May 10th, 2015
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  1. General:
  2. [*] Fix randomly occurring Berserk Pack acs bug ("ACS: I don't know what is.").
  3. [*] Fix other important known bugs listed on the Github.
  4. [*] In PVP, disable the extra damage vulnerability if set on nightmare skill. Most people set to nightmare for double ammo, and then complain about dying so easily without knowing why. Let's just skip that step for them, eh?
  5. [*] Consider GLDEFS for all classes, I have at least the Security Officer's all made here:
  8. Oatsman:
  9. [*] Make Quake rockets more faithful (slower speed, more visible dense custom particle trails, brighter/larger)
  10. [*] Apply said new particles to Quake grenades
  11. [*] Give far, far less rockets on Quake GL/RL pickup in PVP (In Quake you get 5 rockets when you pick up an RL. So does Doomguy). Maybe 10 or so, since Doomguy gets 10 shot's worth of shells with an SSG.
  12. [*] The nailgun still jackhammers the camera into the ceiling if recoil is enabled.
  13. [*] Maybe new sprites for the Thunderbolt projectiles. Something actually white. Maybe like the Thunderbolt sprites in this?
  15. Cerealman:
  16. [*] What to do with LAZ shield is up in the air. Faster shield ammo drain, allowing ripping projectiles to pass, rockets exploding on contact? It makes sense for bullets and energy attacks to hit it and bounce off harmlessly, but these are things that are designed to explode when they touch *anything*, making splash damage a reliable counter. In any case, it still makes you impervious to everything besides those.
  18. Americaman:
  19. [*] Blaz extra life functioning like an extra life instead of free megasphere and teleport. A Blaz "respawning" from an extra life is to start with 100 health, and in PVP possibly reduced to a "fresh spawn" 50 bullets with a pistol. A respawning Blaz is powerful enough to deny an enemy frag or give another life in survival, a free megasphere (300 hp/armour) and damage resistance on top of that is a bit goofy in comparison to how strong the other heroes' berserk packs are.
  21. Peasman:
  22. [*] When a PVP mode and nightmare difficulty is detected, disable the Wraithverge monsters from moving twice as fast.
  24. Spaceman Pete:
  25. [*] Fix infinite reload loop in Wave Motion Cannon when trying to reload Mortar when out of rocket ammo.
  26. [*] Consider FULLRADIUSDMG for Sec's explosive weapons, possibly as a toggle, as it's faithful to the game. This WILL need damage/radius adjusting in PVP to even it out.
  27. [*] Raise priority for Sec's Shotguns over the AR, *OR* have the Doom RL's safety function on the AR's grenades (if holding the fire key while switching to the RL, it won't fire unless you let go of the trigger and fire again). Why?
  29. When the M2 Alien Weapon's runs out of ammo, it deletes itself from your inventory, and you instantly switch to the AR.
  30. The gun's very powerful up close if holding both fire and altfire, but you can't see how much ammo it has. So if you're using it this way and run out of ammo, you automatically swap to the AR and blow yourself up with a grenade before you can react. This happens in like 0.2 seconds. It just makes using the Alien gun's as intended too risky.
  32. Ravandil, the elven pizza delivery boy:
  33. [*] What to do with Corvus? Weak without a Tome, rediculous with. Tomed Phoenix Rod in PVP definitely needs a buff somehow, the untomed weapons will need further looking into. My first impressions are that Mace could use a little projectile speed boost, Crossbow could use slightly less spread, Dragon Claw's too inaccurate, the others need more consideration
  34. [*] Also need to look into Morph Ovum crashing Zandronum.
  35. [*] I can't remember if the timebomb spam is fixed. Ask ijon.
  37. ============================================================================================================================
  39. [02:32AM] <Eric> if duel has been disrupted this bad, you know dm's gotta be a complete and utter shitfest now
  40. [02:33AM] <Medicris> like, with dm at least you have multiple people around the map to hunt down respawned blazkos and to surround chex shielders
  41. [02:33AM] <Eric> not that it wasn't before, with ranger being able to completely destroy games with mindless w+m1
  42. [02:33AM] <Medicris> hey eric
  43. [02:34AM] <Medicris> wanna fix samsara
  44. [02:34AM] <Eric> i almost do want to do just a pvp patch
  45. [02:34AM] <TerminusEst13> Be my guest.
