Feb 18th, 2018
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  1. >"I-I don't know about this, Sunset. What if everyone stares at me?"
  2. >Be Sunset
  3. >Today was a very important day
  4. >It was the beginning of something
  5. >Something that you hoped would glow and flourish into something wonderful an grand
  6. >Fluttershy had recently taken an interest in wanting to lose some weight
  7. >Summer was coming soon, which meant the beach, and swim suits, and cute guys and drinks with pineapple cups
  8. >Shy wanted to lose a bit of winter chub
  9. >But she didn't want someone like Rainbow to kill her
  10. >She did want someone that was pretty knowledgeable about the finer points of the gym, however
  11. >So Flutters had come to you
  12. >You, of course, had eagerly taken her under your wing
  13. >You could do some pretty serious chest flies, and whenever you got on that curling machine things got gone
  14. >That cute receptionist had also complimented you that one day
  15. >So you were pretty much an expert in everything gym related
  16. >And today was where it would all begin!
  17. "There's nothing to worry about, Shy," you said, giving your friend's shoulder a pat as you half led, half dragged her into the gym
  18. >It was, of course, nearly empty this time of day
  19. >A few old people milled about, and you could see some bunnies on the treadmill, but you pretty much had free reign
  20. "And look, there's no one here," you continued, gesturing around.
  21. >Fluttershy glanced around nervously, rubbing an arm
  22. >She was wearing a overly large hoodie, partially to hide her chub and partially so she could hide behind it's hood
  23. >You, on the other hand, were wearing the gym rat's outfit
  24. >Athletic brand, neon colored everything
  25. >And don't forget that wristband with the positive metals in them for maximum gainz!
  26. "We'll get in a quick work out, do some chest and abs and more chest and abs, and we'll be gone," you said, dropping your bag onto the floor near the dumb bells
  27. >An elderly woman gave you a glare, but you ignored her
  28. >Her time was over...
  29. >Your time was now...
  30. >Fluttershy chewed on her lip
  32. >She scanned the gym a bit longer before giving you an unsure smile
  33. >"O-Okay," she said, looking toward the treadmills. "So, should we run first, or do some stretching?"
  34. >Pfffff
  35. >Snorting, you shook your head
  36. "Why in Celestia's name would we do any running?" you asked
  37. >Fluttershy blinked
  38. >"...Doesn't running help you lose weight?" she asked, like the newbie she was
  39. "Only for guys," you said, puffing your chest out. "But we're not guys, Flutters. We're women! Now, why don't I show you how to cur--"
  40. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see someone making his way into the gym
  41. >A familiarish face that you hadn't seen since graduating Canterlot High
  42. >It was that really quiet guy that you had sat behind in eleventh grade chemistry Anon
  43. >You smiled, nudging Flutter's with your elbow
  44. "Oh, look who it is," you said
  45. >Fluttershy looked over at the man in question
  46. >"Oh, it's Anon," she said
  47. "Yep," you said, taking a moment to look him over
  48. >You alway had a thing for little guys, and Anon was as little as they came
  49. >He had a pretty nice butt too
  50. >Once or twice, you had thought about hitting on the little cutie, but always decided against it
  51. >If Shy was quiet, Anon was as silent as the grave
  52. >For the whole year you had sat behind him you didn't think he said a single word in your class
  53. >And you liked your men loud and boisterous
  54. >Especially in the bedroom
  55. >Anon had that same calm, serene expression on his face that you remembered
  56. >You had thought that he'd go straight to the treadmill, like most bunnies do, but to your surprise he went over to where some girls did those weird lifts
  57. >You think they were called doodlifts...
