Anon World Order part 7 [Lewd] (Dazzlings)

Dec 9th, 2014
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  1. > It's a somber group that piles into the van
  2. > Aria rides shotgun, an icepack pressed to her bruised head
  3. > Sonata tries to comfort you, but she won't stop saying "Neighborfucked"
  4. > Adagio sits next to you and holds your hand tightly
  5. > It's a relief when you all arrive in a clearing in the middle of small nature park
  6. > You get some help unloading everything from the dazzled
  7. > Then Adagio orders them to leave
  8. > "Anon, we're counting on you to erect the tents."
  9. "That wasn't a joke?"
  10. > Sonata grins at as the other two set up camp chairs
  11. > "Oh Anon, we don't joke about erections. Buildings are serious things."
  12. > Adagio nods in mock seriousness
  13. > "As are tents."
  14. > Aria sits back and crosses her legs
  15. > "And let us not forget about shorts."
  16. > Orangy doesn't even bother trying to hide her smirk
  17. > "Oh, I can never forget about shorts."
  18. > Bluey bounces excitedly
  19. > "Ooh! And skirts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"
  20. > ...
  21. "We're still talking about erecting things, right?"
  22. > "Whaaaat?"
  23. > Adagio sighs
  24. > "Most of us are. Now please, use your extensive experience with poles and set up the tents."
  25. "Yes Mistress."
  26. > Ah, a return to normalcy
  27. > You put up three tents with little trouble, ignoring the catcalls and whistles
  28. > Rooting around in the pile of supplies, you find-
  29. "C4?"
  30. > Aria smiles
  31. > "A girl has needs."
  32. > Right
  33. > At last, you straighten up and raise your eyebrows at Adagio
  34. "Where's the fourth tent?"
  35. > "It is fitting for a servant to be close at hand at all times."
  36. > You cross your arms
  37. "So, there isn't a fourth tent, say for the reason that you needed more time to have one prepared."
  38. > She examines her fingernails
  39. > "What an oddly specific thing to say, Anon. Surely you aren't complaining?"
  40. "No, of course not. So, tents are done. What now?"
  41. > Sonata's stomach growls
  42. > "Lunch?"
  43. > That was met with general approval and amusement
  44. > You set out the ingredients for sub sandwiches, not even Bluey can mess that up
  45. > Not to mention how gratifying it is to see the sirens slide long sandwiches into their mouths
  46. > You did have a mild scare when Sonata chopped hers in half
  47. > Then she grabbed a piece of sandwich in each hand and alternated taking bites
  48. > After lunch, Sonata looks at the three of you
  49. > "So, I was thinking, we could go on a hike, and like, explore!"
  50. > Aria rolls her eyes and walks away
  51. > Bluey calls out, "Where are you going?"
  52. > "Getting wood."
  53. > Smurfette turns to Adagio
  54. > "You'll come with me, won't you?"
  55. > Orangy waves a notepad
  56. > "I'm writing lyrics while we still have light."
  57. > Sonata looks to you with big, pleading eyes
  58. "Alright, I'll go on a hike with you."
  59. > "Great! Let's go!"
  60. > She grabs your hand and starts off immediately
  61. > You barely snag a water bottle before you are dragged off along some faint path through the trees
  63. > You have to admit, it's rather fun watching Sonata flit around
  64. > Crouching low to sniff some wildflowers, or to show you an odd caterpillar
  65. > Trying to catch the occasional leaf as it falls
  66. > Then you both freeze
  67. > A moose pauses in the middle of the trail, staring directly at you
  68. > A long moment passes in silence
  69. > Then it walks away
  70. > You let out a breath you weren't aware you were holding
  71. > You turn to Sonata
  72. "Where are we?"
  73. > Pretty sure there aren't any moose near Canterlot High
  74. > Bluey looks at you, with eyes full of wonder and information
  75. > "In the wonderful world of nature!"
  76. "No, like what is the map location we are at?"
  77. > She frowns, considering this
  78. > Finally,
  79. > "I don't know!"
  80. > You sigh
  81. "Should have expected that. Shall we continue?"
  82. > "Ooh! Can I have a drink first?"
  83. "Alright."
  84. > You hand her the bottle and she very nearly chugs half of it
  85. > You are about to say something, but then she hands it back to you with a big smile
  86. > "Glad I could depend on you, Anon!"
  87. "Y-you too."
