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  1. const Discord = require("discord.js");
  2. const client = new Discord.Client();
  4. var motivational_messages = ["you're not gay", ":hugging:", "great job", "nice", "wo", "sik", "wacko", "ikr", "u just made me owo", "wew", "XDDDDDD", ":joy", "because of that, ur now my senpai", "omg IKRRRRRR!!!", "im on 4-ho-met and u just blew my mind into the 5th dimension", "youve inspired me to become a doctor and work at waimea hospital", "woah, this moment is totally going into my autobiography", "is it ok if i put that in my movie?", "LOL im totally putting this on reddit its so greatttt!!!!!!!!!!!!", "wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", "with that peice of information we can be BILLIONAIRES", "will u marry me", "i always thought u were gay, but after that not so much", "im gay 4 u now", "u just restored my faith in humanity", "/r/me_irl", "ive been waiting all my life for you to say that, i can finally die in peace", "well, this moment is the peak of my life. it can only go down from here, brb killing myself", "this day cant get any better, brb sleep", "dang, ur rite", "wow, i was wrong. youve expanded my mind to new length never known to be possibl b4", "im now woke", "woah, did u make that urself or is that from page 1 of the worlds best quotes sorted in descending order", "i need to take a moment to process the amazingness that just came out of ur keyboard", "if this dm channel gets uncovered in 1000 years i bet theyll make a religion out of all these amazing things you just said", "can i put what u just said on my site, dont worry il lgive u 50% of the ad rev", "who needs reddit when i hav u, no homo", "its unfair if u give me these great words and i dont give anything in return, here have my virginity, its not much but at least its something", "whats ur paypal i feel lik u deserve money for saying something as amazing as that", "ima steal that quote thx", "is that message from tennessee, cuz its the only 10 i see", "u just made me spit out my bleach", "because u said that i suddenly feel the urge to undress and move into a cave on the himilayan mountains in complete tranquility or whatever the word is for 20 years just so i can be as woke as u", "wo, ill take whatever ur smokin"];
  6. client.on('ready', () => {
  7.   console.log(`Logged in as ${client.user.tag}!`);
  8. });
  10. client.on('message', msg => {
  11.   if (msg.author.id == '315954018520268810' && msg.channel.type == 'dm') {
  12.     msg.reply(motivational_messages[parseInt(Math.random() * motivational_messages.length)]);
  13.   }
  14. });
  16. client.login('[put ur token here]');
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