  58. "We should say hello to him before we leave," you said, placing your hands on your hips
  59. >Looking away from him, you turned your attention toward Flutters
  60. "Now, why don't we get you all set up
  61. >Fluttershy nodded, still obviously nervous but still willing to let you mold her into the gym monster she was meant to be
  63. >Though you didn't notice it, Anon began to get himself set up
  64. >He dropped his back right next to the doodlifting space and opened it up, pulling out a block of white, chalky material
  65. >He then grabbed a bar, placing two big plates on it
  66. >You were busy showing Flutter's how to do chest flies
  67. >Aka, your specialty
  68. "See, you gotta really put a little oomph into it like--"
  70. >You dropped your 40 pound dumbbells
  71. >Fluttershy nearly hit the ceiling
  72. >Whatthefuckisthat?!
  73. >Sitting up, you looked around to see who the FUCK was screaming
  74. >Your eyes snapped toward Anon, shocked to see that he was the one making the noise
  75. >His expression was still serene as ever, even as he doodlifted
  76. >But his mouth was open, and he was screaming
  78. >Loudly
  79. >Your face scrunched up
  80. "What...?"
  81. >Doing give reps, Anon placed the bar down onto the ground and stood up
  82. >Quietly, he made his way over toward where the plates were and grabbed two forty-fives
  83. >He then walked over, placed them on, and started doodlifting again
  84. >And screaming
  86. >"S-Sunet, why is he yelling?" Fluttershy asked
  87. >You opened your mouth to answer, only to slowly close it
  88. >That...
  89. >That was a very good question...
  91. ~_~_~_~_~_~_
  93. >Be Anon
  94. >Your feet hurt...
  95. >This gym music sucked...
  96. >Two DYEL's were staring at you...
  97. >Tfw they don't even know screaming loudly maximizes gainz...
  98. >Tfw you can diddylift eight hundred pounds but no gf...
  99. >Tfw six meals a day doesn't fill the void...
  100. >Tfw that one DYEL can't even do chest flies right...
  101. >Tfw you can lift more than anyone here...
  102. >Tfw you're still a manlet...
  103. >Tfw...
  106. >"H-How?!"
  107. >Be Sunset
  108. >A few days had passed since you had first seen Anon
  109. >What you thought was just a crazy man yelling had become something... weird
  110. >Along with his screaming, Anon had managed to doodlift so much weight that he hadn't been able to put anymore plates on his bar
  111. >When that had happened he had grabbed another bar and stacked it to bursting with plates as well, picking up both of them as if they were fucking pillows
  112. >This, obviously, wasn't right
  113. >Anon was a little guy
  114. >There's no way he'd be able to lift a hundred pounds, let alone THOUSANDS!
  115. >With each day that passed this belief was only strengthened
  116. >You've watched Anon bench, squat, curl unbelievable amounts of weight
  117. >Impossible amounts; amounts you think earth ponies would have trouble moving
  118. >So, with that in mind, you had brought Twilight to the gym
  119. >Not Princess Twilight
  120. >The nerd one with the magic detecting gizmos
  121. >At that moment you, her, and Fluttershy were watching as Anon lifted what appeared to be a thousand pounds over his head
  122. >He let out a beastial grunt each time he did so, but other than that his face showed little strain
  123. >"How... there's no way..." Twilight mumbled, looking like her brain was about to fall out of the back of her head
  124. >"It really is something, isn't it?" Flutters asked as she curled her five pound weights
  125. >"That isn't something, that's impossible," Twilight replied. "The human body can't handle weight like that under any circumstances! Especially not someone with Anon's body type!"
  126. >Your stomach sank
  127. >You could feel the silent question that was brewing amongst the three of you
  128. >There was only one thing that could make someone like Anon be strong as he was
  129. >It was the same thing that had turned you into a Twilight into demons, and the Dazzlings into fish monsters
  130. >The most dangerous, corrupting thing for humans
  131. >Equestrian magic
  132. "...How long do you think he's been like this?" you asked quietly
  133. >Twilight bit her lip
  135. >"Years. At least after you... well, you know..."