  88. > Then she giggles and scampers off
  89. > Weapons grade, that girl
  90. > You jog to catch up
  91. > Once the two of you double back, you get pretty thirsty yourself
  92. > Damn your Japanese mangoes
  93. > All you can think about as you drink from your bottle is how her lips touched the same thing
  94. > As you screw the cap back on, you look around
  95. > Where'd she go?
  96. "Sonata?"
  97. > Nothing
  98. > You jog a little further down the track
  99. "Sonata?"
  100. > How hard can it be to find a blue girl in a forest?
  101. > You round the bend, and thank goodness, there she is
  102. > ...
  103. > With her skirt flipped up (nice ass), and
  104. > How to put this delicately?
  105. "Why are you humping that tree?"
  106. > She looks over her shoulder at you
  107. > "I'm not humping, I'm hugging! It's my way of saying 'thank you' to mister tree, for letting me pee standing up."
  108. > It's then that you notice the dark streak down the trunk between her legs
  109. > Looking carefully, it looks like she didn't get any pee on herself
  110. "Clever girl."
  111. > "You're a pretty weird guy, watching me pee."
  112. > Crap
  113. > You turn away
  114. "Sorry, I just, you were gone, and then I saw your sweet ass, and I just got distracted. I mean,"
  115. > "Sweet ass?"
  116. > She giggles
  117. > "It's okay, Anon. You can totally check out my sweet ass."
  118. > ...
  119. > You turn around, but Sonata is back on the path, her short skirt swishing around her thighs
  120. "Ah, I guess I missed my chance."
  121. > You start walking after her
  122. > "Just lift up my skirt, it's not like I'm wearing panties right now."
  123. > Heart status: racing
  124. "Just lift up your... really?"
  125. > Bluey grins at you over her shoulder
  126. > "For realsies."
  127. > You close the distance between the two of you
  128. > Your hand reaches out hesitantly, your fingers brushing pink cloth
  129. > Her skirt lifts marginally, and you find yourself fascinated by the play of the muscles in her thighs
  130. > With a firmer grip on the hem, you lift the skirt
  131. > Two light blue cheeks are revealed, swaying and bulging with her every step
  132. > You start to fall behind, mesmerized
  133. > The skirt goes taut, and Sonata stops
  134. > "Third leg getting in the way?"
  135. "S-something like that."
  136. > Bluey bends over, resting her hands on her knees
  137. > "Go ahead and touch it~!"
  138. > You are breathing heavily as you gently pull the skirt up onto the curve of her lower back
  139. > Your hands descend up her booty like snow from a winter sky
  140. > She writhes a little at your gentle touch
  141. > "Ohh, nice! I shoulda done this long ago."
  142. > Your finger tips trace small circles in her tender flesh
  143. > Anon Jr is insistently reminding you of his incarceration
  144. > You increase the pressure slowly, rubbing her butt cheeks in circular motions
  145. > Sonata moans a little, shifting her weight from leg to leg
  146. > As you grip her rear more firmly, you catch glimpses of her womanhood from between her cheeks
  147. > Finally you spread her ass, looking fully upon her puckered hole and slit
  148. > "Oh Anon~, what ever could you be doing?"
  149. > What are you doing?
  150. > You are...
  151. "Teasing you."
  152. > You let go, then give her rump a good swat
  153. > Look at all that jiggling
  154. > Nice
  155. > Bluey straightens up, rubbing her butt and frowning petulantly
  156. > "That's not a very nice way of thanking me for touching my butt."
  157. "You know, you're right."
  158. > You wrap her up in a tight hug, her arms trapped at her sides
  159. > She practically melts in your arms
  160. > "Mmmm, that's better."
  161. > You give her an extra tight squeeze, then let her go
  162. > Sonata staggers a bit, a dopey grin on her face
  163. "Shall we go back to camp?"
  164. > "What ever you say, Anon."
  165. > Stupid sexy Sonata
  166. > You make it back to the camp without further incident
  167. > Admittedly, with far more glances at Bluey's rear than normal, but that's to be expected
  168. > You find Aria cutting paper into little humanoid dolls, a fire burning merrily not to far away
  169. > Well, you didn't expect that, but it's not too surprising
  170. > Adagio is simply napping in her camping chair, an open book draped across her stomach
  171. > Cute
  172. > Bluey skips over to the fire
  173. > "So, Aria, let me see your wood!"
