Butt off (Unicorns 1)

Apr 16th, 2016
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  1. >"...Alright."
  2. >Anon, who had a bandage wrapped around his head, looked around
  3. >The stage was behind you, destroyed past the point of recognition
  4. >Derpy, who was getting looked over by nurse Redheart, was refusing to meet anyponies gaze, a look of shame on her face
  5. >You were... alright you guessed
  6. >When you saw that Anon wasn't going to make it you and the fellas had leapt off the stage to safety
  7. >...
  8. >You were happy that Anon was mostly alright
  9. >If Derpy would have landed on his head he'd probably be a LOT worse off
  10. >...
  11. >...
  12. >...
  13. >You had nothing
  14. >"Alright... Alright, alright, alright..."
  15. >Anon scratched his bandage as he looked down at the ground
  16. >"I guess we can just do the rest of the judging right here since we can't use the stage anymore..."
  17. >He looked around, just a bit lost
  18. >"Is that alright, ladies? I'm sure that we can finish this another day so that we can get all of this--"
  19. >"Nonsense dear!"
  20. >You watched as Rarity, her head held high, strutted out of the crowd
  21. >"You went through all of this trouble setting this up for us; the least we can do is see this through till the end like proper ladies should!"
  22. >Rarity about-faced, staring at the crowd with fire in her eyes
  23. >"We do not need a stage to flaunt our flanks like some stick-up hussies!" she shouted, with a stomp of her hoof. "We can do it right here!"
  24. >The crowd looked at each other, and throughout it you could hear murmurs of agreement, mares sticking their chests out and holding their heads high just like Rarity
  25. >Huh...
  26. >Say what you will about Rarity--Celestia knows that you have-- but when that mare gets fired up she gets fired up
  27. >With a loud 'humph' she turned toward Anon
  28. >"Now, if I'm not mistaken, the unicorns are to go next. Is that right, Anonymous?" she asked with a winning smile
  30. >Anon looked down at the white unicorn
  31. >"...Yes. Unicorns are next," he said, a smile coming to his face. "So step right up ladies! We got judging to do!"
  32. >The crowd backed up a little bit as the unicorns made their way toward you
  33. >There were a good deal more unicorns than there had been pegasi, but just like with the earth ponies it wasn't all that difficult to get them in a line
  34. >Maybe you were getting good at this organizational judging thing?
  35. >Maybe these mares were just excited to get their butts touched?
  36. >Who knows
  37. >All you knew was that you got all of these butts in a row without that much of a fuss
  38. >...
  39. >Mares...
  40. >You got all of these mare in a row
  41. >...
  42. >...
  43. >...
  44. >What was happening to you?
  45. >"Okie dokie!" Anon said, bringing you out of your existential crisis with a clap of his hands. "We gone through spectrum's of pony butts. We got the big, pillow-y earth pony butts and we got the small and tight pegasi booty. Now it's time to look at unicorns; or as I like to call them the middle road of the equine flank."
  46. >The mares turned around, presenting their backsides to the crowd
  47. >And though they weren't elevated so that the entire crowd could see their butts they still presented them with pride
  48. >"Where this race sets itself apart from the others is the fact they they can have the factors that make both earth pony and pegasi asses great. They can be big, they can have that big apple-bottom shape, they can be small and tight and perky and all in between."
  49. >Anon placed a hand on Lyra's rump, and you watched as the mare's back legs almost bucked as she bit her lip
  50. >...
  51. >Okayyyyy
  52. >That's a little weird...
  53. >"The word for these little beauties is consistency! Since they have so many factors going for them we're gonna have to check for what accents their natural body types. And we're also gonna make sure that no one here tries any funny business and uses their magic to make their butts look bigger."
  55. >Patting Lyra's backside, Anon stepped away, putting his hands behind his back, and walked toward you
  56. >He stopped in front of you, his head cocked to the side as he regarded you and the fellas
  57. >He was silent for a moment
  58. >"Alright," he finally said. "Are you gentlecolts ready to continue?"
  59. >You all looked at each other
  60. >You all then nodded
  61. >Anon grinned
  62. >"Fantastic," he said, fiddling with his bandage as he spun around. "Then lets get started!"
