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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. With all the chaos going on, I suppose I owe everybody an apology, don't I?
  3. Or would an explanation provide warmer comfort? My guess is every apology would mean nothing. The way to rectify my mistakes is not to rest on my laurels and say sorry, but to offer a resolution. Namely: I've taken hundreds of samples from the local communities and have requested Wayne Enterprises seek donations from Imports in a private and confidential manner.
  5. I can't apologise for another man's decisions. But I can choose to stop them. In the last week, I've divorced myself from my comfortable career, moved across the country away from the students I care about, and plunged myself into working on a cure for a weapon that should never have been invented.
  7. [There's a slight pause. He looks slightly uncomfortable talking about himself.]
  9. You'll have questions about that. Well, I can't think of a better explanation than to admit that, earlier in my life, I was in an unbalanced frame of mind. Curious subjects caught my eye and life led me to finding science a source of enjoyment. You all have private obsessions that make life bearable, surely? Granted, most are harmless, but I cannot help that mine are inappropriate. Still, you deserve to know I'm now furthering my research with a different purpose in mind.
  11. One apology will never be enough, if you ask me, but a treatment for schizophrenia will at least help. Till then, Wayne Enterprises and I will clean up my mess, together. We will soon be manufacturing a vaccine to halt that clown's badly-timed joke. Until then, take care of each other.
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