  174. > "Go away."
  175. > "C'mon, show me your long, thick, sticky tree branch~."
  176. > Aria picks up her ax
  177. > "You know, I was thinking of adding more limbs to the fire. How nice of you to volunteer."
  178. > Sonata sprints away, hiding behind you
  179. > "Save me!"
  180. > You just sigh
  181. "You girls want to play card games or something?"
  182. > Purple Panda gives you a blank look
  183. > "Can I burn them?"
  184. "No."
  185. > "Then that's my answer."
  186. > Right
  187. > You look over your shoulder
  188. "What about you, bluey?"
  189. > "Bluey?"
  190. > Oh, you did say that out loud
  191. "It's a nickname."
  192. > She beams at you
  193. > "I like it!"
  194. > Good, but
  195. "So, you up for a card game?"
  196. > "Well, I don't actually know any."
  197. "You don't know any? You're a thousand years old!"
  198. > Aria looks up at that
  199. > "Older, actually. Does it bother you, being preyed upon by three ancient women?"
  200. > You roll your eyes
  201. "Maybe I would be, except that you all look like smoking hot teenagers. But seriously, how does Sonata not know how to play a single card game?"
  202. > Purple punk gives you a flat look
  203. > "She's Sonata."
  204. "Ah, right."
  205. > The girl in question scowls
  206. > "Hey, stop talking like I'm not here."
  207. > You turn and stare deeply into her eyes
  208. "Yes?"
  209. > A blush rises to her cheeks
  210. > "I- I just never got around to it, alright?"
  211. "I believe you."
  212. > Bluey sighs happily, leaning on your chest
  213. > Aria coughs
  214. > "You actually touched her butt."
  215. > Your eyes snap to the firebug
  216. "How can you possibly know that?"
  217. > She rolls her eyes
  218. > "We've been together for over a thousand years. You pick up on certain tells over time."
  219. > Now that she mentions it, Sonata did have an uncanny hugging sense
  220. "Fair enough."
  221. > "Hardly. You've grabbed Adagio's boobs, Sonata's butt, and nothing of mine."
  222. "I seem to remember you vigorously rubbing your crotch against mine."
  223. > She tosses one of her paper people cutouts into the fire
  224. > "That was Mister Rogers talking. You haven't really touched me."
  225. > This is a really weird conversation, especially while you have a cute blue girl nuzzling your chest
  226. "Do you... want me to touch you?"
  227. > Just then, Adagio starts to stir
  228. > Aria glances between the her and you quickly
  229. > She practically hisses, "Yes!"
  230. > Your self-preservation instincts kick in and you set bluey in a camping chair before finding your own
  231. > Adagio raises her head and looks blearily around
  232. "Have a nice nap?"
  233. > Orangy focuses on you
  234. > "I suppose. I see you returned safely."
  235. "Indeed."
  236. > "Good. Right..."
  237. > She scratches her head tiredly, then looks up at the mid afternoon sun
  238. > "Shall we play a game?"
  239. "Do you have one in mind?"
  240. > Adagio leans back in her chair, stroking her book like a cat
  241. > "Sequence."
  242. > Sonata jumps excitedly
  243. > "Oh! I love sequence!"
  244. > Aria is suspicious
  245. > "What are you planning, Adagio?"
  246. > Orangy leans forward
  247. > "There aren't enough colors for four players. I was thinking we could do teams, and the losers have to cook all the meals for the rest of the trip."
  248. > Aria glances at Sonata apprehensively
  249. > Adagio catches this
  250. > "I see you understand. One last thing: you choose the teams."
  251. > Purple Panda raises her eyebrows
  252. > Sonata looks around, sensing the increased tension
  253. > "Um, Anon could just take my place..."
  254. > Orangy smiles
  255. > "That's nice of you, but it's more fun to play together. Now hush, Mommy's scheming."
  256. > Aria considers her choices, a series of expressions crossing her face
  257. > Finally she settles on a frown
  258. > "Anon and I against you and Sonata."
  259. > Adagio leaps out of her chair in on sinuous motion
  260. > "Come on, Sonata, let's plan our strategy."
  261. > Bluey skips over happily, and the two of them whisper heatedly while digging in the supply pile
  262. > Aria draws you aside
  263. > "You do know how to play, right?"