  63. >You all followed Anon to the first mare in line, a mare who looked positively giddy
  64. >And absolutely fabulous
  65. >"I must say that when I first saw your outfits I didn't know what to think, but as time goes on I'm finding myself growing fond of them," Rarity Belle said, tittering as she looked at all of you. "You especially, Mr. Cake; the light orange in that vest really brings out your eyes."
  66. >"Oh? You think so?" Mr. Cake said, looking down at his vest. "I mean I thought it looked silly but if you really think so..."
  67. >"Hey, no trying to butter up the judges," Anon said, lightly slapping Rarity's behind, making the mare bite her lip, her tail twitching
  68. >"I assure you that I intended nothing of the sort, Anonymous. I was simply complementing you all on your DASHING outfits. I see nothing wrong with that in the slightest!"
  69. >Rarity grinned as the fellas giggled
  70. >Even you couldn't help but swell in pride a little
  71. >Well played filly...
  72. >Well played...
  73. >Anon's eyes narrowed, though you could see him struggling not to smile
  74. >"Alright, but I got my eye on you, squiggles."
  75. >Rarity gave her rump a shake, her panties straining against the mass of rump it was trying to conceal
  76. >"I wouldn't have it any other way, darling."
  77. >Looking to the mare's backside you could see that she had chosen to wear a pair of baby blue panties
  78. >They looked like they had been hoof-stitched--which, knowing Rarity, they were-- and they were big enough to cover her but small enough to accent her ASSets in all of the right ways
  80. >...
  81. >ASSets?
  82. >What the buck is wrong with you?
  83. >...
  84. >Whatever...
  85. >At first you were a little confused as to why Rarity wasn't wearing socks or stockings or dressing herself up even more
  86. >After all that was her thing
  87. >But, after staring at her backside for a second or two, you realized her minimalistic ensemble was intentional
  88. >She didn't want you looking at the clothing that she was wearing, she wanted you to look at her butt
  89. >The panties were just here so draw you in toward the flank
  90. >"Alright, before we even start we're gonna check to see if Miss Rarity here is using her magic on her booty in anyway," Anon said as he crouched down
  91. >Rubbing his hands together he looked at you all expectantly
  92. >"Does anyone have any ideas on how to do that?"
  93. >You all turned toward Time Turner, whose nose instantly scrunched up
  94. >"What? Just because I can use magic that means I know everything there is about it?" he demanded, sounding indignant
  95. >Spark Plug snorted
  96. >"No, we're looking at you because we all know you use magic to make your own behind bigger," he said, poking Time Turner's rump
  97. >The unicorn twitched, a blush coming to his face as you all giggled at him
  98. >"I don't!-- I'd never! I-I--"
  99. >"There's nothing wrong with using a bit of magic to even yourself out even if you do use those kinds of spells, dear," Rarity assured, a hint of a giggle in her voice. "And I'm sure Spark Plug is only teasing."
  100. >...
  101. >Well played indeed
  102. >Trying to save face, Time Turner awkwardly coughed into his hoof
  103. >"Well... I HAVE heard that illusion magic like that needs to be continuously maintained. So all that you should need to do to make it weaver is break the casters concentration."
  104. >Grinning, Anon nodded
  105. >"Right you are my little British horse friend!"
  107. >Reaching over, Anon grabbed the elastic of Rarity's panties
  108. >He pulled until it was as stretched out as far as it could be and then he let go of it
  109. Snap!
  110. >A low groan escaped Rarity's throat as the wastband snapped against her flank
  111. >Her tail whipped back and forth as she looked back at Anon
  112. >"P-Please warn a-a lady before you do something like that next time, Anonymous," she told him, reaching back and giving her rump a rub
  113. >"Oh you'll be fine," Anon said, patting her flank as he looked it over. "Hmmm... Everything looks alright...It doesn't seem to be losing or gaining shape... And it's not getting any saggier... Looks like you're in the clear, Rare."
  114. >"Though a part of me wishes to tell you that I could have conveyed that information to you myself I will still my tongue, Anon dear," Rarity said with a dainty sniff
  115. >You and the fellas couldn't help but roll your eyes
  116. >Geeze
  117. >If there was the picture of a colty-mare she was standing right in front of you...
