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Tyler Wilde & UbiSoft

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  1. Subject: Tyler Wilde & Anne Lewis (Communications Associate at UBISOFT).
  2. Sources: Twitter.
  3. Date Compiled: January 15th, 2015.
  4. Revision 2.0
  5. Credits: KotakuInAction (Bankrotas, Yutt), FartToContinue, Extra coverage by an anon on /v/.
  7.                                                 **************************************
  8. Questionable Links:
  9. Dec 26, 11: Lewis: Comments about relationship with Wilde.                              https://archive.today/up4Cv
  10. Dec 27, 11: Final present for Lewis finally arrived.                                    https://archive.today/Plwci
  11. APR 14, 13: BOYFRIEND CARD.                                                             https://archive.today/RK3mU
  12. Jan 02, 14: Belated Christmas present to Lewis.                                         https://archive.today/ykrtK
  13. May 02, 14: Lewis: I'm going to have to buy him that for anniversary.                   https://archive.today/fY1ZH
  14. Lewis joined Ubisoft on May 03, 2013.                                                   https://archive.today/oMIhU
  16. Disclosure Issues:
  17. Tyler Wilde was clearly maintaining a relationship with the Communications Associate at Ubisoft while covering Ubisoft's content. This should have either been disclosed or someone else should have handled it.
  19. Articles with Disclosure Issues:
  20. A note on disclosure: (Disclosure in the broad sense) https://archive.today/DlpZm
  22. No disclosures on these articles individually:
  23. May 10, 13: Watch Dogs preview — No GTA 5 on PC? No problem.                                    https://archive.today/zCEQr
  24. Jul 13, 13: Watch Dogs preview: hacking Big Brother in connected, crime-                        https://archive.today/0zBRK
  25. Aug 21, 13: Watch Dogs hands-on: the stealthy high road and the reckless low road               https://archive.today/p1JAh
  26. Oct 10, 13: Watch Dogs hands-on: playing it cool as an incognito hacker in cyber-Chicago        https://archive.today/NsCCd
  27. Nov 06, 13: Child of Light first look: tactical, turn-based combat in a beautiful               https://archive.today/p1g48
  28. Apr 25, 14: The week's highs and lows in PC gaming                                              https://archive.today/2nY3A
  29. Dec 28, 14: The year in fancy graphics: 2014's most beautiful screenshots                       https://archive.today/uTovr
  31. Individual disclosures have been added to these articles:
  32. Apr 23, 14: Watch Dogs' hero is a lovable loser, and I'm a low-rent super villain               https://archive.today/NOO87
  33. Jun 10, 14: Assassin's Creed: Unity trailer and live single-player gameplay shown               https://archive.today/8TPzU
  34. Jun 10, 14: Far Cry 4 E3 gameplay footage shows co-op, a very angry elephant                    https://archive.today/HWw0K
  35. Aug 11, 14: Ubisoft announces Toy Soldiers: War Chest, teddy bears to shoot                     https://archive.today/pITyD
  37. Deleted Video and Page (Added for completion):
  38. Apr 24, 14: Watch Dogs video report — hands-on with the story, missions, and open world         https://archive.today/21rx5
  39. Video Mirror: https://mega.co.nz/#!gwlVgDQY!gzl70OQehiIK846E_1ORZUQuLAFXr51442IMnwn0kV0
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