  264. "Connect five, discard playing cards to put checkers on the board. It's been a while, but yeah I know how. But before we talk strategy, are you sure you want Sonata cooking for us?"
  265. > Professor Plum gives you a flat look
  266. > "There is no strategy. We must lose."
  267. "Oh, kay. So why did you volunteer to be on the losing team?"
  268. > "If you look at it the right way, I'm apologizing to Adagio, she's forgiving me, and we are both managing Sonata."
  269. > You lead her over to the picnic table and sit down
  270. "Okay, I can see how taking the penalty is apologizing, but how is she forgiving you?"
  271. > Aria stares down at her lap, and bites her lip
  272. > "Get to spend time with-"
  273. > The sequence board hits the table with dull clatter
  274. > Sonata grins
  275. > "Game time!"
  277. > Your hand sucks
  278. > Two wilds, a one-eyed jack and three others clustered around the corners
  279. > Normally, that'd be great, but you are fighting for a world where pancakes don't have eggshells in them
  280. > You notice Adagio nod in your peripheral vision
  281. > As you play one of the normal cards, Sonata fans herself with her hand
  282. > "Ugh, it's so hot out here, like, for realzies."
  283. > Aria rolls her eyes
  284. > "It's summertime, Sonata, it's supposed to be hot out."
  285. > Bluey just sticks her tongue out and plays a card, seemingly at random
  286. > As the game develops, the ditz keeps on complaining about the heat
  287. > It's kinda annoying, and Aria isn't enduring it well
  288. > You'd be the same way, but then Sonata pulls at her shirt, exposing a little more cleavage
  289. > One of the times, she catches you looking, and smirks in response
  290. > The board is starting to fill up, making it increasingly hard to make bad, but not obvious moves
  291. > It's your turn again, and you pause, considering your options
  292. > "This is just too much, I need to cool down."
  293. > Aria rolls her eyes
  294. > "Really, you are the-"
  295. > Bluey shucks off her shirt
  296. > 420 stops talking
  297. > That bra... you're pretty sure it's a size too small
  298. > Not that you're complaining
  299. > Adagio nudges you
  300. > "Come on Anon, your turn."
  301. "Oh, right."
  302. > You take off your shirt as well
  303. > Ah yes, blushes all around
  304. > Purple Panda coughs
  305. > "You're turn to play a card, Anon."
  306. "Oh, right."
  307. >Sonata crosses her arms below her bust, lifting it slightly
  308. > Okay, you know exactly what she is doing
  309. > That doesn't stop you from keeping your eyes on the prize
  310. > Boobs
  311. > You select a card at random from your hand, and discard it
  312. > Aria groans
  313. > "That's a wild, Anon. Please tell me you meant to play that."
  314. > You glance at the card
  315. "Oh. Yes, I definitely meant to do that."
  316. > You scan the board quickly, and drop a checker on an empty space in the middle
  317. > Sonata grins, slamming down her card
  318. > "We just got a sequence! In. Your. Face! You thought you could have Anon on your team, and we would be all distracted, fantasizing about his dick, when instead it is Anon fantasizing about my dick!"
  319. > ...
  320. > What
  321. > Bluey shakes her chest in Aria's face
  322. > "Who's the worst now, huh?"
  323. > Explosive Eggplant glares at you from across the table and behind the blue foothills of paradise
  324. > "Anon, we are going to beat this blithering idiot. First in the game, then with planks of wood with nails in them."
  325. "Okay."
  326. > Aria surges up, knocking Sonata back to her seat
  327. > Your teammate grabs you by your shoulders and shakes you vigorously
  329. > She pauses, and the world stops blurring
  330. "Yes ma'am, I understand ma'am."
  331. > "Good."
  332. > She drops you, and you collapse onto your seat
  333. > Aria sits, gives her a hand a sour once-over, and slaps a card down
  334. > The game moves on, and you find your gaze increasingly drawn to Sonata's bust
  335. > Adagio pauses on her turn
  336. > "Hmmm, doesn't it seem like Anon hasn't been playing his best? I wonder why that could be."
  337. > Sonata chuckles evilly
  338. > Aria scowls
  339. > "He's the worst teammate."
  340. "Rude."
  341. > Adagio smirks
  342. > "Oh Aria, how does it feel to know that Sonata is better at managing him than you are?"
  343. > With that, she plays her card
  344. > Professor Plum growls
  345. > "Anon, look at me."