  118. >"Alright, now that we got that out of the way we can get to the judging," Anon chirped as he hooked his thumbs through her panties
  119. >Rarity bit her lip once mire, leaning forward onto her tippy hooves as she arched her back
  120. >"A-Anon? Might you humor a lady and take your time removing my undergarments?" she asked, her deep blue eyes filled with need. "I-I'm rather sensitive back t-there."
  121. >Anon licked his lips as he gave the mare's panties a light tug
  122. >"Don't you worry, Rare," he said, his voice just a little bit throaty. "I'll be gentle."
  123. >Rarity opened her mouth to say something but it turned into a squeak as Anon began to slowly, SLOWLY pull her panties down, revealing an mass of snow flank-white rump flesh
  124. >Though Rarity was always known as a bit of a colt it looked like she really did take care of herself
  125. >Her tail was neatly cut and shiny and it looked as soft and smooth as silk
  126. >There wasn't a single blemish on her rump and her fur looked absolutely immaculate
  128. >And, for a mare that was KNOWN to hate sweat and dirt in all forms, it looked like she worked it out
  129. >There was just a little bit of jiggle as she moved back and forth, but underneath that you could see a thick layer of muscle that gave her butt that heart-shape and that perkiness
  130. >And still Anon kept pulled those panties of her down, inch by inch
  131. >Though you could tell that Rarity was doing her best to keep her composure you could see her mask starting to crack
  132. >Her breathing was starting to become ragged and there was a blush on her face that was slowly creeping down to her neck
  133. >"S-Slowly, Anonymous. L-Let momma f-feel those f-fingers~"
  134. >Her back arching, Rarity let out a moan, her tail flagging high for all to see as Anon slid the panties past her cutiemark, down her rump and let them flop to the floor
  135. >Anon, who looked absolutely calm and who still had a smile on his face, turned toward you
  136. >"Caramel, buddy, could you do me a favor and slap me in the face please?"
  137. >You blinked
  138. "...What?"
  139. >Anon's eye twitched
  140. >"Caramel, I'm going to need you to come over here and hit me in the face with your hoof as hard as you can without knocking any of my teeth out," Anon said, his voice a little... strained. "If you don't then... things might happen. Things that wouldn't be very good for me or for you."
  141. >...
  142. >Okay, you were gonna do it
  143. >Nopony here wanted to see Anon breaking a Pinkie Promise, yourself included
  144. >It was with some hesitation that you walked over, reached a hoof back, and slapped your friend in the face
  145. >HARD
  146. >So hard that your hoof was stinging
  147. >Anon's head snapped to the side
  148. >He let out a shaky sigh, taking a few deep breaths, before he was smiling again
  149. >"Thanks," he said, turning back toward Rarity. "Now lets get back to work huh?"
  150. >Rarity, who looked a bit concerned with what had just happened right in front of her, almost seemed to melt as Anon dug his fingers into her rump
  152. >"A-Aha~! Easy, darling. Easy~"
  153. >Anon let out a hum as he spread Rarity's butt cheeks
  154. >"The fur looks great... the butt looks about on par with an earth pony's... just a teeny bit too much fat in the thighs but the butt looks and feels really nice..."
  155. >Leaning in, Anon began to rub his face against Rarity's cutiemark
  156. >Rarity violently twitched, her tail slapping against the side of Anon's face
  157. >"Oh, oh m-my goodness! I apolOGIZE, AnON! That was... that was..."
  158. >Rarity's rump rippled as the mare's whole body tensed up as she bit her lip and closed her eyes tight
  159. >You sighed as the ground underneath Rarity was... coated
  160. >In... substances
  161. >Ever the "gentlestallion" Anon tenderly rubbed Rarity's rump as she rode out her orgasm
  162. >"See what I told you about unicorns having similarities between the other two races?" he said, dodging out of the way as Rarity's tail flew toward his face
  163. >Rarity's back curled inward as Anon gave the mare's rump a rough squeeze, her back legs giving out
  164. >Luckily for her the particular stallion groping her was more than strong enough to support her weight
  165. >"Looks like Rarity here got the pegasi's sensitivity in her gluteus maximus."
  166. >"Oh~! You... You... RUFFIAN~!"