  136. >You, Twi, and Fluttershy exchanged looks
  137. >You couldn't image what Anon was going through
  138. >You and Twi had only dealt with magic for a little while, and look at what it had done to you
  139. >...
  140. >YEARS...
  141. >He, a quiet, shy little guy had been suffering for so long, and none of you knew about it...
  142. >You couldn't even imagine what was going on in his head even now...
  145. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  147. >Be Anon
  148. >tfw they keep playing the same shitty pop song over and over again
  149. >tfw you got yelled at again for making noise
  150. >tfw your feet still hurt
  151. >tfw you did a shit job of shaving and now there's a bit of hair near your nose and it makes you look like a weirdo
  152. >tfw you had a piece of spinach in your teeth for most of the day and couldn't get it out because you didn't have a toothpick or floss
  153. >tfw DYELs are still looking at you
  154. >tfw you think one of them touched your bar when you went to the bathroom
  155. >tfw you're OHPing 8pl8 and still feel small
  156. >tfw it's winter bulk 5ever
  157. >tfw no one to snuggle and kiss when you get home
  158. >tfw you're 22 and never held hands with a grill
  159. >tfw getting fit is a fucking meme
  160. >tfw when all dogs go to heaven, but even hell has a height requirement
  164. "Alright, girls. As soon as he turns the corner we'll be him."
  165. >Be Sunset
  166. >After a few days of gathering information and getting the girls together, you were ready to help Anon
  167. >You'd purge that magic out of him so he could live a normal, happy life
  168. >Figuring a way to make your lack of diligence to him was going to be a lot harder
  169. >Even so, you'd give it your best shot
  170. >You, Twilight, and the other girls were waiting in an alleyway
  171. >You knew for a fact that Anon ran to and from the gym every single day on this very road
  172. >In a few minutes, he'd be jogging back to his apartment a mile or two away
  173. >Now, you never considered yourself a scaredy filly, but you didn't think it was a good idea to confront Anon face-to-face
  174. >Dealing with a scared, super strong, possibly mentally corrupted man wasn't your idea of a good time
  175. >You had always been taught to never hit a colt
  176. >Your friends had had the same upbringing
  177. >Especially Applejack, who had been absolutely furious when Rainbow had suggested hitting him on the back of the head with a lead pipe
  178. >Pinkie, who had her head poked out into the street, watching for your man, perked up
  179. >"Ohh! He's coming girls! He's coming!"
  180. >Rainbow snorted quietly to herself
  181. >"That's what he sa--Ow! Fuck you Applejack."
  182. >Applejack just crossed her arms, glaring at the speedster
  183. >"Quit yer belly achin' an' get ready."
  184. >As a group, you all made your way toward the edge of the alley, all of you poking your heads out into the street
  185. >As he usually did, Anon made his way down the sidewalk at a steady pace
  186. >A thin sheen of sweat had coated his face, though he didn't seem particularly tired, even though he had already ran two miles
  187. >You knew
  188. >You tried the run yourself, got halfway and had Flutters pick you up in her car
  189. >Because FUCK running
  190. >"Well, at least the Equestrian magic didn't make him any faster," Twilight observed. "Otherwise he might get out of range before we manage to get the elements working."
  192. >"Range? Our magical blast thing doesn't have a RANGE," Rainbow said with a dismissive wave. "It's a giant fucking LASER."
  193. >Twilight turned to look at Rainbow
  194. >She opened her mouth, obviously ready to explain to her how what she said was a load of horse apples
  195. >Just before she was about to though, Anon jogged past you all
  196. "Come on girls," you said, all but shoving them out onto the sidewalk. "We're on."
  197. >Taking a deep breath you closed your eyes
  198. >Deep inside of you, you could feel the magic dwelling
  199. >It swirled, it moved
  200. >Placing your hands at your sides, you reached out with your being and touched that mass
  201. >A shiver ran through you as the magic exploded throughout your body
  202. >A pair of magical wings sprouted from your back, as did a long, majestic horn
  203. >All around you, you could feel the girls going through the same
  204. >When your transformation was complete, you opened your eyes
  205. >A white aura surrounded you and the girls, lifting you all bodily into the air
  206. "Alright girls, you ready?" you asked
  207. >"Yep."
