Anon - More Bro-House

Jul 30th, 2014
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  1. >Another beautiful day, for bro-house stuff
  2. >and with that you waltz right in
  3. >only to find Moon Dust and Gemini... dancing
  4. >on poles...
  5. >you turn your head to look at the rest of your bros
  6. “Virgo got stripper poles for the place in the hopes of some of the mares feeling frisky when visiting and putting on a show. Then Gemini happened, and he encouraged Moon Dust and that’s why that is happening”
  7. >”Oh, ok then, thank you for the prolonged explanation Acteus”
  8. “No problem bro”
  9. >You do your best to not look at the swaying mothpony buttock in the direction of the poles as you make your way to the fridge and grab a can
  10. >canned juice, who would have known, and not just any sort of regular piss, stuff that’s 40% pure puree
  11. >You favor the Guava one
  12. >and then you sit down on the couch, which is rarely completely free so you take over all of it and lie on it while sipping your cold fruity juice
  13. >but then the door is opened once again, and in walks a pony
  14. >It’s Pepper Dust, and he’s pulled into a little ring of you and the bros faster than he can sneeze
  15. >Well, minus Acteus who’s not interested in what you are all going to ask
  16. “S-so I take it you want to hear about the date...”
  17. >All of you nod and stare at Pepper Dust who shrinks a bit under all of your gazes
  18. “C’mon Pepper, you’ve got to tell us how it went”
  19. >Virgo nods at Waspys words before continuing
  20. “And spare no details”
  21. >Pepper Dust seems a bit uncomfortable now but starts to talk anyway
  22. >Gemini and Moon Dust are too preoccupied with the pole dancing to join the questioning circle
  23. “I met her and we went to walk around a bit...”
  24. >All of you lean in closer as Pepper Dust keeps speaking
  25. “Then we went to a café and after that went to the concert”
  26. >All of you lean in closer and Pepper Dust now blushes very red
  27. “Then we walked home while talking and that’s that”
  28. >And now all of you are disappointed
  30. “Actias kind of told me to not tell you guys anything else...”
  31. >You, Waspy and Operator pull back now, you sighing, Waspy nodding and Operator looking as stoic as ever
  32. >Virgo on the other hand is smirking now
  33. “So, something like that went on~”
  34. >Pepper Dust goes beet red now while starting to stutter out that nothing like that happened, before being interrupted by the bored Acteus
  35. “Virgo, please stop, if nothing else sis will most likely hang you by the balls if she hears about this”
  36. >Virgo hangs his head in defeat
  37. “Yeah, that’s true...”
  38. >You and Operator can’t help but to laugh at that for a bit
  39. >”So, if not anything else at least tell us if you’re going to go on another date?”
  40. >Pepper Dust shyly rubs his hooves together
  41. “Well she did invite me to come and listen to her show...”
  42. >All of you, minus Acteus, Gemini and Moon Dust let out a big “D’aaaawwww” and Pepper Dust starts to stare at the floor in embarrassment
  43. “Quit it you guys... what about you and Hexferry Virgo?”
  44. >Virgo suddenly looks surprised
  45. “What about that little honey bunny?”
  46. “Didn't you say she was no longer that hostile towards you?”
  47. >Virgo rubs the back of his head with his hoof before answering Pepper Dust
  48. “I guess I did”
  49. >Suddenly Acteus seems very interested
  50. “Whoa, this is news, why’d you stay silent?”
  51. >actually all of you are interested now
  52. “What are you guys talking about?”
  53. >You turn your head to the side and take notice of Gemini and Moon Dust who have joined the company, now done with their little dance
  54. >they’re still a bit sweaty and their manes seem a bit messy
  55. >you are not sure how to feel about the slight stir you just felt down there
  56. “Hexferry’s been warming up to Virgo”
  57. >Both Moon Dust and Gemini seem very surprised at this, and speak out in unison as they stare at Virgo
  58. “Really?”
  59. >Virgo rubs the back of his head
  61. “Well, yeah we’ve gotten along better lately but I don’t think it’s anything worth mentioning”
  62. >Everyone in the bro house seems more or less surprised at this
  63. >You turn to look at Waspy
  64. >“Imagine of Hexferry and Virgo end up together...”