  167. >With a barely stifled moan Rarity's front legs gave out
  168. >Quickly placing his hand under her chest, Anon made sure that the unicorn just didn't face plant into the dirty, instead gently laying her on the ground
  169. >"Babies... hands... my prince... oh sweet Celestia... cock rings," Rarity mumbled, her chest heaving as he struggled, and failed, to get up
  170. >"Easy there, Rarara, easy," he said, patting her on her back. "Just lay there and catch your breath for a minute or two."
  171. >"We'd look... so fabulous... together..."
  172. >Still patting her back, Anon turned to you
  173. >"So, what does Mrs. Rarity here get?"
  174. >...
  175. >You checked to see if any of the fellas were going to say anything about Rarity laying in her own cum
  177. >When they didn't you checked to see any negative emotions on their faces or in their body language
  178. >...No?
  179. >This was fine?
  180. >Alright then...
  181. "I'd give her an eight," you found yourself saying, recognizing the fact that you were also not very bothered by what just happened and disgusted with yourself because of it
  182. >Time Turner let out a thoughtful hum
  183. >"I'd give her a seven," he said with a sniffle. "Her flank doesn't look good enough for a higher score."
  184. >You all rolled your eyes
  185. >Really?
  186. >Was he still mad that Rarity wouldn't give him the time of day?
  187. >Even after all of this time?
  188. >She turned him down MONTHS ago
  189. >MONTHS!
  190. >"I'd give her an eight," Mr. Cake said, adjusting the vest that he now seemed so proud to be wearing
  191. >"I'll give her an eight too," Thunderlane said
  192. >"She gets a nine for me," Spark Plug said, still eyeing Rarity's rump. "I don't care if Rarity is a stallion in a mare's body, she can really fill out a pair of panties..."
  193. >"Huh... this is the first one we've had that wasn't unanimous," Anon muttered as he looked down at the puddle of pleasure that was Rarity
  194. >Anon's brow furrowed for a moment before he whipped out his marker
  195. >"How about we give you an... eight point four?" he said, quickly putting the number on the unicorn's flank
  196. >Rarity's eyes opened and she sluggishly looked over her shoulder
  197. >Satisfaction, with just a hint of hunger, could be seen as she looked at you all
  198. >"That will... suffice I... suppose. Though I... might have preferred a... perfect ten," she said before she let her eyelids close and she put her head on the ground
  199. >Patting Rarity's rump, Anon stood up
  200. >"I'm sure you'll get'em next time, Rara," he said. "Now, who's ne--"
  201. >"MEMEMEMEME! I'm next! ME!"
  202. >You all jumped, quickly turning toward the mare that was standing next to Rarity
  203. >She looked positively giddy as she hopped in place, her voilet eyes shining and a mile long smile on her face
  205. >...
  206. >You looked the mare up and down
  207. >...You don't recall seeing this mare in town before...
  208. >She kind of looked like somepony that you knew...
  209. >Almost like her in every way except the color of her mane and eyes were different...
  210. >Hmm...
  211. >Your eyes narrowed ever so slightly as Anon made his way over to the excited unicorn
  212. >"Well hello there you little bundle of energy," the human said, crouching down so that he was eye level with the mare
  213. >"Hiya Anon!" the mare chirped back with a happy bounce
  214. >Anon's smile lessened somewhat
  215. >"Hey... I don't I've seen you around town before Mrs..."
  216. >The mare stopped bouncing and her smile became somewhat nervous
  217. >"O-Oh... Um you know me! I'm... Hyra? HYRA! Yep! That's my name! Your old pal Hyra!"
  218. >Hyra?
  219. >You don't clam to know every single pony in town but you don't thing you've ever heard of a mare named Hyra...
  220. >...
  221. >Why does she LOOK SO FAMILIAR?!
  222. >Anon seemed to mill over the words for a moment
  223. >"...Hyra... Hyra... Yeah, I think I've heard about you from somewhere. Do you work with Hop Scotch?"
  224. >To your confusion, Hyra started to sweat, her eyes darting back and forth
  225. >"U-Um, yeah! YEAH! I've worked with Hop Scotch for years! Practically all of my life!"
  226. >Anon's smile returned full force
  227. >"Oh, well next time you see her could you tell her that I said hello."
  228. >Rubbing his hands together, Anon placed his hands on Hyra's rump
  229. >The teal unicorn twitched, her eyes focusing on his hands
  230. >...Like REALLY focusing on his hands
  231. >"Alright, so are you ready to get inspected then?"
