Boat Trip

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  1. Boat Ride
  3. Mmmm..." you purr as you raise your hands above your head stretching your rib cage and stomach. You feel your breasts shift upwards towards your face and jiggle slightly as you come back to rest on your back. You can hear the swirling and breaking of the water as it crashes against the sides of the boat, the slight rocking as we move with the waves. Your whole body feels warm from the sun beating down on us, behind your eyelids the light is red hot and you can detect a slight heartbeat behind your lids. Whenever you breathe in you can smell the sea mixed with my earthy smell and that of my cologne. You smile as you feel my foot graze your leg. Turning you open your eyes, to see me laying on my back. I have nothing but board shorts on and right now they're riding low on my hips, as I lay stretched out with my arms above my head. "Beautiful view..." I comment giving you a sideways look. You smile and nod rolling onto your side and bringing your elbow up behind your ear. Your breasts fall together, your nipples pointing out towards me, darkening and budding under my heated gaze. I reach out, circling my index finger around the areola, on your top breast slowly getting closer to your nipple. You shiver, as it gets harder, puckering under my touch. You feel a cheeky smile spreads across your face as you tilt your head back, letting the sun soak into your face. I catch your nipple between my fingers, squeezing it firmly as you bring your face forward again, opening your eyes to look at me. Slowly you bring your index and thumb up to your lips, sucking on them leisurely. You then trail them down your chest; to catch your other nipple, squeeze it in turn with the one I have captured. Using my free hand I push your hair away from your neck, exposing the sensitive flesh to my touch. I trace my fingers up and down your flesh, from ear lobe to shoulder, up with the pads, down with the back of my fingers. You shiver in delight, feeling my warm flesh spread heat along your skin, licking its way down your arm and towards your aching nipples. You open your eyes, licking your lips slowly as you reach out for me, grazing your fingers against my chest. You feel the warm flesh there, slightly oily from the sunscreen; you can feel the muscles under my skin, thick and solid. You spread your palm out, brushing my nipple with your pinky. Grazing it softly as you massage my chest, your fingers stretching out towards my collar bone. I start to tug at your nipples, rolling them as I do so. Your nails dig into my chest slightly as pleasure spikes through you. You arch your back, pressing your breasts forward. I open my hand, embracing the breast fully and you tilt forward, further into my palm. I sink my fingers in, cupping the tender flesh. You slide your hand up, bringing it to where my shoulder and neck meet. Rubbing your thumb up and down the columns of my neck you close your eyes, breathing in, you can smell a faint sent of yourself mixed in with the salty air. You raise one of your knees, squeezing your thighs together you feel yourself soaking into your bikini bottoms. I shuffle forward and drop my hand to the back of your knee. Gripping it firmly I lift it as I slip under your knee. As you feel your calf fall behind me, the fabric of my board shorts tickling your skin. You find yourself spread, open with only our swimmers between us. You can feel the bulge of my cock against you, and as I remain in control of your knee I spread your leg further, pressing you more firmly against my cock.
  4. You moan, bringing your hand up to the back of my neck, you bring my lips to yours, run your tongue along the seam of my lip, parting them I open my mouth and you slip your tongue inside, brushing your tongue against mine. Slowly you travel your free hand down my length, feeling my muscles jump and flinch as you trail your hands down my body. Stopping at the waist of my board shorts, you skate your fingers lightly over the flesh there. You feel me rock my hips towards you, you slowly unlace the strings, letting your knuckles brush against my cock, and you deliberately make short tugs on the Velcro, the sound breaking our harsh breaths. I catch the back of your head and pull you in so I can kiss your throat and jaw as you finally get my board shorts open. You hear my voice catch as you slip your small hand inside, grasping my full length you pull me free. Tilting your head you let out an appreciative moan as you watch your hand stroke down the length of my cock, letting your thumb run across the tip, spreading the buds of pre cum. You slowly jerk me, feeling me shudder so close to you, my breath hot and sticky against your throat. The sun is beating down on your back where you cover me, you feel me push your hair aside bringing my lips close to your ear. "Your hand feels so good around my cock..." I murmur as you give me a firm squeeze. "Mmm… your cock feels good in my hand..." You comment starting to jerk my cock again, holding me firmly you focus on the head running your soft palm up and down over the head feeling your hand become sticky with my pre-cum.
