MagiReco Main Story 5.2

Apr 25th, 2018
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  1. A Disconnected Lead
  3. 5.2.1
  4. [outside at the Shinsei Ward school]
  5. Kaede: "Wah, Iroha-chan, your bentou is so colorful and pretty..."
  6. Momoko: "Yeah. Did you make this yourself?"
  7. Iroha: "Yes, together with Yachiyo-san."
  8. Momoko: "She's always so skilled."
  9. Kaede: "Yeah, and your Bentou's all-brown, Momoko-chan."
  10. Momoko: "That's the best I can do."
  11. "I have to feed my hungry brothers' appetites, so it turns out like this."
  12. Rena: "For that matter, what's with the rice in your bentou, Kaede?"
  13. "It's all red and yellow... Hasn't it gone bad?"
  14. Kaede: "It's five-grain rice, you don't know what it is?"
  15. Rena: "Wha? Of course I know it!"
  16. "Five-grain rice, it shines with all the seven colors..."
  17. Kaede: "Where'd the five go!?"
  18. Momoko: "Why're you getting all worked up over the color of rice?"
  19. "Well, I'm glad that you're getting along now, Iroha-chan."
  20. "I was really shocked when I heard that you moved."
  21. Iroha: "Sorry for surprising you like that."
  22. Momoko: "It's fine, and now we even get to go to the same school."
  23. "Anyway, Wings of Magius, was it? How are things going on that end?"
  24. Iroha: "We've got nothing... Today we're going to be investigating rumors again..."
  25. Kaede: "What sort of rumor?"
  26. Iroha: "The Central Ward's Radio Girl. Have you heard of it?"
  27. Kaede: "Mmm... I haven't heard of that one..."
  28. "How about Momoko and Rena?"
  29. Momoko: "I know about it, but... There's something bothering me about it."
  30. "Rena, have you heard of it?"
  31. Rena: "The Radio Girl?"
  32. "...Ah!"
  33. "Wasn't it on that idol's SNS you were looking at the other day?"
  34. Momoko: "...Yeah, that's it!"
  35. "Iroha-chan, we might be able to find some info."
  36. Iroha: "Really?"
  37. Momoko: "Yeah, I'll ask about it until the end of school, so can you wait until then?"
  38. Iroha: "Yes, of course!"
  39. "But, is this okay?"
  40. Momoko: "Don't worry, it'll be a piece of cake."
  42. 5.2.2
  43. [outside the school gates]
  44. Momoko: "Sorry, Iroha-chan, it took longer than I expected..."
  45. Iroha: "Don't apologize, you're doing me a favor by asking around."
  46. "Anyway, did you find out anything?"
  47. Momoko: "Of course, I have results worth the wait."
  48. "After this morning's discussion, I talked to some people who knew about the Radio Girl."
  49. "I tried to follow the rumor back to the source."
  50. Iroha: "And, where did it originate from?"
  51. Momoko: "Well, I found it."
  52. "The source of the rumor seems to be a certain webpage."
  53. Iroha: ""
  54. Momoko: "Yeah, that idol's one, that Rena and I were talking about before?"
  55. "She likes psychic phenomena and urban legends, and that became her selling point."
  56. "She also went on this webpage, and she went to check out the radio tower."
  57. Iroha: "Then, if I go to the webpage, I'll find out more about the Radio Girl?"
  58. "Do you know what the webpage is, anyway?"
  59. Momoko: "Well, I asked her, but she wouldn't tell me what it was."
  60. "It's pointless if you don't find it yourself, is what she told me."
  61. "On top of that, to get in you need to have certain qualifications, it seems."
  62. "It's almost as if those who love urban legends have a mysterious sense of aesthetics."
  63. Iroha: "Then they won't tell us so easily, I take it..."
  64. Momoko: "But in my researching, they did tell me an important point."
  65. Iroha: "An important point?"
  66. Momoko: "Yeah."
  67. "You'd best avoid going near 'The Very End of Solitude'."
  68. Iroha: "'The Very End of Solitude'?"
  69. Momoko: "well, I have no clue either."
  70. "Sorry I wasn't much help."
  71. Iroha: "No, you were a big help."
  72. "Oh yeah!"
  73. Momoko: "Hm?"
  74. Iroha: "If you'd like, would you like to investigate the rumor together?"
  75. Momoko: "Together, huh..."
  76. "Nah, I'll pass."
  77. "I'd love to help, but you're working with Yachiyo, right?"
  78. Iroha: "Are you still not getting along with her?"
  79. Momoko: "That's not it."
  80. "I just haven't gotten my feelings sorted out."
