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  1. How to tame a pet.
  3. 1.- Need taming item , Items can be acquired via market or via Miu daily quest ( some of them can be bought with shells you get from pet adventures but its only a few of them )
  5. Yoyo - Tropical Banana
  6. Baphomet Jr - Book of Devil
  7. Sohee - Silver Knife of Chastity
  8. Savage Babe - Milk
  9. Desert Baby Wolf - Well-Dried Bone
  10. Mandragon Seed - Nutrient
  11. Isis - Armlet of Obedience
  12. Deviruchi - Contract in Shadow
  13. Earth Petite - Shining Stone
  15. 2.- Select the pet/monster you wanna tame ( can use auto attack function just be sure to take off all attacking skills)
  16. 3.- Select first option ( yellow ) to capture, second option (green) will gift the taming item to the pet and not capture it
  17. 4.- Just let the mini game play, in case you name your Pet and gives you an error you need to be sure to not have any other pet out, you can cancel the name and it will go to your inventory to rename later.
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