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  1. Partner, Key, Label, Final
  2. tapjoy, aeo, Goal Based Bidding, Goal Based Bidding
  3. generic, category, -, Category
  4. generic, conversion_type, -, Conversion Type
  5. sponsorpay, engagement_id, Action ID, Action ID
  6. generic, engagement_id, -, Engagement Id
  7. double_click, event_activity_tag, Event Cat, Event Cat
  8. generic, event_field, -, Field
  9. millennialmedia, event_goalid, Event Goal ID, Event Goal ID
  10. double_click, event_group_tag, Event Type, Event Type
  11. generic, event_id, -, Id
  12. deeprithm, event_id, Event ID, Event ID
  13. generic, event_name, -, Name
  14. generic, event_pixel_id, -, Pixel Id
  15. mediamath, event_pixel_id, Event Pixel ID, Event Pixel ID
  16. ingenioustech, event_product_category, Product Category label, Product Category label
  17. generic, event_urls, -, Urls
  18. ingenioustech, exist_conversion_target, Standard/Customer exists Conversion Target label, Standard/Customer exists Conversion Target label
  19. generic, feed_ids, -, Feed Ids
  20. generic, id, -, Id
  21. generic, is_user_endpoint, -, User Endpoint
  22. generic, level, -, Level
  23. chartboost, main_level_ui, Main Level, Main Level
  24. generic, mode, -, Mode
  25. i_mobile, multicv_name, Multi CV Event Name, Multi CV Event Name
  26. generic, name, -, Name
  27. yahoo_gemini, name, action, action
  28. chartboost, name, Event Label, Event Label
  29. manage, name, Event Key, Event Key
  30. ingenioustech, new_conversion_target, New Customer Conversion Target label, New Customer Conversion Target label
  31. generic, rate_number, -, Rate Number
  32. generic, spot_ids, -, Spot Ids
  33. chartboost, sub_level_ui, Sub Level, Sub Level
  34. generic, type, -, Type
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