  81. Iroha: "I see..."
  82. Momoko: "Sorry, again."
  84. 5.2.3
  85. Yachiyo: "She's pretty late..."
  86. Iroha: "Um... I'm here..."
  87. Yachiyo: "I called you quite a few times!"
  88. Iroha: "I'm sorry..."
  89. Yachiyo: "Did you not have signal? Did you turn your phone off?"
  90. "What was wrong?"
  91. Iroha: "Well, the message from yesterday was so scary that I..."
  92. Yachiyo: "That you turned it off!?"
  93. Yachiyo: "Come on..."
  94. "You can ignore it if you want, but at least leave it on..."
  95. "I was worried about you..."
  96. Iroha: "All right, I'll turn it on..."
  97. "..."
  98. "Ah! It's another one..."
  99. [fade to black]
  100. *"Please, answer me."*
  101. [back]
  102. "What should I do?"
  103. Mini-Kyubey: "Let's answer it." or "You should ignore it."
  104. Mini-Kyubey: "Mokyu" (first choice)
  105. Iroha: "Maybe I should tell them to please stop..."
  106. Yachiyo: "I don't think you should."
  107. "It's okay not to reply."
  108. Mini-Kyubey: "M-mokyu..." (second choice)
  109. Iroha: "Yeah, it's scary, I should probably ignore it..."
  110. Yachiyo: "That's a good idea."
  111. "It's okay not to reply."
  112. Iroha: "Yes..."
  113. Yachiyo: "Anyway, what took you?"
  114. Iroha: "Actually, Momoko was helping me investigate the Radio Girl."
  115. Yachiyo: "Momoko?"
  116. Iroha: "Yeah, and we ran late..."
  117. Yachiyo: "Well, are we going to be investigating with her today?"
  118. Iroha: "No, I asked her that too..."
  119. Yachiyo: "I see."
  120. "Well, did you find anything?"
  121. Iroha: "Um, yes... She looked into it, and it seems..."
  122. "That people who know of the Radio Girl found out about it on a webpage."
  123. Yachiyo: "A webpage?"
  124. Iroha: "Yes."
  125. "But you can't access it without certain qualifications, they said..."
  126. "Also, they said not to get near 'The Very End of Solitude'..."
  127. Yachiyo: "What might 'The Very End of Solitude' be?"
  128. Iroha: "Momoko didn't know that either."
  129. Yachiyo: "Radio Girl and 'The Very End of Solitude'..."
  130. "Now it's even more confusing."
  131. Iroha: "Maybe it's best not to think about it too much."
  132. girl b: "..."
  133. Iroha: (Huh? That girl...)
  134. [flashback to nighttime in the same location]
  135. girl b: "Hey..."
  136. "Isn't that voice actually a girl from our school?"
  137. [Back to present]
  138. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, that girl!"
  139. "Yesterday, she's the one who said 'Is she a girl from our school?'!"
  140. Yachiyo: "You're right!"
  141. Iroha: "Let's chase after her, she might know something!"
  142. Yachiyo: "Wait, something's off about her..."
  143. Iroha: "Huh?"
  144. girl b: "..."
  145. Yachiyo: "Oh no, that's a witch's kiss!"
  146. Iroha: "At the base of her neck!"
  147. girl b: "..."
  148. Yachiyo: "She's headed for the radio tower."
  149. Iroha: "We have to save her!"
  150. Yachiyo: "Yes, we can talk after that!"
  151. [battle]
  152. [in the radio tower observation deck; it resembles the Tokyo Skytree viewing deck.]
  153. Yachiyo: "That girl..."
  154. "Tch, missing the elevator might have cost us..."
  155. [she appears]
  156. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, there she is! She's moving slowly."
  157. Yachiyo: "Let's try to approach her so that other people don't get suspicious."
  158. Iroha: "Yes."
  159. Yachiyo: "I wonder what it planned, bringing her all the way here..."
  160. "...Oh no!"
  161. "Tamaki-san, hurry!"
  162. Iroha: "What's wrong?"
  163. Mini-Kyubey: "She's headed to the emergency exit!" (you're only given one choice)
  164. Mini-Kyubey: "M-mokyu"
  165. Iroha: "No way, that door..."
  166. Yachiyo: "Yes, it very well might!"
  167. girl b: "..."
  168. Yachiyo: "As I thought, she's trying to get outside!"
  169. Iroha: "Why isn't anyone stopping her?"
  170. guy a: "..."
  171. girl c: "..."
  172. Iroha: "Everyone has witch's kisses!?"
  173. Yachiyo: "This is no joke."
  174. "It'd be a nightmare if they all jumped en masse from here."
