Canterlot High's Premiere Pink Party Slut

Mar 6th, 2019
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  1. >Anon is new to Canterlot High, and is having a tough time on his first day.
  2. >Seriously, where the hell is Mr. Angle's math class?
  3. >He's racing against the clock, checking rooms and opening doors, until he ends up halting at one.
  4. >Not the right one, mind you, since this is quite clearly a gymnasium, but it's still eye catching.
  5. >Or, at least the streamers covering half the large room and balloons are.
  6. >Those, and the girl currently on a ladder putting up decorations.
  7. >That is a really short skirt, and very frilly panties.
  8. >"Oh! Hiya!" the girl chirps looking over her shoulder. "What are you doing here? The party won't be until after class, silly!"
  9. Anon shakes his head, blushing as he stutters out, "Um, sorry, I'm actually looking for Mr. Angle's class if you-?"
  10. >"Hold on!" she interrupts, suddenly hopping off of the tall ladder and nearly giving the boy a heart attack.
  11. >She lands, and for a moment, Anon thinks she crumples into the hard floor, but instead, she tucks into a roll and springs to her feet right in front of him, pink hair bouncing around her head as she grins at him, bright blue eyes shining with bubbly joy.
  12. >"You're just in time!" she says, grabbing his hand and dragging him over to the bleachers. "I need to get everything set up before school's out, but this is the last period, and I'm only halfway finished!"
  13. >Anon is trying to follow her words even as she shoves a handful of deflated balloons into his palm.
  14. "What? But don't you have class?"
  15. >"Study period!" she says. "Now start blowing those up and I'll finish hanging the streamers."
  16. "But I still have class," he tries, but she's already skipping back towards the ladder.
  17. >He could just leave, but watching her climb back to the top, and incidentally giving him a peek of her underwear again, Anon finds himself sighing and sitting down just as the bell rings.
  18. >He can't say no to this cutie, or his teen mind as he stares up at her and starts blowing up balloons.
  19. >He'll make up for whatever he misses later.
  20. >Blowing up balloons turned into helping hang them up, and soon, Anon found himself on a ladder of his own, doing his best not to look down as he worked.
  21. >At least, with the rafters full, he's done.
  22. >"Woohoo! Almost finished with decorations!" Pinkie cheers. "Now we just have to hang the banner!"
  23. "Banner?" Anon asks, but he's once again ignored as Pinkie Pie, which she eventually introduced herself as, ran into the storage room to come out with a big piece of folded fabric.
  24. >"Yep! And with two of us, it'll be super-duper easy!" she explains as she starts to unfold it. "You can get one side while I do the other, so I won't have to crawl across the rafters to do it this time."
  25. "That sounds dangerous."
  26. >"It is!" she says with a smile betraying the subject matter. "Last time, I fell off and landed right on my head," she continues, rapping her knuckles off her temple and crossing her eyes. "If it wasn't for my poofy hair, I would have spilled my thinkin' jelly all over the floor."
  27. "Right..." Anon says after a second, holding out a hand. "Let's not do that, then. Give me a corner."
  28. >Working in tandem, the two take their ladders to opposite sides of the room and hang the banner, Anon concentrating hard to maintain his balance while tying his end securely.
  29. >Once, he's done, he doesn't even glance at it before climbing down, wanting to plant his feet safely before he ends up falling.
  30. >He doesn't have a natural, poofy helmet to save his grey matter, after all.
  31. >Going over to the bleachers, he plops down with a sigh, only to startle as Pinkie bounces into the seat right next to him.
  32. >"Phew, done," she says, leaning back on her palms to look over the room. "He'll love it!"
  33. "Who?" Anon finds himself asking, getting a giggle from the girl as she points at the banner.
  34. >Anon follows her fingers and reads.
  36. >He blinks and her giggle gets louder.
  37. "It's a party for me?" he finds himself asking unbelievably.
  38. "Yeppers!" she confirms. "You're a new student, after all, so of course I had to throw you a welcome party."
