Cold Edge Anon Part 22

May 30th, 2014
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  1. > You open your eyes in dreaming, and find yourself surprisingly alone.
  2. > You suppose Frozen is still awake.
  3. > It fills you with a certain ennui; you don't want to go dream mining without her.
  4. > Part of the fun was showing her the odd stories your sleeping mind made up.
  5. > Now, you end up wandering the shelves, eating the snacks tucked in the odd gaps between books and the shelf above.
  6. > They taste just like you remember, and you don't get full.
  7. > If you were bulimic, this would be paradise. As is, it's an inadequate, if pleasant distraction.
  8. > Luna finds you on top of a bookcase, moodily looking out over your own mind.
  9. "Where art thy companion? Did ye provide some insult to drive her away?"
  10. > You might be mistaken, but she sounded a little hopeful.
  11. "Nah, she's still awake. Speaking of which, shouldn't you be asleep right now? It's still early afternoon."
  12. > Luna sits down by you, wings kept carefully to her self.
  13. "Discord did notify me of thy slumber, which cometh at a fortuitous time. Mine sister would invite thee to dine with us, and shouldst thou accept, it may be supper next, rather than the morrow's."
  14. > Wait.
  15. "Discord knows when I fell asleep? He's been watching me and- "
  16. > Irrational hatred rises up, and the ambient temperature drops considerably.
  17. > Luna flares her wings in alarm.
  18. "Calm thyself! He hath sworn a binding oath, not to intrude upon thy intimacies!"
  19. > Well, that is a little better.
  20. > You take deep, calming breaths.
  21. > Luna continues in a softer tone,
  22. "Forsooth, 'twas not necessary. He is fond of thee, and would not truly disrespect thee thusly."
  23. "Oh."
  24. > That's... nice, you suppose.
  25. > Luna idly kicks her hooves.
  26. > Eventually she says in an even softer tone,
  27. "He is not the only one who is fond of thee."
  28. > Well, crap. Gotta treat this delicately.
  29. "That's good to hear."
  30. > Luna stands abruptly.
  31. "So! Wilt thou dine at Canterlot this night?"
  32. > Assuming it actually is from Celestia, it'd be terribly rude to refuse.
  33. "I'd be honored."
  34. > Luna smiles, then turns and walks away, a slight sway to her hips.
  35. > That's nice, but,
  36. "What of my report? Today has been pretty tumultuous."
  37. > The moon princess pauses and looks over her shoulder.
  38. "Thou mayest relate it unto my sister and I this evening. Until then."
  39. > And she vanishes.
  40. > You look around your library, suddenly itching to do something.
  41. "Let's see about that healing water."
  42. > You furbish the healing water research bubble with equipment from a dream of your highschool chemistry lab.
  43. > Your first idea is boiling the water and seeing if what's left behind has healing properties.
  44. > While you wait for the crucible to boil the sample, you go down and retrieve more water from the original dream.
  45. > Upon your return, you check the crucible, only to find it completely empty.
  46. > Welp.
  47. > You try comparing the weight to that of normal water, but it's somehow lighter.
  48. > Maybe if you were to see it in action?
  49. > It takes some searching, but you find a dream with injured people.
  50. > It's faint, but you notice some twinkling as it works its magic.
  51. > You go to that one dream where you were fighting a fat village chief.
  52. > This time, you cut him up pretty good.
  53. > The healing water veritably gleams, and you catch a glimpse of something very large, and very bright.
  54. > Moreover, you know how you saw it. It's just like Pinkie's mouth; space bent and tunneled to a different location entirely.
  55. > That would be why it didn't weigh as much as normal water. It was only partially on the scale, partially elsewhere.
  56. > As you return to the research bubble, the dream fades to black.
  58. > You open your eyes, and find Frozen stroking your face.
  59. "Have a good nap?"
  60. > You smile wryly.
  61. "You could say that. I got invited to a dinner with the princesses. How long was I out?"
  62. > You get to your hooves cautiously. You're not sure how much you've recovered.
  63. > Frozen waits for you to get steady before replying.
  64. "Only three hours. Will you accept her?"
  65. > There's no need to specify.
  66. "I honestly don't know. What little contact we've had has been ...complicated. That's why I do want to go to this dinner. It'll give me a chance to know her better, in a more normal setting."
  67. > It still weirds you out a little than your wife can calmly talk about... dalliances? Mistresses? Subordinates?
  68. > You continue.
  69. "If you don't mind me asking, how do you feel about her?"
  70. > Frozen closes her eyes. After a bit, she smiles gently.
  71. "She's nostalgic."
  72. > ...You weren't expecting that.
  73. > Then she opens her eyes, and her smile turns sinister.
  74. "And it's fun to put her in her place."