  5. I bring one of my hands down, pushing my open board shorts down and kicking them off. Once I’m free, I press you back slightly; with your leg over my hip I easily roll you but still keep us close, making sure you can still caress the hot flesh of my cock. You jerk me faster, the head presses against the soft skin of your stomach. I bite your ear lobe sucking it into my mouth. You pant softly, feeling your skin prickle with sweat. "Ahh yes babe.... Work my cock... ahhh..." You can feel my lips brushing your ear, my breath brushing over your skin as I breathe out through my nose. You moan softly, feeling my pulse in your palm. You nibble your bottom lip, your eyes trained on my hard cock in your hand, helpless as you toy with it. Slowly jerking, you take up a leisurely pace, holding firmly you slowly drag your hand down my cock watching the pre-cum bead at the end. You feel me buck into your hand, but you resist going faster, continuing your slow, tortuous pace. "Mmmm, your cock is just... so delicious" you comment, feeling my hand stroking your waist. You lick your lips, flicking your eyes up to mine. "Just... one taste?" you smirk, watching the bead of pre-cum roll down the head of my cock towards your palm. "Just... one... slow taste, you know... to tie me over?" You look at me, giving me your most winning smile. Suddenly I roll us over and you let out a soft squeal, freeing your hands you bring your hands to your waist. Kneeling over you, my hips spreading your legs wide. "This isn't what I imagined when I said I wanted to taste you love..." you sigh. You can feel my slick cock head brushing your pussy through your bikini bottoms. You moan, bowing your back against the hard deck, feeling the towel roll and move under you as you drag my hips, lining your hungry pussy up with my throbbing cock. My breath is hot on your mouth and neck as I plant wet, slow kisses down your jaw, throat towards your shoulder. My elbow braces me as I move over your body. You grind against me, hooking one leg over my lower back, drawing me closer as your other hand slides up my arm, and coming to rest on my shoulder. You squeeze it softly, moaning you tilt your head back, whimpering softly as my lips travel down your heated flesh. You continue to grind on my cock, feeling it slip up and down your slit through your soaked swimmers. I push your arms above your head. I grasp your wrists together, forcing your breasts up and towards me. I slide one hand down, cupping your breast; I graze your nipple with my thumb, strumming it until it is aching and hard. You moan and I catch your nipple, tugging and squeezing it. You catch your bottom lip between your teeth, worrying it as I move to your other nipple, squeezing it and tugging it.
  6. Ah... ahhh, Babe... I want... I want...your mouth on my nipples." You stutter, squirming under my weight. I pull back, releasing your hands, looking down at you; I raise my eyebrows in question. You plant your hand on my shoulder and push down, encouraging me to take your nipple in my mouth. I smile with my eyes, nuzzling your hard nipple with my nose before capturing it in my mouth and sucking it hard. You shudder arching your back into my mouth. You close your eyes against the bright light, seeing the bright haze, as you get lost in the sensation of my lips on your hungry flesh. Your hips rolling under me as you feel yourself getting hungry and needy, you grind heavily on my cock feeling it press into you. I work mercilessly on your nipples, you can feel them aching and you are starting to shudder from the sensitivity. "Hmmm... more... please more...." you encourage, pushing on my shoulders, arching your back desperately. I kiss over the under curve of your breast, moving further down your body. I kiss a slow track down your stomach; catching your bikini bottoms I drag them off quickly flicking them aside. You give a soft moan as I drop an affectionate kiss on the inside of your knee. I force your legs wider with my shoulders. You tuck your feet in, letting your legs fall open as I caress your thighs, stroking my thumbs across your inner thighs. You moan softly feeling your pussy lips spread in the open air. Your hips shift restlessly, hungry for the attention you know is soon to be yours. I chuckle against your skin, my puffs of breath making your muscles jump. Shuffling back, I smile at you from between your legs; you roll your hips slightly, becoming impatient. "How's the view?" You ask sourly as I continue to stare. I nuzzle your moist pussy lips, slipping my fingers up your inner thigh; I spread your pussy lips. "The view is divine" I state, and before you can respond I let my tongue snake out, flicking your clit. You shudder pressing up towards my mouth. I push you down with my hands as I take another lick on your clit. You shudder, trying to push up to make me press firmer. You feel me chuckle against your sensitive skin and squirm under me, spreading your thighs more. "Babe... come on... please...“ you suck in deep breaths, pushing your head back. You raise your hips again, and let out a strangled moan as you feel my lips come into contact with your clit. Your hand slips down to cradle the nape of my neck and you slowly add more pressure. I suckle on your clit, grazing it softly with my teeth as I move back. You shudder in a breath feeling me blow softly on the sensitive flesh. Making you shuffle against the hard boards beneath you. My hands slide down, my thumbs digging into your sensitive flesh.