  39. "But we haven't even met before," Anon argues, only to get a confused look from the girl.
  40. >"So? Why would that matter if it's a welcome party?" she questions. "That's one of the reasons you throw them to begin with. So that the new person can meet others and make friends...! Well, that, and eating baked goods and drinking punch and playing games. We'll have to bring all that stuff in still, by the way."
  41. >As she ticks these things off with her fingers, Anon is still shocked.
  42. "I can't believe this..." he says after a moment, chuckling. "First day in a new school, and I'm having a party thrown for me."
  43. >He laughs a little more.
  44. "And here I thought the only party I was going to have on my birthday was with my parents."
  45. >While he laughs, he expects Pinkie to join in, but when he looks over, she's wide-eyed and serious.
  46. >"Excuse me..." she says, voice flat. "Today is your birthday?"
  47. "Ah, yeah," he answers, not sure what's wrong with that.
  48. >Pinkie completely stills for a few seconds, then starts to vibrate.
  49. >Before Anon can think to scooch away, she explodes to her feet.
  50. >"What?!" she yells. "I didn't know that! I, the ultimate party planner of Canterlot High didn't know about a birthday!"
  51. >She starts pacing wildly, pulling at her hair.
  52. >"How did this happen?! I have systems in place! Failsafes!"
  53. >She whirls, grabbing Anon by the cheeks and bringing her nose an inch from his.
  54. >"How did you slip through the cracks?!"
  55. "What's the big deal," he asks, trying to lean back. "Of course you didn't know! It's my first day!"
  56. >"That's no excuse!" she yells before returning to her pacing. "The welcome party could be converted, make it a double whammy, but there's not enough time! I need birthday cake! Candles! Gifts! Gasp! You aren't going to get gifts on your birthday!"
  57. "I'm sure my parents got me something nice..." he tries.
  58. >"No, no, no, I need to get you something," she mumbles, poking her chin in thought before looking at him again. "What do you want?"
  59. "From you? Nothing," he answers. "Seriously, you don't need to do that."
  60. >"I definitely, positively do!" she argues. "Come on, tell me! What do you want?"
  61. "I don't know," he says. "Really, this isn't necessary."
  62. >"Playing hard ball, eh?" she asks with narrowed eyes. "Think Ol' Pinkie won't be able to pick out a good gift on short notice after having just met you? That it?"
  63. >She points at his face.
  64. >"Well you're wrong, mister! I just need to go through everything I know and deduce the right gift!"
  65. >She starts pacing again, though more slowly with her arms crossed and a look of concentration on her face.
  66. >"Let's see, you're a boy. Partially afraid of heights, but were still willing to help me with decorations, so you're nice. Pretty cute, too. Have strong arms. You're a bit pervy and couldn't take your eyes off my bum all this time."
  67. "Wait... You noticed that?!" Anon yelps.
  68. >"I sure did, mister," she says, then her eyes widen and she snaps her fingers. "That's it! The perfect gift!"
  69. "What-?" he starts, then stares in disbelief as Pinkie lifts up her skirt and slips her thumbs into the waistband of her underwear. "What?!"
  70. >He can't manage more as his jaw drops in response to the frilly, pink panties doing the same.
  71. >He can only watch, gobsmacked as Pinkie lifts one leg from the underwear, than the other before standing up straight and holding out the bit of fabric.
  72. >"Here!" she chirps. "You've been staring so much, you must really like them, so you can take them with you!"
  73. >As if on autopilot, Anon reaches out and accepts the proffered panties, eyes transfixed on Pinkie's waist, where her skirt is still tucked up to reveal her lap to him.
  74. >She looks down and giggles.
  75. >"Whoops! Sorry about that!" she says, not sounding sorry at all as she fixes her clothes, covering her now bare crotch. "Guess that'll be part of your gift, too."
  76. >Just then, the bell rings, and the sound of students eagerly shuffling out of their classes and into the halls begin to reach their ears.
