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  1. if echo "$LOCALE" | /bin/grep -qi utf ; then
  2.   stat_busy "Setting Consoles to UTF-8 mode"                                                                            
  3.   # UTF-8 consoles are default since 2.6.24 kernel
  4.   # this code is needed not only for older kernels,
  5.   # but also when user has set vt.default_utf8=0 but LOCALE is *.UTF-8.
  6.   for i in /dev/tty[0-9]*; do
  7.     /usr/bin/kbd_mode -u < ${i}
  8.     printf "\033%%G" > ${i}
  9.   done
  10.   # the $CONSOLE check helps us avoid this when running scripts from cron
  11.   echo 'if [ "$CONSOLE" = "" -a "$TERM" = "linux" -a -t 1 ]; then printf "\033%%G"; fi' >>/etc/profile.d/
  12.   stat_done
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