  175. [fade to gray]
  176. Iroha: *Please... Make it in time!*
  177. [we hear the sound of the wind, and we have an outside view]
  178. girl b: "..."
  179. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  180. girl b: "..."
  181. Yachiyo: "Tch, we're not going to make it!"
  182. Iroha: "No... Please, wait for us!"
  183. girl b: "..."
  184. [she jumps...?]
  185. Iroha: "Noooo!!"
  186. girl b: "..."
  187. Iroha: "She didn't... fall...?"
  188. ???[It's Madoka!]: "Hahhh, I'm glad I made it in time..."
  189. Iroha: "A magical... girl...?"
  190. ???: "Huh?"
  192. 5.2.4
  193. [on the rooftop]
  194. Iroha: "A magical girl?"
  195. Madoka: "Huh?"
  196. "Might you be...?"
  197. Yachiyo: "Yes, we're also..."
  198. [she transforms]
  199. Iroha: "That's right."
  200. [she transforms too.]
  201. Iroha: "Um, thanks."
  202. "I'm so glad, I thought we wouldn't make it in time..."
  203. Madoka: "I was also surprised, suddenly people started jumping out."
  204. Yachiyo: "Are you here because you also felt the presence of a witch?"
  205. Madoka: "Yes! But actually, I was looking for someone."
  206. "But then I saw someone with a witch's kiss..."
  207. Yachiyo: "That's pretty much the same as for us."
  208. [in front of a witch's labyrinth]
  209. girl b: "..."
  210. Yachiyo: "I'd love to take her back down now, but..."
  211. "Luckily, it's fairly spacious up here, and there's no wind now..."
  212. "If we think about the possibility that other people will jump too..."
  213. "Taking that risk into account, it's better for us to hurry."
  214. "We'll cooperate with you to take out this witch."
  215. Madoka: "Thank you so much!"
  216. "Ah, my name is Kaname Madoka."
  217. Yachiyo: "I'm Nanami Yachiyo."
  218. Iroha: "I'm Tamaki Iroha. Nice to meet you, Madoka-chan."
  219. Madoka: "Same here, Iroha-chan."
  220. Yachiyo: "Now we're done with greetings, let's go defeat this witch."
  221. Iroha: "Yes!"
  222. [in battle]
  223. familiar: "ntyhougt.mogtpmhod!!"
  224. [Madoka gets attacked]
  225. Madoka: "Hya!"
  226. Yachiyo: "Haa!"
  227. [Yachiyo defeats the familiar]
  228. Madoka: "Thank you!"
  229. "That popped up so suddenly..."
  230. Yachiyo: "We got in the way of a big meal for them."
  231. "I can understand why the witch is so angry."
  232. [fade to gray]
  233. *vvvvt... vvvvt...*
  234. *"Please respond."*
  235. *"Please don't be suspicious, please save me."*
  237. 5.2.5
  238. [in the witch's labyrinth]
  239. familiar: ",tdn.62nt3h!"
  240. Iroha: "Now!"
  241. familiar: ",nt.dynt!?"
  242. Yachiyo: "Too slow!"
  243. familiar: "y6tdn,nty.!?"
  244. Madoka: "Wow, amazing..."
  245. "Um, you're both magical girls from this city, right?"
  246. Yachiyo: "Yes, we are. What about it?"
  247. Madoka: "I knew it, this city's magical girls are all strong."
  248. "Both now and the first time my senpai brought me to Kamihama..."
  249. "I was surprised at how many witches there are."
  250. Yachiyo: "Ah, you're not from Kamihama, are you."
  251. "Were you able to defeat a witch by yourself?"
  252. Iroha: "Huh!?"
  253. "Yachiyo-san, you're not going to test Madoka-san too...?"
  254. Yachiyo: "If they come with somebody else, there's no need to test them."
  255. "Your situation was different, Tamaki-san."
  256. Iroha: "Oh..."
  257. Madoka: "But if I try, I am at least able to defeat one."
  258. "But this city's witches are strong..."
  259. Yachiyo: "That's not bad, compared to a certain someone."
  260. Iroha: "Oh come on, Yachiyo-san..."
  261. Yachiyo: "Hehe"
  262. "Come, we're almost at the deepest part. Brace yourselves, you two!"
  263. Iroha: "Yes!"
  264. Madoka: "Yes!"
  265. [battle]
  266. [in battle]
  267. Witch: "...!"
  268. Yachiyo: "This one was sure planning some pretty nasty stuff."
  269. Iroha: "We have to hurry up or else those people might wake up!
  270. Yachiyo: "Yeah, I'd like to hurry..."
  271. "You two, can you pool your magical power to attack?"