  65. >Waspy shakes his head
  66. “I don’t think hell could freeze over that much...”
  67. >Virgo starts to smile now
  68. “I have to admit, it’s not such a bad sounding idea... I bet she’s as sweet as the honey she eats~”
  69. “Yeah there’s no way that’s going to happen...”
  70. >Operator turns to look at Acteus
  71. “Who knows, I’ve seen weirder couples”
  72. >Moon Dust speaks up next
  73. “I don’t think the two would be that weird together, she seems to get along with Caramel pretty well and let’s face it, if Virgo was a mare he'd be just like her”
  74. >More than a few faces falter at the Virgo as a mare thought which Virgo seems to catch
  75. “What? I’d be a good mare, in fact I would bet that if I was a mare you’d all be drooling over me constantly”
  76. >there’s a few rolled eyes here and there
  77. >but before any of you can continue Sepia walks in trough the door and you all turn to look at her as she smiles happily
  78. “Hi! I came over to spend some time, if that’s not a bother...”
  79. >Sepia blushes ever so slightly and looks a bit coy now, but then suddenly takes notice of the two poles and tilts her head
  80. “Are those dancing poles?”
  81. >That’s surprising, you’d have betted she’d just ask what those were
  82. >”Yeah, how did you know?”
  83. >Sepia turns to look at you with a happy smile
  84. “Golden Corral told me, she has one at her house”
  85. >You hear someone murmur about needing to get Golden Corral to pay a visit sometime soon
  86. “Can I give it a try?”
  87. >suddenly you are all paying very close attention to this
  88. “Yeah, go ahead, it’s really fun. Do you know how to”
  89. >Sepia gives Gemini a nod
  90. “Yeah, Golden Corral taught me”
  92. >Now every stallion in the room seems very interested in looking at the poles as Sepia walks up to the poles, an d then turns to look at all of you a bit coyly
  93. “Don’t expect anything too much, I’m an amateur but Golden Corral said that with the moves she taught me I’d put the heat on every stallion. Any of you know what that means? I did not think dancing could generate warmth...”
  94. >Before any of you can say anything Virgo starts talking
  95. “I have no idea either, maybe we’ll see how when you dance?”
  96. >Acteus compliments Virgo on his choice of words as Sepia nods and takes hold of the pole
  97. >All of you shift around a bit so you can see the stage a bit better
  98. >And then Sepia starts to dance
  99. >and yes, it’s just what all of you expected
  100. >As Sepia does a little spin and something you can not even describe with nothing more than “I did not know she was that flexible” your bros all show different sorts of reactions
  101. >Or at least, what you can spy quickly from the corner of your eyes, your attention could not be shaken off from the oblivious mare moving erotically on the pole by anything
  102. >Pepper Dust and Moon Dust are blushing heavily as they look at the show, as is Waspy, but on the pother hand Virgo, Operator and Acteus are all looking very happy while staring at Sepia
  103. >And you are also included in that group, your eyes go wide with wonder as Sepia squeezes the pole between her thighs and does a spin while holding onto it
  104. “For such an oblivious mare, she sure can move...”
  105. >You just give a small nod as sign that you heard Operator as Sepia once again acrobats herself on the pol- oh come on, there is no way she can not see that movement like that is highly sexual!
  106. “Maybe that’s why she can do stuff like that... wow... without feeling too embarrassed by it”
  107. >Operator gives Waspy a nod of acknowledgement and agreement
  108. “If those are a few tips and tricks form Goldie, we need to get her here, we just need to...”
  110. >Virgo agrees with Acteus
  111. “Yeah, not to mention everypony else”
  112. “I don’t think some of the mares we know would want to try them out...”
  113. >Virgo glances at the sceptical Moon Dust
  114. “That doesn’t mean we can’t try. At least one of us is ok for a private show eh Pepper?”
  115. >Pepper Dust let’s out a squeak
  116. “W-what’s that supposed to mean?”