  7. “Mmmmm.... Fingers Babe..." you mutter, feeling me draw back slightly you let out a contented moan as you feel two fingers slide to the third knuckle into you, before I return my mouth to your clit, flicking it with my tongue. You groan louder bringing your free hand to your breasts, catching one nipple in between your thumb and forefinger and tugging it hard, rolling it on every thrust my fingers make in and out of you. You greedily move your hips against my fingers. I start to thrust them quickly, almost coming out of you before pushing them back in. Your hands tighten in my hair, pushing me firmly into your pussy. I feel your pleasure rising, almost unbearably, and know soon I’ll have you cumming. "Aaah... fuck me..." you strangle out, past dry lips. “What was that?” I ask, pulling back and looking up at you with eyes full of desire. A cheeky smile tugs on my full mouth, glossy in the light with your juices. You swallow, focusing past your desire.
  8. "Ah.. fuck me...I want you in me." You demand in a stronger tone. Slipping my fingers from your wet pussy, I move to my knees, using the hand with the fingers I just had in you, I jerk my cock, kneeling between your legs I look up your length, as you watch your juices spread all over the shaft of my cock. You groan, closing your eyes to escape the view. Your eyes flicker open suddenly as you feel me shift over you, laying down beside you. With a cheeky grin I put my hands behind my head and stretch out. "Well, get on board then..." I comment, and you take in my full length, stretched out, my hard cock pointing towards the sky. Without further encouragement, you get to you knees and swing one leg over, so you’re sitting astride on my navel. You shuffle back and can feel your pussy lips slick and pressing against my hot skin, my cock pressing into my ass. Lifting your hips you slip your hand under you, holding my cock at the base, you carefully guide yourself, until the head of my cock is resting against your entrance. I let out a draw out moan as you slowly push down with your weight, impaling yourself on my thick shaft. As you come to rest with me to the hilt, you feel myself shudder, as you grip me tightly in you. Looking over me, my eyes are closed and as I open them, I remove my hands from behind my head, bringing them to your hips.
  9. "Ride me hard, baby..." I direct, and leaning forward you plant your hands on my chest, and start to ride, slowly at first, taking the full length out of you almost to the tip before pushing back down and impaling yourself again. I take firmer grip of your hips and tighten your movements. You look down into my eyes, watching me watch you move over me. My eyes flicking between your face and your breasts as they sway above my face as you slowly fuck me.
  10. I finally lose the battle, and I lean up to try and capture one of your hard nipples in my mouth. You move with me keeping your nipple a hair breath away from my mouth as you keep fucking me. I try again, and finding myself unsuccessful I growl at you, flicking my eyes back to your face. You give me a cheeky grin and feel one of my hands slide up your back, I firmly press between your shoulder blades and push myself up again, this time easily capturing your nipple, and I take as much as I can into my mouth, sucking it hard. You close your eyes and moan, pushing down on my cock, you grind against me, my cock all the way in you. We both moan as my cock presses against your walls. Releasing your now dark, wet nipple, I go to move to the other. "Mmm.. that's it baby, fuck me harder.." I groan as I capture your other nipple, you roll your hips again and slide up my length again, before pressing back down. As you do so, I bring my hand down, spanking your ass hard. You shudder, and I moan as you squeeze me inside of you. You start to fuck me a bit faster, becoming hornier with your own impaling, you start to let our little moans every time you me to the hilt.
