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DartCraft Beta 0.2.05 Changelog

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Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.2.05
  2. - Updated to Forge 844.
  3. - Removed unused Tinker's Construct integration; as such DartCraft no longer needs to load after Natura or Tinker's Construct.
  4. - Bugfix: Power Saws with Grinding will now attempt to DartGrind any mob drops as a Force Sword would.
  5. - Changed Force Ingot recipe for IC2 Electronic Circuits to use Force Plates, going along with the new standard.
  6. - IC2's Advanced RE-Batteries are the new source of the Charge2 upgrade if the item exists, otherwise Charge2 is still given by Advanced Batteries or Energy Crystals (depending upon version).
  7. - Bottled Entities that drop Mob Chunks can now be macerated in IC2's Macerator, producing 2 Mob Chunks for that entity. The Flask is destroyed in the process.
  8. - Raw and Cooked Porkchops may now be macerated into two raw or cooked bacon each.
  9. - Added various "Meatsmutations" using the Force Rod.
  10. - Forestry's Sturdy Casing may now also be crafted with 8 Bronze Casing from IC2.
  11. - Mob Spawners in a player's inventory that were created by DartCraft (either crafted with Mob Chunks or Force Wrenched) that have, due to the addition/removal or shifting of EntityIDs, become different Mob Spawners should now revert to their intended forms within a few seconds.
  12. - Added Force Grinding recipes for any "logWood" registered on the OreDictionary that grinds into 1.5 times their normal output of whatever the item they drop crafts into. Usually this will mean 6 planks drop from any type of wood instead of 4. A Force Axe or Power Saw must have grinding imbued onto it to see this effect.
  13. - Added the Force Torch, crafted from Golden Power Source and Force Sticks.
  14. - The Force Torch is recolorable to all 16 minecraft colors using shaped recipes and vanilla dyes, or IC2 painters.
  15. - Force Torches give off a light level of 15, instead of the standard 14 vanilla torches give.
  16. - Force Torches may be upgraded with one of a few upgrades in the Force Infuser, which imbues them with various attributes.
  17. - Camo may be used to make a Force Torch completely invisible when placed down. Invisible Force Torches will not generate particle effects either, but they can still be broken by punching their hitbox.
  18. - Healing will cause Force Torches to apply healing effects to entities within a given radius at the configured interval if such effects need to be applied. Standard DartCraft Healing mechanics apply.
  19. - Bane will instantly destroy any hostile entities within a given radius at the configured interval. Bane Torches are great for securing bases or just keeping those darned spiders off your roof.
  20. - Heat will cause Force Torches to apply fire damage to nearby entities that are not immune to fire damage and set them on fire at a configured interval.
  21. - Force Torches with an upgrade will always appear to be a certain color, even if they had previously been dyed another.
  22. - Force Torches may be shot from a Force Bow in Torch mode which places the exact Torch, with upgrades in tact, at the target location. Force Torches are prioritized over vanilla torches.
  23. - Force Torches only take 1/16 the resources to upgrade as other IForceUpgradables, but they do not add points to the tome.
  24. - The update time and distance of Force Torches is configurable in DartCraft's config.
  25. - Force Transport Pipes with Crafting Cards inside them will now attempt to craft once every second instead of once every 5 seconds. However, they still cannot craft if items are going through the pipe when it attempts to do so.
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