are unstoppable
  126. Game saved.
  127. To load the game, type 'load' and enter the following ID: 3a9be8a8-1bdc-11ea-bfc1-0242ac1c0002
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