  346. > You look up from your hand
  347. > Aria is blushing, and taking off her jacket
  348. > You bite your lip
  349. > Dose shoulders
  350. > She looks straight into your eyes
  351. > "Here's the deal. You make good plays, you get to see more. Got it?"
  352. > You swallow
  353. "Got it."
  354. > You take a serious look at the board
  355. > To be honest, it's not that hard to make good plays, there are lots of runs of three everywhere
  356. > Wait
  357. > Oh hell yes
  358. > You slap down the jack of diamonds
  359. "How do you like that, we got a sequence too."
  360. > After placing the checker, you raise an eyebrow at Aria
  361. > She averts her eyes, but slowly lifts her top, exposing a fair bit of the underside of her breasts
  362. > Adagio peeks at your lap
  363. > "Oh, well done, he likes that."
  364. > The grouch lowers her top, blushing furiously
  365. > "Good."
  366. > Sonata rubs her chin
  367. > "So that's the way you want to play, huh?"
  368. > Aria scowls at her
  369. > "No, this is the way you wanted to play. Now take your stupid turn."
  370. > "Fine, fine. What a grump."
  371. > Your beleaguered teammate turns to Adagio
  372. > "Can I please kill her? Please?"
  373. > Orangy simply smiles
  374. > "Now now, if I'm not allowed to kill you, you aren't allowed to kill her."
  375. > Aria sits back with a sigh
  376. > Bluey happily makes her play, yet another checker in a random spot
  377. > A few more plays, and it's back to you
  378. > Sonata is fussing with something behind her back
  379. > "Oh, Anon~!"
  380. "Yes?"
  381. > Just as her bra begins to sag, she brings an arm around to hold it up
  382. > The straps hang loose off her shoulders
  383. > "If you make a bad move, I'll make a move too!"
  384. "Huh."
  385. > Adagio grins at Aria's reddening face
  386. > "Can you match that deal? Or are your breasts not enough to match, let alone overcome her influence?"
  387. "Wait, "
  388. > Purple Panda takes a deep breath
  389. > "I have faith in Anon's ability to recognize true beauty."
  390. "Thanks, but,"
  391. > Sonata drops her arm, baring her chest
  392. > Recognize this!"
  393. > Jiggle jiggle
  394. > Aria shucks off her top, thrusting her bare chest out proudly
  395. > She glares at you haughtily
  396. > "Well?"
  397. > So this is what Paris of Troy felt like
  398. > Wait a second
  399. > He had three
  400. "I think I would need the full range, to truly make a judgment."
  401. > Bluey cocks her head to the side
  402. > "Full range? Like this?"
  403. > She lifts her melons high, then lets them fall
  404. > Such jiggling
  405. "Wow. No, I meant that Aphrodite and Athena stand before me, but Hera has yet to reveal herself."
  406. > She is even more confused, looking around curiously
  407. > "Where are they? I'm not seeing anyone else..."
  408. > Aria, still flustered, raises an eyebrow at Adagio
  409. > "He means that we are goddesses, and that Adagio should show off her boobs."
  410. > Sonata giggles at that
  411. > Orangy's composure begins to fail
  412. > "I don't see why-"
  413. > Aria puts her hands on her hips
  414. > "Everyone else is topless. Join us."
  415. > Bluey nods enthusiastically
  416. > "Joooiiiin uuuuuussss!"
  417. > You scoot a little closer, your hip pressing against hers
  418. > You wrap an arm around her back, your hand resting on her other hip
  419. > She looks at you, your faces so close
  420. > You whisper, low and rough
  421. "Join us."
  422. > Adagio blushes and averts her eyes
  423. > "Fine, you weirdos."
  424. > Sonata cheers at that
  425. > Orangy takes it slow, shedding layers until she's just wearing a bra
  426. > Aria rests her chin on her interlaced fingers
  427. > "Go on, it's nothing we haven't all seen before."
  428. > Adagio scowls at her
  429. > "Anon hasn't!"
  430. > Lavender Bender considers this
  431. > "Nothing we haven't all groped before."
  432. > Sonata looks at you with big eyes
  433. > "Whaaaaatttt?"
  434. > You hold your hands defensively
  435. "It was to save Aria's life."
  436. > Orangy stands up
  437. > "Everyone be quiet! I'll do it, just stop talking."
  438. > Aria makes eye contact with you
  439. > "That's what she said."