  77. >"Oh! Goody!" Pinkie says with a little hop that causes her skirt to flap up and flash Anon again. "The parties gonna be starting!"
  78. >As if on cue, the doors open and some students step in.
  79. >Without thinking, Anon shoves the panties in his hand into his pocket as Pinkie waves at the first guests.
  80. >"Rarity! Applejack! Look who it is! Anon!" she says grabbing the boy's shoulders and giving him a little shake.
  81. >"We can see that, darling," Rarity says with a smile as she approaches and holds out her hand. "And it's a pleasure to welcome him to our school. I'm Rarity."
  82. "Uh, nice to meet you," Anon manages, forcing his brain to function.
  83. >"Pinkie? What's he doin' here already?" AJ asks. "Ah thought Dash was supposed to be bringin' him here from Mr. Angle's class."
  84. >"More to the point," a new voice adds as another girl enters. "I thought this was going to be a surprise party."
  85. >"It was," Pinkie explains. "But then he got lost on the way to class and came in, and I was running behind because Fluttershy was out sick and couldn't help me decorate, so I asked him to help me set things up instead."
  86. >The girl raises a brow.
  87. >"You asked the new kid to help you set up his own welcome party?" she asks, shaking her head. "That's so Pinkie. Hi, by the way, I'm Sunset Shimmer."
  88. "Anon," he returns, shaking her hand. "And if anything, I was definitely surprised by the party."
  89. >"Yeah he was," Pinkie chimes in with a grin. "He didn't even find out until after we hung the banner up. You should have seen his face!"
  90. >It's almost normal, how this whole conversation is going, and Anon is actually able to smirk.
  91. "Okay, sure, I was thrown for a loop, but you should have seen your face when you found out it's my birthday today."
  92. >He makes as if he's thinking over what he just said, then shakes his head.
  93. >"Or maybe not. You were kind of scary."
  94. >"It's your birthday?" Rarity asks with a frown. "Oh, now I feel just terrible for having not brought anything."
  95. "It's fine," Anon tells her. "Like I told Pinkie, I don't need any gifts."
  96. >"Still," Rarity continues. "I'll have to get you something. A late present is better than none at all."
  97. >"Well, good luck getting him something that can beat my gift," Pinkie cuts in, wearing a proud smile as she puffs out her chest. "I got him a super present, and I did it in record time."
  98. >"Oh? and what was that?" Sunset asks curiously.
  99. >"It's a secret," Pinkie answers with a giggle. "But if he wants to tell you, it's up to him."
  100. >As all eyes turn to him, Anon feels his face heat up and the soft lump in his pocket become very noticeable.
  101. >He stutters and stammers, eyes flicking to the slyly grinning Pinkie before the doors to the gym swing open to reveal an agitated rainbow-haired girl along with a bunch of other teens.
  102. >"There he is!" the girl growls, marching over to jab a finger into Anon's chest. "What kind of guy cuts class on his first day, huh? I've been trying to find you everywhere!"
  103. "I was here," Anon tells her, glad for the distraction. "Helping set up the party."
  104. >"Helping set up the-" she starts incredulously. "It's your party!"
  105. >"Yep! And he was the bestest helper, too," Pinkie says. "But enough about that, because it's time. To. Party!"
  106. >After the declaration, and the help of AJ to set up the snack table, the party quickly goes into full swing, and Anon finds himself being dragged around by Pinkie as she introduces him to the party goers in rapid succession.
  107. >He has trouble focusing on any of them, though, eyes continuously flitting down to the bubbly girl's skirt, on the lookout for any glimpse of bare skin underneath.
  108. >It's partially because he worries others will notice and he doesn't want her to get in trouble due to her gift to him, and mostly because he wants to see more of that perky, bare bottom.
  109. >She has a phenomenal ass, after all.
  110. >The party doesn't last all too long- roughly an hour and a half before vice principal Luna tells them that they'd have to clear out soon and for things to be cleaned up by then.
  111. >For Anon, it seemed far quicker as he was so distracted, probably having come off as an introvert or air head to most of the students who attended.
