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Nov 16th, 2014
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  1. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: was fun flying with the doods who dont pretend to be females but actually have a 2 inch dick. cant stand doods who suck another doods dick i jsut cant have respect for a fag like that, and im sure most of you feel the same way. regardless, my test bros, yall doods are cool as shit always will be. june ting wants to reset nofux, so we reset sound to make him happy, looks like we will be resetting evryone if we listen to june tings faggot ass. all my doods u know who u are be my homies whether neutral or not. including u dodo
  2. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: june, youre still a cock sucking faggot
  3. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: and youre a man not a woman-so is your boyfriend
  4. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: coupel of fags
  5. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: go report me bitch lol
  6. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: its ok guys u can tell june what you really thing
  7. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: he knows hes a man, well sort of
  8. June Ting[SOUND|US]: You sound mad.
  9. June Ting[SOUND|US]: Just saying.
  10. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: youve seen the pictures of the fag ewdding
  11. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: nigga im laughing my ass off at your stupidity
  12. Dodo Veetee [TEST|Recon]: Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: was fun flying with u o7
  13. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: trying to make decisions for HERO as a whole
  14. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: tahts why lychton is up yoru ass june
  15. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: youre not the exec of hero he is
  16. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: but u act like u are-you the reason the bpa sov transfer got fucked
  17. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: u the reason -a- has a station in catch
  18. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: all you june-and now u reset us without lychton approval-hes gonna be even more pissed
  19. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: how stupid can u be to fuck up sov transfer seriously-fucking retar
  20. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: your stupidity makes my eyes water from laughing so hard
  21. June Ting[SOUND|US]: Keep talking, mate.
  22. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: what u gonna do
  23. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: seriosuly
  24. June Ting[SOUND|US]: The more you talk, the stupider you sound.
  25. Dodo Veetee [TEST|Recon]: hi wrik, hi reddit
  26. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: tattle to a dev?
  27. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: bro-you ahve dick in your mouth
  28. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: u tell people your a girl
  29. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: do u have any idea wha people think of you?
  30. Ithica Buelle [BRAVE | Recon]: im with dodo on this one. I just want ot have a line in the leak
  31. Tobin Risidan [BRAVE] (Recon): Same here, line for leak!
  32. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: if this isnt one of the best reddit posts for the week i dunno what is
  33. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: leak?
  34. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: omfg doods
  35. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: brave has 50 million spies u know where its coming from
  36. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: june-go attack my sov bro
  37. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: see u on grid faggot
  38. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: lol
  39. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: make sure u wearing a dress too faggot
  40. crestormarkham: OK, we all know what you think. You can go ahead and leave now.
  41. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: nah ima stay here if it upsets you =)
  42. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: this is good content for me
  43. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: i love shit talking
  44. June Ting[SOUND|US]: Keep talking :)
  45. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: i am faggot
  46. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: what u gonan do
  47. June Ting[SOUND|US]: Good.
  48. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: lololol
  49. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: u mad? maybe your boyfriend will beat me up for making you cry
  50. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: maybe u can tgo tell ccp i called u a fag
  51. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: good luck w that =)
  52. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: well - you guys rsetting nofx listening to june is going to piss lychton off
  53. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: since u wanna go that route we reset everyone now deal with awox, ask june tig for reimbusement
  54. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: fly safe bros
  55. Travis Keikira [FC]: bye!
  56. Travis Keikira [FC]: have a good day!
  57. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: everyone else cant wait till u try to attack my sov =)
  58. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: bye noobie!
  59. zheothethird: Hey Roweena
  60. Travis Keikira [FC]: bye buddy!
  61. zheothethird: Just wanted to say that this is hilarious
  62. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: i know
  63. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: i cant stop laughing either
  64. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: just wat i needed on sunday morn
  65. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: some juicy awox kills!
  66. Dodo Veetee [TEST|Recon]: this'll be in reddit in like 10mins
  67. zheothethird: You're being immature as fuck and it's cracking me up
  68. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: theres a point to saying it here
  69. zheothethird: I'm so tempted to just paste these logs, because they're really not making you look smart
  70. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: so it DOES end up on reddit
  71. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: u got a spy in channel
  72. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: lolololol
  73. zheothethird: This shit is great
  74. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: ikr
  75. Roweena Azur [N0FUX]: peace nerds-have fun losing catch to pl and -a-
  76. Roweena Azur [N0FUX] left the room.
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