  272. Iroha: "Is that because we both use arrows to attack?"
  273. Yachiyo: "Yes. Focus on one point on the enemy, and release your magical power simultaneously."
  274. "It's easy to say, but if we don't try we won't know if it works."
  275. Iroha: "Let's try this, Madoka-chan!"
  276. Madoka: "Yes, let's do it, Iroha-chan!"
  277. [boss fight battle]
  278. [the barrier dissolves]
  279. Madoka: "We did it... We did it!"
  280. Iroha: "We sure did, Madoka-chan!"
  281. Madoka: "Yeah, Iroha-chan!"
  282. Yachiyo: "Both of you timed that perfectly."
  283. "I kinda just threw that suggestion out there, so I didn't expect that it would work so well."
  284. "Maybe it's because the nature of your magic is so similar."
  285. Iroha: "Hehe"
  286. girl b: "..."
  287. Yachiyo: "Ah, the witch's kisses are disappearing. Let's sneak them all back down."
  288. [Back at street level]
  289. Iroha: "Thank you, Madoka-chan."
  290. "Thanks to you, you saved this person, and us too."
  291. Madoka: "You too?"
  292. Iroha: "Yeah, we wanted to ask her about a rumor."
  293. Madoka: "You mean a rumor in this city?"
  294. Iroha: "You know it too, Madoka-chan?"
  295. Madoka: "No, I don't know much about it."
  296. "But my senpai went to investigate a rumor, and hasn't come back..."
  297. Iroha: "Oh, so the person you were looking for was your senpai."
  298. Madoka: "Yeah..."
  299. "To tell the truth, she told us not to come here alone..."
  300. "But I couldn't just wait for her, so I came here with a friend."
  301. "But we got separated at some point..."
  302. Yachiyo: "So that's the situation, huh."
  303. "If that's the case, why don't we work together?"
  304. Madoka: "Are you sure?"
  305. Yachiyo: "Of course, I don't mind."
  306. Madoka: "Then, if you're fine with it..."
  307. "Actually, I was kinda worried about being alone.."
  308. Yachiyo: "Perhaps we'll run into your friend along the way."
  309. Madoka: "Yes!"
  310. girl b: "U...ugh..."
  311. Iroha: "Are you all right?"
  312. girl b: "Huh? What happened to me..."
  313. [screen wipe]
  314. girl b: "The... Radio Girl's voice?"
  315. Yachiyo: "Yeah, do you have any idea who it might be?"
  316. girl b: "...Yes."
  317. "Recently, I heard a rumor that she might be a student at my school..."
  318. "A girl who went missing..."
  319. Yachiyo: "A missing student?"
  320. girl b: "Well, I don't know her myself... I think."
  321. "But, it seems like she didn't fit in well in her class."
  322. "I heard that she wasn't friendly with the people around her, and she didn't have much presence."
  323. "So maybe I just ignored her unknowingly."
  324. "It pains my heart thinking that something might have happened to her."
  325. "So yesterday, I got worried and came here."
  326. Iroha: (A girl who didn't fit in and didn't get along in class...)
  327. [flashback to Iroha in class]
  328. guy b: "Let's all take a commemorative picture for our Cultural Festival Excellence Award!"
  329. Iroha: "Ah, where should I..."
  330. [screen wipe]
  331. girl d: "How should we group up for the class trip?"
  332. Iroha: "Has everyone decided already...?"
  333. [screen wipe]
  334. guy c: "Then, why not have Tamaki-san be the class president?"
  335. Iroha: "Huh, me? Sure... but is it alright?"
  336. [fade to gray]
  337. Iroha: *Why was I always so disconnected in class?*
  338. *Because I didn't share interests with everyone?*
  339. *Because of my personality?*
  340. *Why do I always feel left out...*
  341. [back to the street]
  342. Madoka: "What's wrong, Iroha-chan?"
  343. Iroha: "Huh?"
  344. Madoka: "You suddenly turned pale..."
  345. Iroha: "Don't mind that, I'm fine, don't worry."
  346. "Um..."
  347. girl b: "Yes?"
  348. Iroha: "Is that uniform from Mizuna Girls' Academy?"
  349. "Was that... disconnected... student also a Mizuna Girls' Academy student?"
  350. girl b: "That's what I heard."
  351. [fade to gray]
  352. *vvvvt... vvvvt...*
  353. *"Please respond to this message."*
  354. *"Only you, a magical girl, can do it."*
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