  112. >it was hard, though, with Pinkie there on top of trying to function at half-mast for the whole thing.
  113. >He's pretty sure Pinkie had even purposefully teased him a few times, like when she had him play pin the tail on the donkey, spinning him around multiple times while he was blindfolded before stopping him.
  114. >That wouldn't have been a big deal, except she then leaned against his back, her breasts pressing into him, and whispered, "Go get 'em, Nonny. Nail that ass."
  115. >Yeah, walking blindly forward while fully erect and hunched over to hide it from the group of peers surrounding him was not fun.
  116. >He did, however, end up perfectly nailing that ass to a round applause, so that was nice.
  117. >After all of that, Anon finds himself finally leaving school to walk home, thoroughly exhausted after his first day and tense from the waist down.
  118. >Seriously, his balls are sore and the front of his underwear is smeared with what feels like a gallon of pre.
  119. >He at least counts himself lucky that his parents won't be home from work until eight, giving him some time alone to work out his frustrations.
  120. >There's only one type of stress-relief to deal with this sort of thing, after all, and it's always awkward to do when there are others in the house.
  121. >His pants are unzipped before his butt even touches the mattress, and his dick stands up straight, throbbing in anticipation of what's to come.
  122. >It, specifically.
  123. >Anon sighs and opens the drawer of his nightstand, grabbing a bottle of lotion and a couple tissues.
  124. >He doesn't even bother to get his laptop out for porn, just wanting to rub one out as quickly as possible.
  125. >And yet, he hesitates, his hand drifting down to his pocket instead.
  126. >Pulling out Pinkie's birthday gift, Anon can hardly believe that it's real.
  127. >That it all really happened.
  128. >His memory flashes back to when she had so casually slid these very panties off, and he got an eyeful of her pussy with the little tuft of neatly trimmed, curly pink hair just above that perfect, tight looking slit.
  129. >His cock is throbbing more intensely now, a fat bead of precum forming at the tip as he licks his dry lips.
  130. >Is he really going to do this?
  131. >It's so cartoonishly perverted.
  132. >Even so, Anon finds himself bringing the panties under his nose, and taking a sniff.
  133. >The scent fills his nostrils instantly, both sweet and musky, and before he knows it, he's huffing the underwear deeply.
  134. >Lotion forgotten, Anon begins to jack off vigorously, using his own pre as lube as he quickly pushes himself towards release
  135. >A bit too quickly, in fact, as, before he realizes it, he's beginning to cum, and he doesn't have his tissues in hand.
  136. >Eye's darting around for the papers, he quickly has to give up and, on reflex, shoves the pink panties over the head of his dick just as the first of many thick ropes of seed erupt.
  137. >His mind goes foggy in an instant, all the muscles in his body tensing as electricity shoots up his spine, then relax as a wave of euphoria washes over him.
  138. >He collapses backwards then, panting heavily as he stares blankly at his ceiling.
  139. "Holy shit..." he breathes stupidly, because really, what else can he say?
  140. >That was easily the most intense orgasm of his short life, and he his brain is still rebooting in the aftermath.
  141. >If it weren't for the warm goo slipping between his fingers and dripping down onto his thighs, he might have stayed there for an hour, but instead, he looks down at the mess in his hand and groans.
  142. "Dammit," he grumbles, sitting up.
  143. >Pinkie's panties are drenched, along with his hand and cock, and it's threatening to spill over onto his sheets.
  144. >Looking around once more, he manages to find the lost tissues on the floor, and tries to clean what he can before getting up and awkwardly shuffling through his room.
  145. >Dropping the panties into his laundry basket as he makes his way to the bathroom, he resolves to put them through the wash before his parents get home so that he can hide them.
  146. >They may lose the scent he had become so frenzied over, but that doesn't mean he won't be keeping them for future stress-relief activities.
  147. >In retrospect, Pinkie's gift might just be better than he expected.
