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GPT-3: interview between Jack and Amy about psychedelics

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Jul 22nd, 2020
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  1. The following is a conversation between the host "Jack" and the guest "Amy". They talk about their experience taking a DMT trip.
  3. Jack: Hi Amy, it's nice to have you on my podcast. How are you?
  5. Amy: I'm fine thanks Jack! How about you?
  7. Jack: I'm doing great, thanks! Amy, you've had your experience with psychedelics. You've been taking them for over 10 years now. Please tell our listeners how did you first learned about DMT and what was your first trip like.
  9. Amy: Well, I got into acid around '96 or so when I went to Burning Man. It was an amazing time and one of the best experiences of my life. I took LSD before that too, but it wasn't until after I got into acid that I really started exploring other types of drugs. In fact, I think the reason why I became interested in this type of drug was because of all the different types of trips they could give me. The variety was just mind blowing. I never thought a drug could be so interesting and change my life so much.
  11. Jack: You've learned a lot about drugs in the past ten years. How did you first learn about DMT?
  13. Amy: That's a great question. I first learned about DMT when I was in the middle of a meditation class. The teacher, who was a "heavy" user of DMT for many years, explained that the human body produces its own DMT when one takes a high enough dose of mushrooms or DMT.
  15. Jack: Interesting! I didn't know that. That explains why one gets such a powerful high from DMT. But what was your first trip like?
  17. Amy: Well, I didn't really know what to expect since I'd never tried the drug before. I ended up getting an unusually large amount of the drug and managed to insufflate it all. It was pretty terrifying at first since I got a strong feeling of extreme terror for about two minutes. After that, nothing really happened. I waited about twenty minutes and nothing had happened yet. At this point I was getting really scared since it was clear that the drug wasn't working. I had already broken a sweat and was extremely anxious. After an hour and a half had passed, I decided to take a break since I was still being deprived of the experience.
  19. Jack: What did you do during that hour and a half?
  21. Amy: I started watching TV. I figured the more stimulation I had in my brain, the faster the high would kick in. I ended up watching an entire football game. After two hours had passed, I decided to give it another shot. I took another hit and waited.
  23. Jack: And what happened this time?
  25. Amy: Well, I ended up coughing up blood for about ten minutes and ended up vomiting afterwards. I couldn't breath at all and had a very difficult time catching my breath. I started sweating profusely and felt my heart beating really fast. I was extremely paranoid and felt like I was losing control of my body. I ended up taking a five hour break for the night.
  27. Jack: That's a lot of horrible experiences. So, did the high kick in eventually?
  29. Amy: After about an hour and a half of taking breaks, I started feeling something. I started to get an out of body experience and saw a green liquid come out of my mouth. It was pretty disgusting, but I kept seeing these patterns in the liquid and it really had a weird color to it.
  31. Jack: I don't want to imagine what that green liquid was. So, what did you experience after the horrible effects of the DMT wore off?
  33. Amy: Well, I felt an extremely intense love for everyone and everything. I felt like I had a purpose and that I was chosen to do something important. I didn't really understand everything, but it was a really comforting feeling.
  35. Jack: That's pretty deep. Did you learn anything more about DMT while reading up on it?
  37. Amy: Well, DMT is a naturally occurring substance in the human body and is produced by the pineal gland. The pineal is an extremely tiny organ in the brain that produces both serotonin and melatonin. Most people forget that it exists, but it plays an important role in regulating certain functions of the body. Apparently, it's also the central point of contact with the "Other-world".
  39. Jack: Interesting. But why did you take DMT again? You experienced a very profound high from it.
  41. Amy: I dunno, I guess I'm just fascinated by the drug and its effects. And I was curious to see what exactly my brain would do if it was given the correct conditions. It was a lot of fun while it lasted.
  43. Jack: Have you ever seen those alien-like creatures while tripping on DMT?
  45. Amy: No, not really. I've only been able to experience them when I take other drugs too though.
  47. Jack: Do you think they're real or are they some sort of hallucination?
  49. Amy: I believe that they're real. They have always existed and will continue to exist no matter how advanced our technology becomes. I mean, we could build machines that can replicate their abilities. Maybe even create life forms based on them. But ultimately they will always be a force of nature that can't be stopped.