  440. > Your breath bursts out of your mouth, and you try to pass off the sound as a cough
  441. > Adagio just glares at you two, then sighs
  442. > She unhooks her bra and neatly puts it on the pile of clothes beside her
  443. > "Happy?"
  444. > She sits back down
  445. "Very."
  446. > You put your hand to your chin, carefully examining each of the glorious racks before you
  447. > Sonata's is definitely the plumpest, and she wiggles a little while under your thorough gaze
  448. > Nice
  449. > You turn to Aria, who is not as comfortable as she would like you to think about being topless
  450. > Hers are perky, but somewhat substantial
  451. > If you had to guess, they would be almost exactly a handful
  452. > She relaxes somewhat as your gaze turns to the third siren
  453. > Adagio has to stop herself from covering up, settling on keeping her tense fists in her lap, her arms pressing against the sides of her bared breasts
  454. > Even then, it's obvious that she has the smallest set, a fact of which she is thoroughly aware
  455. > Yet somehow, her shyness and insecurity makes her boobs all the cuter
  456. > You glance down at her hand of cards, and sigh
  457. "Ladies, I must preface this decision with the statement that you all have wonderful breasts, and I would love to shower them with attention and kisses."
  458. > You are pretty sure each of the girls is rubbing their thighs together at that thought
  459. > Adagio certainly is
  460. "However, I must say that the pair that appeal to me the most, belong to Aria."
  461. > Aria covers her mouth in surprise, blushing deeply
  462. > Sonata is a little put out, but she shrugs and pats Pigtails on the back
  463. > "Congratulations!"
  464. > Adagio is hit rather harder by this revelation
  465. > She brings her arms to her chest and hunches over a little
  466. > You put your arm around her shoulder and squeeze her reassuringly
  467. "I still find you very, very attractive."
  468. > Orangy looks up at you, her eyes a turmoil of emotion
  469. "After all, you are more than your mammaries."
  470. > With that you withdraw your arm, and lightly trace a finger from the nape of her neck, down her spine and to her waist before pulling completely away
  471. > Her back arches at the stimulation, and she inhales sharply
  472. > You grin, and turn back to the game
  473. "While this has been fun, it's ultimately moot."
  474. > You drop your last wild, blocking off one potential sequence
  475. "They have two more ready to go, and Adagio has a wild."
  476. > Sonata gazes at the board in amazement
  477. > "We won! Ahaha! Yes yes yes!"
  478. > Aria tries to scowl, but she ends up looking at you with an indecipherable expression on her face
  479. > Adagio starts putting her clothes back on immediately
  480. > "I had wondered how long we could keep it going, but this is an acceptable end."
  481. > She glances up at you
  482. > "I'll be in our tent. Let me know when dinner is ready."
  483. > She strolls away, head held high
  484. > Sonata busies herself with putting the game away, blissfully content to leave the girls hanging out
  485. > She makes shooing motions at team Arianon
  486. > "You have fallen before the mighty, the busty, the invincible Sonata! Go and make her foo..."
  487. > She frowns
  488. > "Hey, you get to make dinner! What about me?"
  489. > You pat her shoulder
  490. > "You win some, you lose some. Did you at least have fun playing the game?"
  491. > Sonata pauses, then smiles at you
  492. > "Yup! Aaaand I won! How cool is that?"
  493. "Pretty cool."
  494. > With that she prances off to her tent, carrying the game with her
  495. > That leaves...
  496. > Aria approaches, looking you straight in the eye
  497. > "I want you to touch me like you touched Adagio."
  498. > She turns around, presenting her bare back to you
  499. > You reach out with a single finger,
  500. > "Start from the bottom."
  501. > Alright
  502. > You lightly touch the pad of your middle finger to where her spine meets her pants
  503. > Her breath hitches
  504. > You slowly trace up her spine, relishing the sensation and her shuddering breaths
  505. > As your finger grazes up the nape of her neck, her back arches, her breasts thrust out and forward
  506. > As you pull your finger away, her breathing begins to return to normal
  507. > "Th-thanks, Anon."
  508. > She goes to collect her clothes
  509. "Any time."
  510. > Aria pauses
  511. > "Anytime? Really?"
  512. > You'd say yes, but...
  513. "Anytime it wouldn't get me killed."
  514. > She smiles at that, and gets dressed
  515. > "Fair enough. Now let's make dinner."
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