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VDU explanation

Ian5133 Apr 20th, 2012 2,874 Never
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  1. I'd just like to jump in here. I don't know what you guys are talking about
  2. with functions and procedures with C/C++ etc. as I only program in Java.
  3. I would just like to explain the VDU that I built (and designed) without the
  4. nervousness that I had as a beginning commentator.
  6. Here goes:
  8. First of all, I built this horribly. I could have built it much more compact.
  9. The images are stored in D-flip flops that you edit with the levers. The
  10. save button activates all the D-flip flops in one image to save the image
  11. into them. Each D-flip flop controls one pixel, being one bit of memory.
  12. That makes each image 256 bits, or 32 bytes. The screen also stores its
  13. memory in an array of D-flip flops, almost exactly the same as the ones
  14. that store the images permanently. The "save" feature on the screen
  15. memory, however, is activated every time you load an image. What
  16. happens is when you press a load button a signal is sent through from the
  17. array of D-flip flops that contains the image into the array for the screen.
  18. The screen then saves it until the next time an image is loaded. The clear-
  19. screen button saves the status of the screen's D-flip flops without loading
  20. an image, which in most cases will clear the screen. If you load an image
  21. then quickly press the clear screen button though, it won't clear the
  22. screen. That's about all there is to it, although I may also add that during
  23. the debugging after I built it, I encountered a problem in the screen in
  24. which sometimes the D-flip flops would emit a rapid pulse and cause the
  25. sticky pistons to push out and pull in too quickly to pull its block back
  26. with it. I fixed this by simply changing all the repeaters hooked to the
  27. screen to a three tick delay instead of one. This took me a week to build, I
  28. spent 1-2 hours a day on it. I thought of the plans in my head, and despite
  29. what many people seem to think, it was extremely simple. I built all the
  30. parts separately then assembled them in MCEdit, as you can see if you
  31. download the map and fly over the enormous dirt wall. That's all. I'll
  32. probably use pastebin to post this so that I don't use like 5 comments.
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