  51. Jack: Yeah, I also think they are real. Do you think they are around us but we just can't see them unless we take some kind of hallucinogens?
  53. Amy: I think that's a very real possibility. I think if we take a drug that allows us to focus our senses more, we will be able to see and communicate with them.
  55. Jack: Do you think as we evolve we will develop some sort of consciousness that will allow us to communicate with them without taking any drugs at all?
  57. Amy: I highly doubt it. But I suppose it's a possibility we need to keep in mind if we want to keep our existence a secret from them.
  59. Jack: Yikes. Okay, so moving on, do you feel like you learned anything new about your body while taking these various drugs?
  61. Amy: A little. But I don't think it's all that important.
  63. Jack: Not even when it comes to your brain?
  65. Amy: I already know that my brain is the command center for all of my mental powers. It's just a matter of honing those abilities until they're as sharp as they can be.
  67. Jack: Hm. Do you know what your brain's abilities are?
  69. Amy: No, but I'm sure the further we get in our exploration of this world, the more abilities we'll uncover.
  71. Jack: Can you share any other details about what you saw in the tank when you were inside it? Anything at all.
  73. Amy: (Sigh) Okay, I'll try. When I first got inside, I was surrounded by an alien language that I couldn't read. Then I saw you, the other members of my group and your friend in the tank. That's when I knew it was a real place and not just a figment of my imagination. After that, all the writing on the tank's walls turned into English. But there was still another language there as well. It was like a combination of the ones in the tank and English. I couldn't read it, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the tank.
  75. Jack: Can you recall what the alien language looked like? Did it look like a writing or rather pictures?
  77. Amy: No, I don't think it was a writing. At least I couldn't read it. It felt like it was just present in my mind and others like you saw it.
  79. Jack: Oh wow! So you saw an alien language on a wall but it was more of a product of your imagination, right?
  81. Amy: Yeah, I guess so.
  83. Jack: Well, I guess it's no wonder you were so fascinated by the drug. Your mind was just filled with so many amazing things. And now that you mention it, I did see a few things in the tank too.
  85. Amy: What things?
  87. Jack: I could see all sorts of objects that would not look like objects but more like emotions. Mostly positive emotions, but I think it was determined on what I was thinking of. Every time my mind would wonder off to the negative thinking I'd start seeing objects showing these negative emotions.
  89. Amy: Wow, I didn't realize that was possible. How come you never mentioned this before?
  91. Jack: Because I thought it wasn't possible. I mean, I've seen people who have been under the influence of drugs show similar things. They might see a picture of their dead mother or father or even themselves naked, but nothing else. It's almost like they're living out a dream in which certain people or objects are part of that dream.
  93. Jack: But I don't think that's what was going on with you. In fact, I'm fairly certain that you weren't living out a dream. I think your mind was actually creating these objects as a way of dealing with the trauma that you've experienced. I think the alien language that you saw was a representation of what you couldn't make sense of as a child. In your case it would probably be the relationship between your parents. The other objects were probably whatever your sister was doing while you were in the tank. The good news is that with enough time and after your experiences in the tank, you'll eventually be able to understand these things on a deeper level.
  95. Jack: So while I can't tell you what these objects mean or what your sister was doing, I can tell you that you survived something really horrible when you were little.
  97. Amy: I'm not sure if I would go that far...
  99. Jack: Maybe, but I'm fairly certain your mind is just "making sense" out of all this stuff that is confusing you on a personal level. The more you get inside this tank, the more you'll be able to understand all this and your mind will stop creating these images.
  101. Jack: For right now though, let's get you out of that tank. Is there anything you look forward seeing with the next psychedelic trip?
  103. Amy: No, just this one.
  105. Jack: Well then, you're all set! If you remember anything we discuss here, I want you to come see me. You don't have to tell me what we talked about, but if anything seems amiss or you think you might be in danger, then I want you to come to me. And if you see any really trippy things, let me know as well. I want to make sure your mind is at ease before we end this here.
  107. Jack: Take your clothes off, and get into the tank. We're ending this with a shower.
  109. Amy: What?
  111. Jack: In fact, don't even think about it. Just do it.
  113. Amy: But...
  115. Jack: Don't make me say it again.
  117. Amy: But why?
  119. Jack: Because I said so.
  121. // It went downhill from here LOL
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