  208. >"Ah-huh."
  209. >"Let's do this!"
  210. >"I h-hope he'll be alright!"
  211. >"Ready."
  212. >"As am I, dear."
  213. >Nodding, you turned your attention toward Anon
  214. >A bit of sadness welled inside of you
  215. >Poor guy...
  216. >Suffering for this long...
  217. >But not anymore...
  218. >You'd fix this mess!
  219. >Taking another deep breath, you raised a hand, pointed your finger at the retreating man, and released the your magic
  220. >Whiteness immediately filled your vision
  221. >All sound disappeared, as did touch, and smell
  222. >You were a living ball of pure magical might
  223. >A beam, larger than the road, flew toward Anon
  224. >It was your hand, reaching out to cleanse his corruption
  225. >Just a touch and you knew you'd be able to pull it out of him
  226. >Purge him of the corruption, let him be a normal guy again
  227. >You reached and reached, ready to embrace him
  228. >But it never came
  229. >...
  230. >What the heck was going on?
  231. >You should have touched him by now...
  232. >You waited for a moment or two longer, but even then you felt nothing
  233. >What the buck...?
  235. >Despite your best efforts, you could feel your magic start to dissipate
  236. >You and the girls were gently lowered to the ground
  237. >Your wings disappeared, as did your horn
  238. >Leaning against Pinkie for support, you did your best to catch your breath
  239. >The other girls were in the same boat, all of them sweaty, panting, and exhausted
  240. >"That... that didn't... feel right," Twilight said, her hands on her knees
  241. >"What the heck... Sunset. Did you hit... him or what?" Rainbow demanded
  242. "We should... Woo... we should have," you said, fanning your face with a hand. "There's no way..."
  243. >You trailed off, looking down the street to see absolutely no Anon
  244. >...
  245. >Pushing off Pinkie, you made your way down the road as best as you could
  246. >What the heck happened?!
  247. >Did he disintegrate?!
  248. >As you went past an alley, something caught your eye
  249. >It was Anon, jogging as he had been
  250. >He must have turned before your spell could hit him
  251. >...
  252. >Why couldn't your magic turn corners?
  253. >Frowning, you placed your hands on your hips
  254. "MOTHER. FUCKER."
  256. ~_~_~_~_
  258. >Be Anon
  259. >tfw it's too cold to run outside
  260. >tfw you're running anyway, because fuck paying for gas
  261. >tfw Bob said your shirt looked unprofessional at work today
  262. >tfw you flipped his car during break
  263. >tfw it didn't make you feel any better, because when you opened your lunch box you noticed that you didn't have your tub of greek yogurt to eat
  264. >tfw no maximizing dem games
  265. >tfw no one to cheer you on while running
  266. >tfw no qt.3.14 to carry to really get huge
  267. >tfw no qt.3.14 to share a shower with, or snuggle on your dirty couch
  268. >tfw when you get home you're gonna just watch Netflix and hold your body pillow
  269. >tfw the body pillow is almost bigger than you
  270. >tfw your popcorn is on the top shelf, and you need a stool to reach it
  271. >tfw you need a stool
  272. >tfw failed 1pl8 feelz today
  273. >tfw you've been failing it since you were thirteen
  274. >tfw baby gap is having a sale Saturday, and you're hitting that shit up
  277. >"Celestia dammit! Luna's fat fucking teats! Bunch of bucking horse apples!"