  75. > That sounds more like it. Although, now you worry about how all this will turn out.
  76. > Eh, you'll cross that bridge when it's on fire.
  77. > You stretch, and find yourself pleasantly tired, like after a good workout.
  78. > By your estimate, you have about two hours before dinner.
  79. > Might as well check on the girls.
  80. > Your embassy input is a little clearer than your citadel input, and easier to ignore when in between thoughts.
  81. > Let's see here...
  82. > Xylalon is floating at the top, looking out over the city.
  83. > Nore is meditating in the basement, her heat rods orbiting in a fixed circle.
  84. > And Ngee is teleporting from room to room, leaving little glowing sparks of purple drifting where she was, then blinking out.
  85. > As one, their heads turn, and you get the distinct impression that they are looking at you.
  86. > Xylalon winks, and you go check on the dragonettes.
  87. > They aren't in the embassy.
  88. > Widening your search, you find them breaking up a fight between some of the younger dragons and a few beacorns.
  89. > You return your focus to the here and now.
  90. "Say, Frozen?"
  91. "Hm?"
  92. "How do you bend space? Like for oral modesty, or wormholes or whatever."
  93. > Frozen frowns.
  94. "Holes for worms?"
  95. "Err, fast travel? Rift hopping? Stargates? SG1?"
  96. > Her expression clears.
  97. "Ah, portals. I don't think you're ready yet. For instance, do you notice any seams in here?"
  98. > You look around the master bedroom, but it looks normal.
  99. "Would this be like lines in the air, or what exactly?"
  100. > Frozen takes a step to the side.
  101. "It would look like light bending along an irregular curvature in the fabric of reality. It's what we leave behind when we go places, and is a good starting point for beginners."
  102. > You nod in understanding.
  103. "Makes sense. But no, I don't see any."
  104. > Frozen gives you a brief smile.
  105. "I wouldn't expect you to this early in your growth."
  106. > Looks like you'll have to shelve your healing water research, for the time being.
  107. > Frozen walks in a slow circle around you.
  108. > You hold still, but track her with your eyes.
  109. "See something you like?"
  110. > Frozen smiles at that.
  111. "Of course. But I was more thinking about what you should wear tonight."
  112. "Wear? Well, it is with the princesses, so I probably should be a little fancier. Any ideas?"
  113. > She puts her hooves on your chest and pushes you upright.
  114. > You wobble slightly. You've only been a pony for four or five days, and you are already much more comfortable as a quadruped.
  115. > Frozen rubs her chin with one hoof, and idly traces lines down your chest with her other.
  116. > It's nice.
  117. > Then she starts humming.
  118. > A deep rumbling soon accompanies her, and you look around for Pinkie Pie, but she's not here.
  119. > You make eye contact with Frozen and-
  120. _It's hard to put into words. I have seen it, though._
  121. > You happily note that you aren't getting a headache.
  122. > You try to respond in kind, humming and modulating.
  123. ℅Oh hey, this isn't so hBuArDt.℅
  124. > Frozen covers her mouth as she laughs.
  125. _Soulmate, your accent is terrible._
  126. > You pout.
  127. ℅Cut me some slack, I'm still getting used to biharmonic cIoNmTmRuUnSiIcOaNtion.℅
  128. > Frozen nods.
  129. _Better, but not pEeXrIfLeEcDt. But we can practice later. This is what I wanted you to FsEeAeR._
  130. > The closest thing to what she says next is a tongue click, although not with her current tongue, nor her current hard palate and jaw.
  131. > Abruptly, you stopping hearing humming and rumbling, and start seeing.
  132. > It's a small encampment of about six small tents and one big one.
  133. > The view drifts at head height, poking into a small tent.
  134. > A pony stands frozen, lantern still lit and hanging from his hoof.
  135. > The viewpoint continues to the main tent.
  136. > This pony is an officer, his young face holding a certain resolute expression.
  137. > You feel as though he earned his rank, even though he is quite handsome in his black military jacket and white gloves.
  138. > You reach out a white hoof and brush his grey fur.
  139. > It snaps under your touch, and you sigh.
  140. > They always look so nice, but they never last.
  141. > What little light there is flares, and you are backing to being you at the sound of a second tongue click.
  142. ℅I... rFeOmReGmIbVeEr. You think I should try to make the jacket?℅
  143. > She nods, her eyes watery.
  144. _And the gloves._
  145. > You embrace her, and she clings to you.
  146. > She sheds tears onto your shoulder, and you stroke her hair.
  147. "It's alright, I'm here, I won't leave you."
  148. > She tightens her hug, and nuzzles into your neck.
  149. > She whispers,
  150. "I know."
  151. > You lean your head on her neck, and rock her gently.
  152. > You could stay like this forever.
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