  117. “Play your cards right and Actias mi-“
  118. >Virgo is silenced quickly by a strong poke coming from Acteus
  119. >You on the other hand keep your eyes fixated on Sepia, her mane is now a bit disheveled from all the pole dancing and she’s breathing a bit harder now
  120. “See I told you guys it was great exercise”
  121. >”So you were not just getting a thrill out of making us all feel uncomfortable?”
  122. >Gemini blushes from your statement and starts to stutter something, but your ears fall deaf to his words
  123. >but then suddenly there’s the sound of the door opening
  124. “Hi! Have any of you seen Se-“
  125. >You turn your head to look at the familiar voice in the doorway, just like everyone else does
  126. >It’s Hexferry, looking at the sight she sees in mild shock
  127. >You quickly turn your head and look at Sepia
  128. >She’s hanging in a very... improper position while waving her hoof at Hexferry
  129. “Hi Hexferry. What’s up?”
  130. >Hexferry stares at the sight before her while opening and closing her mouth
  131. >Before any of you say anything Virgo speaks up quickly
  132. “It’s not my fault!”
  133. >Sepia hops off of the pole, now with her coat looking a bit messy and her mane left disheveled
  134. “What’s wrong Hexferry?”
  135. >This seems to bring Hexferry back
  136. “What’s wrong, Sepia you’re poledancing for them!”
  137. >Sepia tilts her head
  138. “Yes I am! Isn’t it great, Goldie taught me how to and now I got to test out if I was any goo dat it”
  139. >Sepia now turns to look at the guys and you
  140. “Did I do it right?”
  141. >There’s a lot of awkwardness in the answers she gets, minus the ones from Virgo in particular
  143. >Hexferry shoots him a dirty look as he compliments on her flexibility
  144. “Sepia, you can’t just dance like that for stallions...”
  145. >Sepia now looks confused
  146. “Why not?”
  147. >Hexferry blushes before starting to explain
  148. “W-well, it’s improper a-and it makes stallions feel... things...”
  149. “What things?”
  150. >Now Hexferry looks really embarrassed herself
  151. >on the other hand, you, Operator and Virgo are now smirking while waiting to hear what Hexferry has to say
  152. >Waspy, Moon Dust, Pepper Dust and Gemini seem to share some of the embarrassment Hexferry is feeling, apparent by the blushes on their faces
  153. “T-they’re... I-it’s... a-any way you should not pole dance just for anypony, only a pony you care about a lot”
  154. >You give a small thumb up to Hexferry for that good save she did, but she gives you a slight glare so you take your thumb back and tuck it back in
  155. >Sepia just smiles happily
  156. “Ok”
  157. >Hexferry just shakes her head as Sepia asks for a towel which Gemini hands to her
  158. “So, did you have anything else or were you just looking for Sepia?”
  159. >Hexferry makes her way towards all of you and plops down on a beanbag chair tiredly
  160. >this does raise a few eyebrows between Operator and Waspy
  161. “No, I was just in a hurry to find Sepia. She’d been hanging around with Golden Coral and Caramel again and judging by the way those two were going on about when I questioned them if they taught her anything stupid had me worried...”
  162. >”You seem rather spend, why not rest a bit in here, since Sepias here and all”
  163. >Hexferry nods
  165. “Yes, I’ll do just that. N-not because I’d enjoy the company of you guys or anything...”
  166. >Hexferrys usual tsunderenes makes a few of you smile as Sepia and Gemini return to the group
  167. >Now you are all at the lounging / sitting around in boredom-area of the bro-house
  168. >Acteus gets up and stretches his hooves
  169. “Anypony want anything from the fridge? I’m going to fetch some canned juice”
  170. >Hexferry raises her hoof
  171. “I’d like some, I’m feeling thirsty...”
  172. >Gemini pipes up next
  173. “I want some coconut juice”
  174. >Moon Dust joins him
  175. “Pomegranate for me”
  176. >Sepia pipes up next
  177. “I could drink something sweet, all that dancing got me thirsty”
  178. “Allright, I’ll be back in a bit”
  179. >Pepper Dust looks at Acteus and then talks as he turns around to start to make his way towards the fridge
  180. “Need any help carrying those?”