  278. >Be Fluttershy
  279. >You were sitting in your car with the other girls
  280. >For the last hour or so you all had been sitting in it
  281. >The inside of the car smelled like fast food and fizzy pop, with just a hint of sweat
  282. >You were nibbling on the salad that you had gotten from the Rich Burger down the street, looking over at Sunset in concern
  283. >She was upset, grumbling and swearing to herself as she ate her greasy cheeseburger
  284. >And you understood why
  285. >The poor dear had been running herself ragged trying to help Anon out
  286. >You all had really
  287. >Again and again you had tried to use your magic on him, but every time it failed
  288. >Something would get in the way of the blast, or Anon would go down a different street
  289. >Once, you were pretty sure that it just went right over his head
  290. >Just like Sunset, the other girls were also becoming a bit... grumpy
  291. >Which was why you found yourselves parked right outside of Anon's apartment complex, trying to think what to do
  292. >Well, the other girls were thinking what to do
  293. >You were just sitting there, eating your salad and listening to them go back and forth
  294. >"Maybe we should lay some kind of trap?"
  295. >"I ain't hurtin' no guy, Twi."
  296. >"I'm not talking about hurting him! Just put something sticky on the ground so he can't move."
  297. >"Yeah, maybe that'd work!"
  298. >"Fuck it. I say we just go knock on his door and blast 'em."
  299. >"Why don't we invite him to a party, blast him, and celebrate afterward?"
  300. >"Well, I think--"
  301. >Taking a sip of your water, you looked over at Sunset
  302. >Her brow was furrowed as she took another bite out of her cheeseburger
  303. >You couldn't help but grimace when you saw grease dripping from her chin
  304. >That... didn't look very healthy...
  305. >You looked away from her, turning your attention toward Anon's window
  306. >After a bit of sleuthing, you and the girls knew the exact room that he lived in
  308. >You also knew that he usually didn't leave his apartment unless he was going to the gym, getting groceries, or going to work
  309. >You had never seen anyone else going into his apartment for the whole week you had been watching it
  310. >Which was odd
  311. >Someone like Anon should have had a bunch of friends
  312. >Sure he was shy, but YOU were shy and YOU had a bunch of friends...
  313. >As you finished your last bit of salad, a tightness began forming in your stomach
  314. >A tightness which had been growing more and more noticeable as the days went by
  315. >Now...
  316. >You might not have been as smart as the rest of the girls, or strong, or fast, or pretty, and pretty much everything Pinkie did, but you knew quite a lot about shy people
  317. >You knew how that shyness could become something far worse than any poison...
  318. >Though you didn't notice it, you puffed your chest out
  319. >You looked back at your friends
  320. "Girls?"
  321. >They all stopped their bickering to look at you
  322. >Even Sunset, as grumpy as she was, gave her her full attention
  323. >A part of you shied away from all of the attention, causing you to take a deep breath to steady yourself
  324. "I think I have an idea..."
  326. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  328. >Be Anon
  329. >Be sitting on your couch watching Netflix
  330. >tfw it's freezing in your apartment because your landlord won't fix the air conditioning
  331. >tfw below ten percent, so you have no fat to stay warm
  332. >tfw you're cold, even though you're bundled up like a motherfucker
  333. >tfw the cushion you're sitting on it lumpy, but you don't wanna get up to flip it over
  334. >tfw want popcorn but can't because cutting
  335. >tfw the new season of Punisher sucks
  336. >tfw the new season of everything sucks
  337. >tfw you'll spend another day watching TV and doing nothing productive
  338. >tfw you want to go out and be social, but no friends
  339. >tfw you tried to talk to a cute girl at the grocery store today but ended up looking autistic
  340. >tfw you just want to hold someone's hand
  341. >tfw your afghan won't make you as warm as you would be if you were snuggling with someone
  343. >tfw you dumped everything into strength, when you should have dumped into charisma and luck
  344. >tfw fuck dex
  345. >You sniffled to yourself, wiggling deeper into your blanket, doing your best to ignore just how blurry your TV screen was becoming
  346. >The Punisher was about to murder another guy on said screen when something unexpected happened
  347. >Something which hadn't happened for months and months
  348. >There was a knock on the door
  349. >It was barely a knock, more like a gentle rapping, but you heard it
  350. >You perked up, looking toward the door
  351. >Again there was knocking, telling you that you hadn't just imagined it
  352. >You...