  46. [02:34AM] <Medicris> I mean, there's a half dozen or a dozen minor-ish bugs to fix afaik
  47. [02:35AM] <Medicris> and then the rest is just balance things
  48. [02:35AM] <Medicris> then it can be left alone forever
  49. [02:35AM] <TerminusEst13> Lord knows it'd probably be refreshing to work on a project that the community actually likes.
  50. [02:35AM] <Eric> oh, i doubt they'd like it
  51. [02:35AM] <Eric> we would, sure
  52. [02:36AM] <Eric> but anyone who mains anything that's on the list to get changed won't be happy
  53. [02:36AM] * Brzoz_ has quit (Connection closed)
  54. [02:37AM] <Medicris> all I can think of would be fixing ranger's rockets to be more faithful (which would also balance them), fixing a few bugs like nailgun recoil, maybe toning down what you get back when you respawn with an extra life
  55. [02:38AM] * Unholypimpin has quit ("Leaving")
  56. [02:38AM] <Medicris> hell, respawning with an extra life should probably strip you of weapons and ammo and give you your default stuff back
  57. [02:38AM] <Medicris> the ability to deny a frag point to someone is enough of a bonus imo
  58. [02:38AM] <Medicris> as is being able to survive with a life in survival
  59. [02:39AM] <Eric> yeah, since you can't just bruteforce past it anymore being able to not only keep your current shit but also get a free megasphere is just outrageous
  60. [02:39AM] <Ramen> remove megasphere and resistance effect and you're good with the extra life
  61. [02:39AM] <Medicris> I'd say so
  62. [02:39AM] <Medicris> eric already has a github so we can branch from there iirc
  63. [02:39AM] <Ramen> o, nice
  64. [02:40AM] <TerminusEst13> So let's start up a list, then.
  65. [02:41AM] <TerminusEst13> 1: Slow Ranger's rockets, unique particle trail, not as goddamn many rockets on picking up gl/rl.
  66. [02:41AM] <Medicris> iirc rockets were bigger and brighter in quake than they are in smarmass too
  67. [02:41AM] <TerminusEst13> 2: Lower radius on Chexshield/allow things to penetrate/remove reflection in PvP/SOMETHING TO NERF THAT FUCKING SHIELD
  68. [02:41AM] <Medicris> might have to look ingame again
  69. [02:42AM] <Eric> yeah, that's a problem that affects basically ranger's everything
  70. [02:42AM] <Eric> dude has natural camo with his non-translatable colors being all dark brown
  71. [02:42AM] <TerminusEst13> 3: Remove resistance in PvP for Bjoo's extra life, possibly remove equipment/ammo?
  72. [02:43AM] <TerminusEst13> 4: Fulldamageradius for SO's explosions
  73. [02:43AM] <Medicris> o fuck god damn fulldamageradius
  74. [02:43AM] <Medicris> hello spnkr
  75. [02:43AM] <TerminusEst13> sup
  76. [02:43AM] <TerminusEst13> 5: Something for Corvus? Needs a lot of love in PvP.
  77. [02:44AM] <Eric> corvus's problem is overreliance on his ult
  78. [02:44AM] <Eric> without it, he's really weak
  79. [02:44AM] <Eric> with it, he's goddamn unstoppable unless you have the shield
  81. [02:45AM] <Medicris> he's like doomguy in a lot of ways, except every single attack has the chance to roll CRITICAL FAILURE
  82. [02:46AM] <Eric> phoenix rod is fairly reliable
  83. [02:46AM] <Eric> i'd say it's the one weapon that gets hurt the most from the tome
  84. [02:46AM] <TerminusEst13> Yeah that flamethrower is 200% shit.
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