  148. >That's a thought for later, however, as, for right now, the boy needs to get into the shower before he dribbles cum on the carpet.
  149. >With thoughts of a certain poofy haired girl invading his mind while the water runs over him, Anon ends up lowering the temperature to just above freezing.
  150. >Hopefully this isn't going to be a regular occurrence, or else he'll have hypothermia by the end of the week.
  152. >Meanwhile, across town at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie had been happily topping some tasty cupcakes with yummy cream cheese frosting when a shiver ran up her spine and the place between her thighs began to tingle.
  153. >With a gasp, she leaned forward, bracing herself against the counter with one hand while the other squeezed the piping bag of frosting, squirting the thick, white cream all over the place.
  154. >"You alright, dear?" Mrs. Cake asks, pausing with a trey of finished cupcakes in her hand to look at her employee.
  155. >Pinkie manages a smile and says, "Yep! Don't worry, Mrs. Cake, it was nothing."
  156. >"Well, if you're sure," the older woman answers with an uncertain expression. "If you end up feeling sick, don't be afraid to tell me and I'll let you go home early."
  157. >Pinkie hums her acknowledgement and the woman leaves to put the cupcakes into the display case out front.
  158. >Once she's out of sight, Pinkie heaves a little sigh, then giggles, thighs rubbing together as she thumbs some stray frosting from the tip of her nose.
  159. >That's always been her favorite Pinkie Sense.
  160. >"Mmm, you're so naughty, Nonny," she breathes, slipping her frosting-covered thumb between her lips and licking it clean. "Thinking of me while bopping the bologna."
  161. >She giggles some more and returns to her work.
  162. >She can think of the new boy at school after her shift while she takes her bath.
  163. >Imagining new ways to tease the cutie while she puts the shower head to use sounds like a perfect way to unwind after a long day.
  164. >"I wonder if I can get him to tickle my Pinkie Sense even more," she says out loud with a smirk. "That'd be super duper fun."
  165. >Yes, she expects this week is going to be a especially fun one, and she's eager to go to school the next day.
  166. >When Anon arrives at school the next day, he doesn't know what to expect, but as it turns out, things are pretty normal.
  167. >He gets some greetings and waves from kids he vaguely remembers meeting at the party, and goes through his classes just as he did the day before.
  168. >He doesn't even end up seeing Pinkie Pie until lunch when, while trying to decide where to sit, he sees her waving wildly at him from a table.
  169. >Now, normally he wouldn't want to eat while surrounded by a bunch of pretty girls, especially because it would make him self-conscious about his manners and unable to enjoy the meal, but, as he's starting to realize, he has trouble denying the pinkette what she wants.
  170. >Hence how he ends up sandwiched between Pinkie Pie and another pink-haired girl he doesn't know.
  171. >"This is Fluttershy," Pinkie quickly rectifies as soon as his he puts his tray down. "She was out sick yesterday so she missed the party, but she definitely would have loved to come and meet you, right Fluttershy?"
  172. >Said girl blushes, twiddling her fingers as her eyes flit from her food to the new boy not two inches away from her.
  173. >"O-of course," she agrees. "It's great to meet you, um, Anon?"
  174. "That's my name," he confirms, tilting his head. "Are you okay with me sitting here? I can move if you want."
  175. >Her eyes widen and she quickly shakes her head.
  176. >"No!" she blurts. "I mean you can sit where ever you want! I don't mind!"
  177. >"She's just a little shy around new people, is all," Sunset offers on behalf of her friend. "Right, Fluttershy?"
  178. >"Um, yeah," she says, looking away with a blush. "It really is nice to meet you, though. Pinkie told me that you were the one to help her decorate your party yesterday because I was out sick. That was very kind of you."
  179. "It was no big deal," Anon says with a shrug, pushing around the mashed potatoes on his tray.
  180. >"Yeah, try saying that after Mr. Angle tears into you," Rainbow cuts in, speaking around a mouthful of peas. "He hates when students play hookie."