  353. >You could get that...
  354. >Wiping the tears from your eyes as best as you could, you stood up, keeping your afghan wrapped securely around yourself
  355. >Waddling toward the door, you turned the knob and poked your head outside
  356. >Instead of some Jehovah's Witness, or someone trying to sell you something, there was a girl standing outside
  357. >Someone that you went to school with; even had a few classes with
  358. >It was Fluttershy
  359. >Aka, probably one of the prettiest girls that you had ever known, seen, or heard of
  360. >...
  361. >The fuck was she doing here?
  362. >You opened your mouth, trying to say something, a question, a greeting, anything, but you just kind of stood there like a confused jackass
  363. >Fluttershy, meanwhile, gave you a small smile
  364. >She took a half step toward you, tucking a bit of her pink hair behind her ear
  365. >"Hello, Anon," she said, in that quiet voice of hers. "Would it be okay if I talked to you for a second?"
  369. >Anon's apartment was rather small
  370. >It was very neat and tidy, however
  371. >Anon also seemed very fond of afghans
  372. >You found yourself wrapped up in one such afghan, sitting on Anon's couch
  373. >Anon was sitting at the edge of the couch
  374. >Though he was trying his best to hide it, you could tell that he was nervous
  375. >But with that nervousness you could sense a bit of excitement, as if he were happy to see you
  376. >That thought made you glad, and a little sad as well
  377. >Still, you buried the feeling as you did what you had come here to do
  378. >Anon didn't seem all that corrupted or evil whenever you and Sunset were around him
  379. >He seemed like the same Anon that you had sat in front of in Biology class all those years ago
  380. >Shy and awkward yes, but you were almost positive that he was reasonable
  381. >So you thought the best course of action would be to just tell him about the magic inside of him
  382. >That way you and the other girls wouldn't have to rip your hair out trying to save him
  383. >Anon, as you suspected, was calm, if a bit confused, as you explained the situation
  384. >The longer you went on, you could feel a bit of sadness creeping in
  385. >"...I just thought I was going up in weight because of my diet change," he muttered, tracing the lip of the cup he held in his hands
  386. "I'm sorry, Anon, " you said, placing your hand on his shoulder
  387. >Anon shied away, obviously unused to being touched at all
  388. >...
  389. >You bit your lip, resisting the urge to hug the poor boy
  390. >"So it was just that crazy magic then?" Anon said to himself. "And now I gotta get rid of it..."
  391. "Um, I'm sure the magic didn't have everything to do with it," you gently assured him. "You're hard work means you're still probably strong, but..."
  392. >Anon sighed
  393. >"Not as strong as without it," he said
  394. "I'm sorry if I upset you," you said, feeling worse and worse by the second
  395. >Ohh....
  396. >It just looks to miserable...
  397. >"The only thing I really have is this strength," Anon said. "It's the only thing I'm really proud of, Fluttershy.
  399. >He looked up at you, not quite crying but looking like he was very close to it, which did absolutely nothing to make you feel better
  400. >Thankfully--for the sake of your poor heart-- he looked back down into his lap
  401. >Your legs tensed
  402. >Every fiber of your being was screaming to make him feel better
  403. >What the heck was wrong with you?
  404. >Coming in here and making a poor, sweet guy sad
  405. >Why didn't you bring Twilight or Rarity with you?
  406. >They probably would have made it so that he wasn't so sad!
  407. >They could have--
  408. >"I really gotta give it up, huh?"
  409. >You jumped in your seat, brought out of your thoughts
  410. "It would be b-best for you," you said
  411. >Anon seemed to sink into his chair
  412. >"I guess you and the other girls need to blast me with that thing you guys do then?"
