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  1. PSA: This is an announcement regarding transportation between all of us. I'm literally writing this out as an essay cause of how fed up i am with it. Excluding Noah, since he drives himself around and he's at home with the wife most of the time. Mat would most likely agree with the points I'm about to make, but I am not speaking for him. Also I am not pointing out any names, I'm speaking to you guys as a group.
  3. I would like to address the issue of myself feeling like a chauffeur or taxi. I bought the sticker "gas, grass, or ass" not because i thought it was funny, but with hopes you guys would start to realize I'm not a free ride, but you guys didn't catch the hint. I've been quite contained about this subject with you guys for the last few years, so I'm finally addressing it due to my lack of patience because I can't keep letting this slide.
  5. It frustrates me when it seems I'm expected to give out rides whenever we go places. It's totally fine if you guys don't have vehicles, I'm happy to drive you guys around occasionally. I get that you guys aren't doing it intentionally, but I feel used when you guys expect rides from me often and not offer some sort of compensation here and there. It's really not about the gas money, it's me not wanting to drive around anymore than I have to because it becomes an inconvenience if I'm on a tight schedule. I'm not your parent or babysitter, you guys are adults now, you're old enough to figure this kind of stuff out on your own. preplan your departure, ie; walk, bus, taxi, uber. I'd really like it if you guys could become less dependant on me for rides.
  7. It really sets me off when I'm asked for a ride last minute. Please for the love of god, If you desperately need a ride for some reason, give me some time and ask before hand. When you guys ask me for rides, and I say no, It's really because it's an inconvenience for me, I dislike making stops when I want to be somewhere. Having a car is a responsibility and a privilege, and I work hard to keep my car maintained and on the road with a full tank of gas. I do encourage you guys to get your license and a car to avoid further dilemma and stress as it will make life for all of us a lot easier.
  9. With all that being said. I'm going to lay down some rules and guidelines with my car. Respect me and my car. clean up after yourselves, don't leave shit in my car. If you ask for a ride Gas, grass, or ass (I really don't want your ass). Don't slam my doors. And don't touch the stereo. Only exception when I'm giving rides is if I offer to give the ride. I don't want to hear apologies for you guys, I want to see you guys respect the fact I have a vehicle for myself and not you.
  11. I really care about you guys, but i have to draw a line. Hope you guys understand. I really hope I didn't come off as a dick. Thanks :)
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