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  1. KelaanaaToday at 11:58
  2. How goes?
  3. RonzToday at 12:16
  4. Heya hon, things are good, how are things with you?
  5. KelaanaaToday at 12:16
  6. I'm good :smiley: but working from home because rain.
  7. I'm a sugar cube, I melt in the rain
  8. RonzToday at 12:16
  9. lol
  10. It's actually not a bad day here, the sun is out, my mums girlfriend came over again and she is helping out with a few things.
  11. KelaanaaToday at 12:17
  12. Great!
  13. RonzToday at 12:17
  14. I'm playing House Flipper.
  15. You working on anything interesting?
  16. KelaanaaToday at 12:22
  17. I'm reading through a few hundred unread emails
  18. RonzToday at 12:22
  19. haha sounds like fun, alot of work waiting for you?
  20. KelaanaaToday at 12:23
  21. So much.
  22. I wanted to check in with you after the stuff we discussed yesterday. See if you were really doing okay?
  23. RonzToday at 12:23
  24. Yeah, I'm doing good.
  25. Don't worry about it. :thumbsup:
  26. KelaanaaToday at 12:31
  27. How's Torn doing? I know he's friends with both you and Dorgrin
  28. RonzToday at 12:32
  29. He is good.
  30. KelaanaaToday at 12:33
  31. ...
  32. RonzToday at 12:33
  33. How is Dorg?
  34. I think Dorg unfriended him.
  35. KelaanaaToday at 12:34
  36. I'd kinda be surprised if Torn was good, given that you and Dorg have both said he's got a lot of stuff going on in his life at the moment.
  37. RonzToday at 12:34
  38. He has organised what he needs and it's a waiting game at the moment.
  39. KelaanaaToday at 12:35
  40. Dorg's okay. And no, he definitely didn't unfriend Torn.
  41. RonzToday at 12:35
  42. Ahh ok.
  43. OH yeah my bad he removed him from one of the Discos.
  44. KelaanaaToday at 12:36
  45. Huh?
  46. RonzToday at 12:36
  47. It's ok, anyway it's between them.
  48. KelaanaaToday at 12:38
  49. Well, it'd be nice to think it's between them but yeah, it all spills over when there's lots of chatter.
  50. RonzToday at 12:39
  51. Yeah, my bad I shouldn't of said anything.
  52. Lotsa chatter from where else?
  53. I always say too much, don't worry about it, let them work it out.
  54. KelaanaaToday at 12:40
  55. You-Torn, Dorg-Torn, me-you, me-Dorg, the only chatter that's not happening is you-Dorg.
  56. RonzToday at 12:41
  57. Yeah I have no contact to Dorg anymore else I would've tried to bridge the gap if it was possible.
  58. He removed me from everything.
  59. KelaanaaToday at 12:41
  60. I dunno if they're going to be able to work it out. All depends on how badly Torn thinks of Dorg now in light of your views shrug
  61. RonzToday at 12:42
  62. If Dorg is prepared to work it out with me perhaps they will be fine in time too.
  63. KelaanaaToday at 12:44
  64. Right now, I think Dorg will be pretty unhappy about that well being poisoned for him.
  65. RonzToday at 12:45
  66. I'm still fairly upset that he would give me an ultimatum, but I'm prepared to try work at it.
  67. Although it might seem like it cause I do occassionally need to vent about people, I don't hold grudges so balls in his court.
  68. KelaanaaToday at 12:50
  69. I suspect that he'll only reach a landing on whether the gap can be bridged once he's sorted out the Torn piece of the puzzle.
  70. RonzToday at 12:51
  71. That's fine I have no choice but to give it time as I don't have anyway to contact Dorg, so yeah it's all good I'll wait around.
  72. KelaanaaToday at 12:52
  73. Oh, if you specifically want to tell him something, I'm more than happy to pass it on. He may well be happy to hear it.
  74. I'm pretty sure the lines of communication will re-open eventually, hon
  75. RonzToday at 12:53
  76. I probably need a little more time to think about it and process you know how I am, at the moment I'm not sure what I can say.
  77. KelaanaaToday at 12:54
  78. Yeah that's fair enough
  79. "If Dorg is prepared to work it out with me perhaps they will be fine in time too." - this may sound harsh but I thought they were friends quite independently of you. Why would it take Dorg working things out with you for Dorg and Torn to have a happy and healthy friendship?
  80. RonzToday at 12:57
  81. Dorg has only known Torn for a few months.
  82. KelaanaaToday at 12:57
  83. Longer than he's known you, iirc
  84. RonzToday at 12:57
  85. Um maybe slightly.
  86. KelaanaaToday at 12:57
  87. He knows you because he's friends with Torn, no?
  88. RonzToday at 12:57
  89. Torn has a different personality to me.
  90. No Dorg met me through Wow, me and Torn joined the guild he was in at roughly the same time, I think Torn was just a week or two earlier over there I'm not sure when they became friends but I approached Dorg fairly early with my arrival cause Iw as trying to make friends in the new guild.
  91. I search out for friends Torn lets them come to him, so I'm not sure if I got to being his friend before Torn.
  92. Dorg is probably best to ask.
  93. KelaanaaToday at 13:11
  94. Didn't you say you'd known Dorg for a year?
  95. Rather than a few months?
  96. Dorg mentioned he'd become friends with Torn and then met you through Torn.
  97. RonzToday at 13:12
  98. Ahh ok, yeah I'm sure it wasn't a year I think I only joined late last year or early this year forgive me i have a poor memory.
  99. KelaanaaToday at 13:13
  100. I swear it was you who told me you'd known Dorg for about a year. But anyway, doesn't matter :smiley:
  101. RonzToday at 13:17
  102. Yeah doesn't matter, but if it was I would've just got my words mixed up, def not that long.
  103. I been know to type the wrong word sometimes.
  104. KelaanaaToday at 13:20
  105. No, you were right actually and my memory was wrong. You said "Dorg I only met this year or last in WoW, he is having internet problems at the moment, he'll join us sometime."
  106. RonzToday at 13:27
  107. It's all good.
  108. KelaanaaToday at 13:29
  109. I feel like you've reverted quite quickly from not good to "all good". Are you really all good, or are you just not wanting to bother me/pulled away because I was annoyed early last night?
  110. RonzToday at 13:31
  111. I'm all ok with this stuff, all I can do is wait, I don't have to worry about any leadership stuff so I'm good, I still need to see my doctor abouts meds and hopefully that will be sorted on the 5th so there is nothing at the moment.
  112. KelaanaaToday at 13:32
  113. okay
  114. RonzToday at 13:32
  115. I'm not holding grudges, I'l need to think about what to say to Dorg but I do my best thinking in bed when I cannot sleep.
  116. And I am darn well fucking enjoying this game, so relaxing.
  117. :smile:
  118. KelaanaaToday at 13:34
  119. House Flipper?
  120. RonzToday at 13:34
  121. Yeah.
  122. KelaanaaToday at 13:46
  123. Checked the audit log. Dorg did not remove Torn. Torn left.
  124. RonzToday at 13:46
  125. He left Australia but was removed from Forum.
  126. KelaanaaToday at 13:47
  127. Forum ceased to exist.
  128. It's gone
  129. RonzToday at 13:47
  130. Ahh.
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