  181. >Rarity leans away from the athletic girl as she sprays half chewed greenery onto the table.
  182. >"Rainbow Dash, would you please not speak with your mouth full?" she asks. "It's terribly unladylike."
  183. >"That's right," Pinkie chimes in. "A proper lady always swallows what's in her mouth before speaking. Not spit it out all over the place like you're doing."
  184. >While Anon chokes on is own food, Rainbow rolls her eyes and gulps.
  185. >"Yeesh, sorry," she says. "I mean, I can get that from Rarity, but since when have you cared about that sort of thing, Pinkie?"
  186. >Said girl smiles innocently and answers, "Don't know what you're talking about, Dash. I've always been an advocate for swallowing."
  187. >Anon coughs and quickly takes a swig of milk to clear his airways.
  188. >"You alright there, Anon?" Applejack asks with a raised brow. "Ya ain't chokin', are ya?"
  189. "N-no, I'm fine," he manages, with a strained smile. "Food just went down the wrong tube."
  190. >Pinkie pats his shoulder and gives a serious look.
  191. >"Well, don't you worry, Nonny, if you did start to choke for real, I know the hiney lick maneuver."
  192. >While Anon sputters, the rest of the girls giggle.
  193. >"I think you meant the Heimlich maneuver," Twilight says from behind her hand.
  194. >Pinkie simply grins and answers, "I know what I said."
  195. >She then proceeds to lean in close to Anon, pressing up against his side as she continues in a very conspicuous side whisper, "Lick a choking person's hiney, and they'll cough up whatever is stuck in their windpipe. Believe me, I know."
  196. >"Well, anyway," Sunset interrupts. "Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself, Anon? Like where you're from."
  197. >After that, the conversation returns to semi-normal topics as Anon tells them about his hometown and why his family moved.
  198. >Pinkie, for the most part, is silent as he talks, shoveling food into her mouth like an animal.
  199. >At one point, though, she cuts into the conversation, gesturing wildly with her hands, and dropping her fork in the process.
  200. >"Whoops," she says, eyes falling to the fallen utensil that has skid a couple feet away, "Hold that thought."
  201. >She twists in her seat and bends way over, an arm stretching far to try and reach the fork, her fingertips mere inches away.
  202. >"Seriously, Pinkie, just stand up and grab it," Rainbow comments, but the other girl grunts.
  203. >"No, I got it!" she assures, stretching a little further.
  204. >While her friends are busy watching her inch forward, Anon's eyes are pulled to her waist where her shirt has pulled up to reveal the small of her back, and something else far more important.
  205. >The thong she's wearing.
  206. >Not surprisingly, it's a dark pink, and far skimpier than what she had given Anon the day before.
  207. >His eyes follow the thin fabric down into the shadows of her skirt, lost in the crevice of her perfectly plump bottom.
  208. >"And... Got it!" she whoops, springing back into her seat to hold her fork up triumphantly. "Told you I could."
  209. >"You did," Rarity says with a frown. "Though, I hope you intend to go get a new one now. That's been on the floor."
  210. >Pinkie meets the purple-haired girl's gaze, holds it, then stabs the fork into her food a takes a bite.
  211. >While the rest of the table groans and Rarity goes green in the face, Rainbow laughs.
  212. >"That's nasty, Pinkie, but good one!" she cheers. "I think Rarity's going to hurl!"
  213. >The fashionista is indeed holding a hand over her mouth, but even through the queasiness, she sends a glare at her two stupidly grinning friends.
  214. >"That was very unsanitary," she eventually manages, then points at the one boy at their table. "And look at what it did to poor Anon! He's so revolted by your behavior that he can't even look away from you!"
  215. >Anon is indeed staring at Pinkie with a dumbstruck expression, jaw slightly hanging.
  216. >"Ahh, I'm sorry, Nonny," Pinkie says with a pout. "I didn't mean to revolt you. Can you ever forgive me?"
  217. >She leans into him, hugging his arm between her breasts as she looks up at him with puppy dog eyes.
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