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  1. Transcript of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUwQAytS5wg
  3. 0:00:10.3 Now in this presentation, I am going to show you something that will amaze you and this is regarding the liguistic miracle of the Qur'an. Proior to doing this, I am just going to explain some background knowledge and to answer one of the arguments made against the Qur'an. 0:00:26.1
  5. 0:00:26.5 So I am going to speak about the word NUTFAH and what actually a NUTFAH means. Now what critics of the Qur'an say is the following; they say "The Qur'an contains X". So X is a particular word; in this case NUTFATAN. In the 21st century, X is translated as Y. So what they says is, for example, NUTFATAN is translated as a sperm or sperm cell. 0:01:00.0
  7. 0:01:00.3 And they say there is nothing miraculous about this because all this is just translating NUTFATAN to mean sperm. And they say it is not a miracle because it is only a translation because NUTFAH does not mean sperm. If you go to the classical dictionaries, it actually means "a small amount of water from a large amount" and they say there is no miracle in that. Now interestingly, just with this verse (75:37), it talks about nutfatan, here it is indefinite. The reason why it is indefinite is to indicate its small size. How small it is and how insignificant it is. Now lets first of all say a few things here. If, for example, nutfah meant sperm, then it would be a miracle; if we could determine NUTFAH meant sperm. 0:01:57.1
  9. 0:01:58.0 What is even more miraculous is, for example, this term sperm was not known in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SWT). So there is no Arabic word for sperm. So what is even more miraculous is if it talks about a scientific phenomenon, that was not known at the time of revelation, and uses the best possible word to do this. And my argument is that NUTFAH was the best word to choose to mean sperm. This presentation will explain this Inshaallah. So lets get to, first of all, a preliminary discussion. 0:02:38.3
  11. 0:02:38.0 Now here we have a root, the AYN-MEEM-LAM. And from this root we get the concept of action. Now there is a phenomenon in Arabic as well as other semitic languages which is the base letters of a word; is that you use the same letters but you rearrange them. And what it does is give related meaning. And sometimes even, information about another word that has the same letters. Now let's say for example somebody did something; he tried to build something for example but he had no knowledge. That would be a crime. Here in Australia if you were to build a house without having the proper knowledge, the proper background, this would be an offence; because it is endangering people's lives. So what do you need; there is something you need with action. And that is I'LM, knowledge. So let us, here, that A'mal and I'lm are related. You can't have one without the other; even when it comes to religious matters. We want to learn some rules, we might learn how to pray, but there is not point if one is not acting. And actually if you don't act it is a big sin. So there is a relationship between these two. 0:04:05.0
  13. 0:04:09.1 Same letters, different order and they give related meanings. Now let's do the same thing for the word NUTFAH. And this is where it becomes very very interesting Inshaallah and you will be amazed. Now the reference is Lisan-al-Arab, Taj-al-Arus and other classical dictionaries. So you can look up those meanings, Inshaallah. Now let's go by what the critics of the Qur'an say that it actually means just a small amount of fluid; let's accept that. Okay, a small amount of fluid. Now what you will notice is the root of NUTFAH has the root NOON-TA-FA. Now those three letters, if we were to rearrange them we get the following patterns. They are the same letters, but they have been re-arranged. What is interesting about this is that these roots give more information about NUTFAH. and you will be amazed. So you can look up those roots in the dictionary; the TA-FA-NOON. Words on this root mean, death and obstruction. That is very interesting because we know sperm have a hard time when they enter the female body. There are so many different obstructions in the way that cause problems for it and all the sperm cells will die; or one could enter into the egg. So either one survives or none survives Subhanallah. 0:05:48.1
  15. 0:05:49.6 We get this root here, the FA-TA-NOON. Now words on this particular root have the meanings to be intelligent or be skillful. 0:05:59.3
  17. 0:06:01.1 (Creationist video clip plays) - "Some 250 million sperms are sent to the mother's womb. This number is deliberately kept high because as soon the sperms enter the mother's body they find themselves facing lethal danger. There is a dense mixture of acid in the mother's reproductive organs designed to combat bacteria. This acid mixture is also fatal to the sperms. Within a few minutes, the walls of the womb are coated with millions of dead sperms. A few hours later, most of the 250 million sperms would have died. If you notice the sperms all travel together in the same direction but how do they find the right direction? How do they know where the egg, no larger than a speck of dust, is? The sperms find their way to the egg because another perfectly created biological system comes into action. The egg gives off a chemical signal to attract the sperm, which are about 15 cm away from it. The sperms head straight to the egg thanks to the signal. In short, the egg cells which knows nothing about the sperms and have never come into contact with them before calls them to it. Two cells, perfect strangers to one another, engage in communication. This reality is another proof that the egg and sperm are created in the most ideal form for each other." 0:07:43.1
  19. 0:07:44.8 Now on top of this, we have two other base forms, which are the TA-NOON-FA; words on this pattern mean to protrude, meaning to go beyond something. Now in the classical dictionaries, it is actually used for mountain tops. So if you have a mountain, there is a protrusion like that and like this (draws image of mountain peaks). So that is extra and goes beyond a certain point. Subhanallah. That actually describes the movement of the of the sperm cells perfectly because they go beyond the point where they enter. 0:08:30.7
  21. 0:08:30.7 and finally the NOON-FA-TA; so words on this pattern mean movement of fluid with force. For example, if I say NAFATAT al-QIDRU, which means the pot boiled over and it is also used for, example, sneezing. And actually in modern times, we have the word NAFT, which means petroleum. This is a modern day word but the reason why petroleum got the word NAFT is because of the force, the pressure causes it to gush out. Now, now think to yourself, is there a better word in the Arabic language or in any language on earth that describes the sperm cell better than this word. Go back a 1000 years ago, and try to find a word that is better than al-NUTFAH. 0:09:32.1
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