Aura Massage Outcome

Feb 18th, 2018
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  1. You are Herb.
  3. And Laki is yanking you in close. You worry for a moment that she might have ripped your shirt a little, but more importantly, is she okay?
  5. “What did you do?” She asks between gasps. Her body can’t seem to decide if she wants to grind into you, threaten you, or rip your clothes off.
  7. “I thought you said it was okay!”
  9. “I didn’t know it’d be like this!” She gasps and writhes under you. “I’m on fire!”
  11. “Maybe I can reverse it, or-”
  13. She pulls you into a frenzied, sloppy kiss. Her legs wrap around you to keep you from getting away, and her hands scramble to undo your belt and open up your pants. “No. Dick now!” She commands.
  15. “But what if they see? If we both line down flat they can’t see but if we do that, all they have to do is look over and-”
  17. She grabs your member with one hand, working away the clothes around it and her with the other. “Your consent isn’t a factor here. I’m taking you.” Her legs give a small squeeze to emphasize. But doing that threw off how you were lining up with her. Instead you just slide along the outside.
  19. “Woah.”
  21. “HNNMNG.” She grits her teeth. Rather than fixing it, she just keeps rubbing. Her powerful leg muscles don’t give you any other choice but to follow along. You’ve done this enough times to recognize the signs; Laki is already having an orgasm and riding it out right now. After a minute of her wordlessly grinding, she eventually calms down a little, but she’s still pulling you in. “Sorry.” She gasps. “You know I was joking, right?”
  23. “It’s okay. I know.” You say, looking up to see if anyone heard that. Hana is still fishing, and Abigail is looking at something else.
  25. “Good. Good.” She sighs with some effort, still grinding. “But I still need you to put it in me.” It comes off as more of a request this time.
  27. You glance up again. It seems safe, if you’re quick. “Okay. But we need to be quick and quiet.”
  29. “Hurry.” She whispers, not nearly as concerned as you.
  31. You adjust your pants a little, push her bathing suit back to the side, and Laki starts spasming again. She grips at Wailord but can’t get a handle. She then grips and her towel and you. Her voice is getting loud, and she grabs your shoulder to moan into it as she comes to another intense orgasm.
  33. You barely touching her!
  35. But you have to admit, this is pretty wild. As she calms down, you slowly run a hand down her thigh again. She raises her hips, and as soon as you make contact again, she bucks. You keep in contact though, and somehow, despite the wetness of it all and the movements she gives, manage to keep doing it.
  37. Laki’s reacting is almost scary. Her eyes roll and her muscles strain as her back arches. She bites your shoulder and pulls your body. You begin to worry that maybe this is getting out of control, but as she wraps her legs around you again and you can’t move your arm or hand well anymore, it begins to subside. You don’t think she did that on purpose though.
  39. “S-Soft Hands...” She says after releasing you from her bite. “It’s so...so amazing.” She sounds off. Like she’s in a dream-like state. Her pupils dilate and focus, showing that she’s coming down to Earth at least a little. Sweat has already made her hair wild.
  41. “Are you okay?”
  43. She softly laughs. “I don’t even know what that means anymore.”
  45. Wow. It’s only been a few minutes. She must have really had an intense experience. “Are you, um, done? I think they might see us if we do anything else.”
  47. The look on her face tells you everything you need to know. This is just a temporary break. She grabs your head and shoves you down with an eager, expectant and energic look.
  49. Well, with both of you laying down flat, you suppose nobody will see anything. You look at her for a moment, more curious than anything else. Despite everything, you haven’t hand much time to just look.
  51. Laki gets fed up and grabs your hair. You take the hint and start licking.
  53. You thought she’d be a bit calmer by now, but she isn’t at all. It takes seconds before she’s spasming again. This time though, your head is getting crushed. Your right ear is getting folded wrong but you keep licking anyway. What else can you do?
  55. You can’t see it, but you can sort of feel Laki grabbing her towel to stuff into her mouth. Jeez, she sounds like she’s dying. You hope this isn’t going too far. But it’s not like you can even check. You reach up to play with her nipples, but almost as soon as you touch them she goes even more crazy and you swear she almost pops your head clean off. One hand pulls at your hair so hard that you try to pull it off.
  57. “Laki!” You try to say, but you just mumble the words into her. She’s squeezing your head so tightly that you’re really getting worried now. Her hips jerk, and any noise she’s making you can’t really tell because your ears are being squished. You’re less worried about being caught now and more worried about making it out alive.
  59. But just like that, she relents. Her legs relax and so does the rest of her. But something feels off. You have to pry her legs off of your head. A wave of fresh, sea air hits you like a sobering slap in the face.
  61. “Laki?” You push yourself up. She’s just laying there, eyes closed.
  63. Oh no.
  65. You shake her.
  67. “Hey...Soft Hands.” She barely gets out, one eye focusing before the other. “That was fun.”
  69. “Are you okay?”
  71. “I think...I think I passed out for a moment.” She says weakly. “You okay?”
  73. “Yeah.” You check yourself over. “Should we take you to a doctor?”
  75. She expels a little air from her mouth. That looked exhausting. “Nah. Nah. I feel fine. Give me five...fifteen minutes to just...just lay here a bit.”
  77. And so you do. You need some time to let your body calm down and go soft anyway. The two of you just watch the clouds for a bit, feeling the light breeze and the warm sunlight. After only about five minutes though, Laki asks for water. She looks and sounds a lot better. You guess she really did just need some rest.
  79. As you head towards your bag to grab some fresh water, you see Hana and Abigail. Hana’s been fishing the whole time, and from where Abigail is now you doubt she’d have been able to see anything. You sigh in relief and start rummaging.
  81. “Pass me some water too.” Abigail says.
  83. Oh jeez. She snuck up. Say something! “Thirsty too, huh?”
  85. “Nope.” She says, giving you a strange look. “Gardevoir is though.”
  87. Gardevoir? That’s strange. You don’t see her. You walk over to where Abigail was and look down. There’s Gardevoir, laying on her back, with the exact same dopey look Laki had. “Uh.” You turn to Abigail, and get very judgemental eyes in return.
  89. “You guys are freaking degenerates.” She says flatly.
  91. “S-sorry.” You blush. You don’t even know who you’re directing that too.
  93. Abigail rolls her eyes. “Disgusting.” She feeds the water to Gardevoir. “You’re,” she stiffles a laughing noise, “lucky Gardevoir is so forgiving. We’re going to pretend this didn’t happen, right?”
  95. Gardevoir nods weakly.
  97. “Sorry!” You say again. You feel a little better when you hear Abigail giggle as you turn your back and bring water to Laki.
  99. “Soft Hands.” She looks a lot more sober now as she drinks greedily. “Ah. Thanks. I’ll get you back.”
  101. “Not now.” You say, whispering loudly and looking back towards Abigail and Gardevoir’s directions.
  103. She smirks. “Nah. Right now I can’t even move. I’ll make it special. You’ll see.” She leans back. “I’ll get up later. I...wow.”
  105. You let her rest. As you sit there for a moment, despite being caught and probably creating a weird and awkward situation, you can’t help feeling a little smug and accomplished.
  107. Your eyes turn to Hana.
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