  233. >The mare licked her lips in a way that made you slightly uncomfortable
  234. >"Yes please."
  235. >Hyra's examination was done quickly and without much fuss and without a second thought about the mare you started to go down the row of flanks
  236. >Like Anon had said the unicorn flanks came in all shapes and sizes
  237. >Some of them were as big and plump as a an earth ponies flank
  238. >Others were as small and tight like a pegasi's bottom
  239. >Such a plethora of flanks made it a little difficult to judge all of the mares in a fair and without bias way but you liked to think that you and the boys did a fine job
  240. >...But there was something... OFF about this group
  241. >There were a couple of mares that tried using their magic to make their butts look bigger and perkier and all of that nonsense, but you weren't talking about that
  242. >No... something else was going on
  243. >You didn't know just WHAT was going on but you knew that there was some nonsense ahoof
  244. >For every five mares that you knew there was one mare that looked... strikingly familiar
  245. >The color of their fur looked different, and their tail and mane styles were off, but for some reason every single one of these odd mares had a teal coat...
  246. >Anon seemed to notice this as well, and with each mare the smile on his face lessened and lessened until he was frowning
  247. >"Hello, judge Anonymous," a teal-furred mare with a top hat and a set of orange eyes said with just a hint of a Trottingham accent. "It is a wonder--"
  248. >Anon's eyes narrowed
  249. >"Lyra, is that you?" he demanded, crossing his arms
  250. >...
  251. >Wait
  252. >Lyra?
  253. >Why would...
  254. >...
  255. >...
  256. >...
  257. >Lyra!
  258. >LYRA!
  259. >You took another look at the mare that was now sweating bullets
  260. >...Alright, if you changed the eyes to that golden color and changed the mane--
  261. >THAT'S LYRA!
  265. >"I don't know of this "Lyra" that you speak of m'sir," Lyra said with a cough, tipping her top hat. "Though she sounds like a WONDERFUL filly that any stallion would be lucky to--"
  266. >"Bonbon! Your marefriend's doing that weird chameleon thing that she likes to do!"
  267. >Lyra's eyes widened, and with a squeak and leapt forward and wrapped her hooves around Anon's leg
  268. >"Shush! Don't go shouting out for Bonbon, Anon!"
  269. >"I was wondering why we were getting so many eights," Anon said, trying to shake the mare off his leg. "What the fuck is wrong with you you crazy harp horse?"
  270. >Though he tried his hardest to dislodge her Lyra's grip held firm
  271. >"It's not my fault, Anon!" she cried, her top hat falling off her head
  272. >"You artificially saturated the unicorn numbers, Lyra!"
  274. >"THEY'RE HANDS, LYRA!"
  276. >You all watched, each of you shaking your heads, as Bonbon slowly made her way up onto the stage, a look of bemusement on her face
  277. >Without saying a word, the mare walked over and bit down on Lyra's tail
  278. >Lyra let out an squeak, her eyes opening
  279. >"No. NO! Not yet Bonnie! Anon still has to put his spider--"
  280. >"HANDS."
  281. >"--SPIDER HOOVES all over my rump!"
  282. >You could hear Bonbon sighing as she began to pull on Lyra's tail, slowly but surely tugging the mare away
  283. >You could see desperation in Lyra's eye as he grip slowly began to give
  284. >"No! Please, please! Tickle the dock of my tail with your one finger like you did a couple of rounds ago, I really--Bonbon please! Just let me--epp!"
  285. >With a yank Lyra released her grip on Anon's leg and flopped onto the ground
  286. >"No!" Lyra cried, clawing at the dirt as Bonbon dragged her away!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  287. >The crowd of mares, all of them shaking their heads just like you were, quietly parted to let the two leave
  288. >"Huh," Anon said, putting his hands on his hips. "It's always the weirdos huh?"
  289. >Your nose scrunched up
  291. "You have no right to call out anypony for being a weirdo, you bucking butt-loving weirdo," you said
  292. >It was Anon's turn to scrunch up his nose
  293. >"At least I'm not a fun-hating weirdo."
  294. "Shut up."
  295. >"No you. You shut up. You shut up nine times."
  296. >U
  297. >R
  298. >G
  299. >H
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