hair analysis in unlicensed state

naturowhat Aug 12th, 2016 76 Never
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  1. hair analysis in unlicensed state
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  3. juliesue9999
  4. Message 1 of 4 , Aug 3 10:36 AM
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  6. I was advised by a colleague that doing hair analysis on autistic children sometimes proves helpful. The children I am thinking of are in diapers and we cannot do a urine test. I cannot order testing in PA, like from Doctor's Data. Does anyone have a credible lab they use?
  7. Thanks,
  8. Julie Lachman, ND
  9. Doylestown, PA
  13. scaricohen
  14. Message 2 of 4 , Aug 4 7:10 AM
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  16. Hi Julie,
  17. I have heard that Trace Elements lab is good. I haven't used them yet but Garrett Smith, ND in AZ is a big advocate and has fine-tuned the analysis of the test results from that lab. Also an ND named Jen Williamson is big into hair testing. There is a course taught by a guy named Rick Malter that can get you up to speed on evaluating via hair mineral analysis. Those 3 resources could be helpful for you.
  18. I am so lucky that my MD medical director opened accounts for me at various labs so I can still use Doctors Data!
  19. Take care,
  20. Sari Cohen, ND
  21. Pittsburgh, PA
  25. Mona Morstein
  26. Message 3 of 4 , Aug 5 6:40 AM
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  28. Why not do a heavy metal test through poop?  I do that with kids.  DDL does that.  
  30. Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP
  31. Tempe, AZ
  35. livelovefly
  36. Message 4 of 4 , Aug 7 9:53 AM
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  38. Hi Julie,
  40. We use ARL regularly with great results. I will say that hair analysis interpretation takes some time to learn. I learned primarily from my collegue and by using a book called Nutritional Balancing by Lawrence Wilson.
  44. Alli Svobodny, ND
  45. Prairie Naturopathic Doctors
  46. Moorhead, MN
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