  11. “Baby, you feel sooo god damn good." You moan, while I spank you again. You shudder, feeling yourself becoming needy. I release your nipple from my mouth, my lips wet from sucking. You lock eyes with me and feel my hand travel back down your body, you keep riding me, and I trail my hand purposefully towards my ass crack. You raise an eyebrow as you feel me trail towards your asshole. You close your eyes and continue to ride me. I trail past your asshole, and you let out a little sigh, and hear me chuckle softly as I coat my fingers in your juices. Slowly bringing my fingers back up to your asshole, I start to rub softly with my wet fingers, and you moan in response, maintaining your steady impaling. I grin wickedly at you, as I feel you relax and I soon find the tip of one finger slip inside you. You groan in encouragement, and I slowly start to push it in, making small thrusting movements with my finger to match your movements. Your eyes flutter, and you can feel me rubbing the other finger against your asshole, willing entry.
  12. Soon I've got a full finger inside of you, and your moaning has gotten distinctively louder. Suddenly I bring my free hand down and spank you, and we both moan, as you squeeze my finger and cock at the same time. "Another, please…" you request, which gets you a surprised expression from me, before it’s replaced by a wicked grin. As you take me a touch harder, I spank you again, almost hard enough to leave a red mark. You groan, your eyes closing as your pleasure escalates. I slip my finger from my ass, but before you can groan any displeasure, I slip it back in, with another, stretching your ass around them. You moan appreciatively feeling the stretching of both your holes. You moan a bit louder, helpless as your pleasure escalates.
  13. "I wanna cum..." you comment, stilling your hips as I continue to fuck your ass with my fingers. I raise my left eyebrow at you.
  14. "Only if I get to fuck your ass after..."
  15. You smile, nodding and feel my fingers slip from your ass as you climb off me. I pull you towards the edge of the ledge we've been laying on. You drop your legs over the side, as I kneel down near your feet, bringing you closer, I stop you when your thighs are resting along the ledge, and your ass is on the edge of the ledge. I then push you down softly onto your back. You hear me moan softly from between your legs.
  16. "Mmm... you are so fucking wet..."
  17. You hear me murmur before my mouth connects with your clit. I start to press hard, flicking my tongue firmly across your clit. You close your eyes; thinking about how I’m going to fuck your ass soon, claim it as mine. You shudder thinking about me pushing past the tight entry, filling you fully. Your breathing comes in short and sharp and suddenly, the light explodes behind your eyes. You drop your hand to my head and hold me firmly to you as you ride the wave of your orgasm. Coming down, you release me and opening your heavy lids you watch me lick your juices from my lips as I come to stand. You smile at me weakly as I smack your thigh softly.
  18. "Role over for me, Baby."
  19. I encourage as I climb past you, going to our bag, I grab a condom and come back to you, ripping it open I start to slip it on as you make sluggish moments to turn over. As I make the last adjustments with the condom, you turn and lean over the banister of the boat, looking out at the bright blue water. It seems so perfect and calm. It seems so still and you breathe in deeply, your senses fill with a mix of our sex and the sea air. You smile and then look over your shoulder at me, to find me grinning at you like a fool. You spread your legs a little bit; shuffling back so your ass is more pronounced. I moan in appreciation as I run my hand over the curve of your ass cheek, as I come to stand behind you. You grin again, gripping the banister more tightly.
  20. I surprise you, lining up and pushing into your slick pussy, I easily go to the hilt. You moan as your pussy grips me tightly.