  181. >Acteus looks back at him and nods
  182. “Yeah”
  183. >The two start making their way to the kitchen area
  184. “Hexferry, you should dance too!”
  185. >Hexferrys face falters as she turns to look at the smiling Sepia
  186. “Didn’t Caramel and Golden Corral teach you how t-“
  187. >Hexferrys hoof silences Sepias mouth and she looks at Hexferry with surprise as the latter looks like she’s starting to sweat a lot
  188. “W-w-what are you talking about Sepia I have no idea hahaha”
  189. >but that did not escape all of you, most importantly Virgo
  190. “Hexferry~”
  191. >Hexferrys face blushes a little as she turns to look at Virgo, letting go of Sepias mouth and trying her best to look normal
  192. “What?”
  193. >Virgo leers at Hexferry in delight
  194. “You’ve got a few dirty moves on you as well huh~”
  195. >Hexferry grabs a sofa pillow and throws it at Virgo while blushing even harder
  197. “S-shut up you idiot, I have no idea what you’re talking about”
  198. >But now Sepia starts talking again
  199. “Didn’t Caramel say you were way too good at i-“
  200. >Hexferry quickly turns towards Sepia again
  201. “I did not know it was lewd dancing!”
  202. >And then she looks shocked and covers her mouth with her hooves
  203. >You lean towards Waspy and whisper to him
  204. >”Now I kind of want to see her do it...”
  205. “Me too”
  206. >Pepper Dust and Acteus return and look at the sight before them
  207. “...What happened here?”
  208. >Virgo waves his hoof
  209. “Not much, Hexferry just revealed tha-“
  210. >Another pillow collides with Virgos face
  211. >Acteus shakes his head and then starts to pass the drinks around with Pepper Dust
  212. >The ponies open their cans with their hoofs (How do they do that? How do they grasp those tabs? You do not understand) and then all of you sit there in silence
  213. >but it’s not an awkward silence, but a peaceful one
  214. >Hexferrys embarrassment seems to lessen its hold on her as she drinks her juice with Sepia sipping happily next to her
  215. “I take it it was your genius idea to get those things...”
  216. >Hexferry points at the poles as she looks at Virgo
  217. >Virgo does his hoof guns at Hexferry and winks at her
  218. “Damn right”
  220. >Hexferry just sighs and goes back to sipping her drink
  221. >you exchange glances with your bros
  222. >they must be thinking what you are thinking
  223. >usually Hexferry would have been a bit more... crossed with Virgo
  224. >Hexferry soon finishes sipping her drink and gets up to deliver the empty can to the kitchen
  225. >Virgo wastes no time and pulls Sepia closer
  226. “So... about that stuff Caramel and Goldie said about Hexferrys pole dancing... what more did they say?”
  227. “Virgo I can hear you! Sepia, punch him for me”
  228. >Sepia gives a little apology and lightly pokes Virgo with her hoof
  229. >Virgo seems overjoyed at the overall cuteness of it and sits down with a goofy look on his face
  230. >but then once again there’s the sound of the door
  231. “Hi guys, we came over to play!”
  232. >A group of familiar mares walks in with Caramel leading the way
  233. “Hi Caramel! I did some pole dancing!”
  234. >Caramel smirks and looks at all of you
  235. “Hope you did not enjoy her show too much~”
  236. >There’s a few blushes here and there
  237. “Caramel I swear you two are having way too much fun with teaching things to Sepia”
  238. >Hexferry walks back in now and Caramel looks surprised
  239. “Hexferry, you were here too? You sly mare~ taking all the attention of the guys for yourself...”
  240. >Hexferry blushes very hard now and glares at Caramel
  241. “Nice one Hexferry, did not know you had it in you~”
  242. >Golden Corral also receives a glare
  243. >Butterscotch walks past the three and greets Sepia before sitting down
  244. >seems like it’ll be more fun at the bro-house again
  245. >And you for one are hoping the poles get some more attention from the mares
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