  413. "I think so. B-But, I promise that it won't hurt!" you promised, leaning toward him
  414. >Not able to help yourself, you wrapped your arm around his shoulder, pulling him toward you in a half hug
  415. >You felt the muscles in Anon's back and shoulders tighten dramatically for a moment or two
  416. >As soon as you had him leaned up against you, however, he let out another sigh, all the tension leaving his body
  417. >O-Oh...
  418. >This was w-working then?
  419. >...
  420. >Good!
  421. >...
  422. >Wait...
  423. >You had a guy leaning a-against you...
  424. >Ohmygoshdon'truinthisbyfreakingout!
  425. >You could feel your face warming up as Anon pressed more of his weight against you
  426. >"Fluttershy?"
  427. >You loudly gulped
  428. "Y-ye--"
  429. >You tried to clear your throat, praying that you wouldn't stutter
  430. "Y-Yes?"
  431. >..Darnit
  432. >"If I have to give up my magic, would it be alright if I asked something from you. Please?"
  434. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  436. >Be Sunset
  437. >You were pacing the parking lot of Anon's complex, doing your best not to freak the fuck out
  438. >This was a bad idea...
  439. >Who knows what could be happening up there!
  440. >Anon could be beating the horse apples out of Flutters
  441. >Or he could be trying to suck the magic out of her to make himself stronger like Twilight did
  442. >Or WORSE!
  444. >Your cell phone buzzed, stopping you from thinking of what OR WORSE would exactly entail
  445. >"Is that Fluttershy?" Twilight immediately asked
  446. >Frowning, you reached into your pocket and pulled your phone out
  448. //It's Fluttershy.
  450. Everything's fine. Please come up to Anon's room. The door's unlocked.///
  451. >...
  452. >Oh thank fucking Celestia...
  453. >You very nearly dropped your phone as a wave of relief washed over you
  454. "It was Fluttershy. She said everything's fine."
  455. >The girls let out a sigh of relief
  456. >All except Applejack
  457. >"Are ya sure it was Shy?" she asked, squinting suspiciously
  458. >You nodded
  459. "Yeah. Flutter's is the only that says it's her when she texts," you replied, stuffing your phone back into your pocket. "Now come on. She says that we need to be up there, so let's go."
  460. >Eager as you all were to see if Shy was actually okay, you make a beeline toward Anon's apartment
  461. >Twilight was about to knock on the door when you stopped her
  462. "Alright. If he does actually have Shy hostage you'll need to restrain him, Applejack," you whispered. If you do that the rest of us can blast 'em."
  463. >"It may be in our best interest to go in quiet as well," Rarity offered
  464. >You nodded, grabbing the doorknob
  465. >Turning it as slowly as you could, you pushed it open, doing your best not to make a sound
  466. >It was dark inside the apartment
  467. >Perfect for an ambush
  468. >You poked your head inside to see if Anon was waiting for you
  469. >When you saw that he wasn't you took a few steps inside, making sure to crouch low
  470. >The girls were quick to follow, all of them looking around
  471. >You were a unit
  472. >A highly trained, highly coordinated team of hyper destructive alphas that could do anything and weren't afraid of nuthin'
  473. >That is, until Pinkie closed the door behind you all loudly enough to WAKE THE FUCKING DEAD!
  474. >"...What?" Pinkie whispered as you all turned to look at her
  475. >"O-Oh... Is that you girls?" Fluttershy called somewhere deeper into the apartment. "I'm in here."
  477. >Rainbow, looking as nervous as you've ever seen her, pushed you out of the way, making her way toward your friend as quickly as she could without running
  478. "Rainbow! Don't... Celestia dammit," you grumbled, hurrying after her
  479. >Turning a corner, making your way through a small kitchen that had whey protein stacked to the ceiling, and turning another corner, you saw Fluttershy
  480. >She was sitting on a couch, wrapped snugly in a blanket
  481. >Anon was sitting next to her, his side pressed up against her, fast asleep
  482. >Flutters had both arms wrapped around the small man, one hand running though his hair
  483. >...