  21. "God, your pussy feels good." I comment as I start to pump easily into you. You groan on every thrust, your pussy ultra-sensitive from your orgasm. I part your ass cheeks as I continue to fuck you, and you hear me spit, before my fingers start to rub your asshole again, stretching it as I rub it. Quickly two fingers slide in, with your relaxed state.
  22. "Mmm... good girl..." I sigh as I start to time my thrusts, so they both push into you at the same time. You let your head fall against your bent arms, feeling me stretch your holes. I slowly withdraw my fingers, and stretch your cheeks apart. Part of you wonders what I see, while the other part makes your heart race, knowing what I am looking for. Suddenly I remove my cock from your pussy, and you feel an ache to be filled again. Then you feel me slowly drag it up, until it’s resting against your tight hole. You moan despite yourself, and feel me softly pushing against it, seeking entry. I hold your hips still, as you feel yourself start to open for the head of my cock, the pain is mixed with pleasure. You free one of your hands, and drop it to your hanging breasts, seeking your nipple. You squeeze it, closing your eyes, seeing in your mind’s eye, what I’m seeing. Your asshole stretching around the thick head of my cock.
  23. Then you gasp, feeling the head pop into you. I pause, giving you time to adjust. You suck in full lungs of air, and force yourself to relax and go back to playing with my nipples.
  24. "You're doing great, Baby." I tell you as I slowly press forward, and another inch presses in you. You let out a strangled moan, feeling yourself being stretched as I press more into you. I’m working so slowly you don't know whether to moan or scream.
  25. You can feel every vein, every ridge as I press into you. The pain has lessened but you are being overwhelmed by the fullness, being stretched so tightly around my cock. You pant softly as I press tightly against you, my pubic bone pressed against your ass cheeks. You look over your shoulder at me, grinning wickedly.
  26. “Fuck my tight ass!" you moan, and see my eyes brighten as I start to move back and forward slightly at first. The friction is amazing, and you shift your feet further apart as you move your hand from your nipples to your aching clit. You start to rub it lightly as I lengthen my thrusts. You moan your encouragement, as you feel my fingers caress and grip your hips, slipping to your waist to hold you still while I start to fuck you slowly.
  27. "God... Your ass is so tight, feel so good."
  28. My breathing is short now, and I seem to have myself tightly under control. You grin to yourself as you look out at the water.
  29. "You feel huge, I love you fucking my tight ass!"
  30. You say clearly, and you feel me throb inside you. Grinning, you continue on. "I have been thinking about... about you fucking my ass for such a long time, and you feel better than I imagined." You pant, trying to stay focused. You hear me moan helplessly from behind you, my thrusting getting slightly heavier handed.
  31. "I masturbate to thoughts of you fucking my ass, I push my dil- dildo deep into my tight ass and close my eyes and think... and think...of impaling myself on your thick shaft, or you taking… fucking my tight ass..."
  32. You moan out, feeling my hand slip back to your hips, as I spread your ass cheeks, fucking you smoothly. I’m groaning on every thrust, you rub your clit harder, closing your eyes. You hear me in your head, begging you to cum. You let out a choked moan opening your eyes again, you turn and look over your shoulder at me.
  33. "Always, right before I cum, you... you thrust deep into my ass and fill me up, just shoot your... your load dee-eep inside my begging hole..."
  34. You grind out and you see my eyes clench shut and I thrust deeply into you. You feel me expand in your tight hole, and feel the first wave of your orgasm ride over you.
  35. You cum as I cum inside your ass.
  36. My groan mixes with yours, and you let your face fall back down against your arm, your body shudders and spams. You hear me letting our strangled moans every time your ass squeezes my cock.
  37. "Sweet Jesus..." I sigh as I slip from inside you. Leaning forward I rest my head against your slick back. Slipping my arms around your middle, I help you stand. Before moving us both back to the ledge of the platform, I sink down then pull you into my lap, hooking your legs over mine, you curl into my chest.
  38. "Fuck me drunk..." you sigh, totally done in. I chuckle against you hair. "Later, Baby... later."
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