  484. >wat?
  485. >"There you girls are," she whispered, a small smile coming to her face
  486. >Rainbow looked as gobsmacked as you, looking around the room with her mouth opened
  487. >"What the fuck...?" she muttered
  488. >"Sunset, is everything alright?" Rarity asked, stepping into the living room. "Is Fluttershy... oh..."
  489. >Soon, all of you were standing there, looking at your shy friend
  490. >Since there was a very clear question on your minds, you decided to buck up and ask
  491. "So... it went well then?"
  492. >Fluttershy nodded
  493. >"Oh yes, Anon was quite understanding," she said. "It was a bit sad that he wouldn't be as strong as he is with the magic, but he understands that it needs to get gotten rid of."
  494. >Her smile diminished a bit
  495. >"But... he did want a few things in return for us taking it..."
  496. >Oh...
  497. >Here we go...
  498. >You and the girls exchanged glances
  499. >"What does he want, dear?" Rarity asked
  500. >Fluttershy looked down at Anon
  501. >To your surprise, she gave his head a nuzzle
  502. >"Well, first he wanted a hug from me. Then he wanted me and Sunset to start going to the gym with him whenever he went..."
  503. >Okay...
  504. >That wasn't too bad...
  505. >Not bad at all really...
  506. >"He also wanted me to come and watch a movie with him once a month."
  507. >Fluttershy giggled, though you could instantly tell she didn't find anything funny
  508. >"I managed to talk him up to once a week, since he seems like he needs someone more than that..."
  510. You waited for Fluttershy to say something more
  511. >She just stared at you, looking a bit sad
  512. "Is... is that it?" you asked
  513. >She nodded
  514. >"That's all he wanted," she said
  515. >Rainbow frowned
  516. >"That's... pretty weird."
  517. >You could see Pinkie's hair lose some of its curl
  518. >"Not weird, Dashie. Sad," she replied
  519. >Fluttershy nodded
  520. >"Anon's been pretty lonely," she said, before smiling once more. "But that's alright. Now he won't be alone anymore."
  521. >...
  522. >Why the fuck would Anon be alone...?
  523. >You'd think girls would be jumping all over him, what with him being the fit little guy that he was
  524. >He was even shy, for crying out loud!
  525. >Fluttershy grimaced
  526. >"Um, girls, could you do me a favor and hold him for a little while? I really need to use the bathroom."
  527. >You and the other girls, all of you lost in your own thoughts, immediately turned your attention toward her
  528. >"Oh, of course."
  529. >"Sure."
  530. >"Hey, let me."
  531. >Applejack was the first to get to the couch
  532. >She sat down, wrapping an arm around Anon as Fluttershy, with a thankful look, got up
  533. >Anon, making a face, let out a whimper
  534. >He reached out blindly, even as Applejack pressed him to her bosom
  535. >Realizing that you still had a super strong man that could lash out in his sleep, you hurried over and sat down where Flutter's had just been sitting
  536. >Since Applejack was holding onto him nice and tight, beginning to run her fingers through his hair as she gently shushed him, you did the only thing you could go and grab his hand
  537. >A spark of magic jumped between you
  539. //tfw snuggled up with a qt.3.14
  540. tfw she smells nice and is warm
  541. tfw she just smiled at you when you were an autismo
  542. tfw she's coming to your house once a week
  543. tfw that makes you happier than you've been in a very, very long time
  544. tfw you smiled when she said so
  545. tfw smiling felt weird, but that's okay
  546. tfw you hope she gives you another hug when she leaves
  547. tfw you're giving up all of your mad gainz
  548. tfw you're absolutely okay with that
  549. tfw today was a pretty okay day//
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