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Jan 23rd, 2019
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  1. [INFO] RetroArch 1.7.5 (Git c9c6c5a)
  2. [INFO] === Build =======================================
  3. Capabilities: NEON VFPv3 VFPv4
  4. Built: Oct 9 2018
  5. [INFO] Version: 1.7.5
  6. [INFO] Git: c9c6c5a
  7. [INFO] =================================================
  8. [INFO] Environ SET_PIXEL_FORMAT: RGB565.
  9. [INFO] Version of libretro API: 1
  10. [INFO] Compiled against API: 1
  11. [INFO] [Audio]: Set audio input rate to: 29970.03 Hz.
  12. [INFO] [Video]: Video @ 960x720
  13. [INFO] [EGL] Falling back to eglGetDisplay
  14. [INFO] [EGL]: EGL version: 1.4
  15. [INFO] [EGL]: Current context: 0x1.
  16. [INFO] [GL]: Found GL context: videocore
  17. [INFO] [GL]: Detecting screen resolution 1280x1024.
  18. [INFO] [EGL]: eglSwapInterval(1)
  19. [INFO] [GL]: Vendor: Broadcom, Renderer: VideoCore IV HW.
  20. [INFO] [GL]: Version: OpenGL ES 2.0.
  21. [INFO] Querying EGL extension: KHR_image => exists
  22. [WARN] [GL]: GLES implementation does not have BGRA8888 extension.
  23. 32-bit path will require conversion.
  24. [INFO] [GL]: Using resolution 1280x1024
  25. [INFO] [GL]: Default shader backend found: glsl.
  26. [INFO] [Shader driver]: Using GLSL shader backend.
  27. [WARN] [GL]: Stock GLSL shaders will be used.
  28. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  29. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  30. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  31. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  32. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  33. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  34. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  35. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  36. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  37. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  38. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  39. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  40. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  41. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  42. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  43. [INFO] Setting up menu pipeline shaders for XMB ...
  44. [INFO] [GLSL]: Compiling ribbon shader..
  45. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  46. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  47. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  48. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  49. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  50. [INFO] [GLSL]: Compiling simple ribbon shader..
  51. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  52. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  53. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  54. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  55. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  56. [INFO] [GLSL]: Compiling snow shader..
  57. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  58. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  59. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  60. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  61. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  62. [INFO] [GLSL]: Compiling modern snow shader..
  63. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  64. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  65. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  66. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  67. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  68. [INFO] [GLSL]: Compiling bokeh shader..
  69. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  70. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  71. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  72. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  73. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  74. [INFO] [GLSL]: Compiling snowflake shader..
  75. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL vertex shader.
  76. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  77. [INFO] [GLSL]: Found GLSL fragment shader.
  78. [INFO] Shader log: Compiled
  79. [INFO] [GLSL]: Linking GLSL program.
  80. [INFO] Resetting shader to defaults ...
  81. [INFO] [GL]: Using 4 textures.
  82. [INFO] [GL]: Loaded 1 program(s).
  83. [INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: freetype.
  84. [INFO] [Video]: Graphics driver did not initialize an input driver. Attempting to pick a suitable driver.
  85. [INFO] [udev]: Keyboard #0 (/dev/input/event0).
  86. [ERROR] [udev] Failed to open device: /dev/input/event1 (Success).
  87. [INFO] [udev]: Mouse #0 (/dev/input/mouse0).
  88. [INFO] [udev]: Plugged pad: DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick (121:6) on port #0.
  89. [INFO] [udev]: Pad #0 (/dev/input/event2) supports 0 force feedback effects.
  90. [INFO] [Autoconf]: 1 profiles found.
  91. [INFO] [autoconf]: selected configuration: /home/pi/.config/retroarch/autoconfig/DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick .cfg
  92. [INFO] [udev]: Plugged pad: DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick (121:6) on port #1.
  93. [INFO] [udev]: Pad #1 (/dev/input/event3) supports 0 force feedback effects.
  94. [INFO] [Autoconf]: 1 profiles found.
  95. [INFO] [autoconf]: selected configuration: /home/pi/.config/retroarch/autoconfig/DragonRise Inc. Generic USB Joystick .cfg
  96. [INFO] [Joypad]: Found joypad driver: "udev".
  97. [WARN] [udev]: Full-screen pointer won't be available.
  98. [INFO] [Video]: Found display server: null
  99. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/2xsal-level2-crt.glslp"
  100. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/2xsal.glslp"
  101. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/2xScaleHQ.glslp"
  102. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/barrel-distortion.glslp"
  103. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/barrel-distortion_lanczos4.glslp"
  104. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/barrel-distortion_phosphor.glslp"
  105. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/barrel-distortion_snes.glslp"
  106. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/Brighter-with_Contrast.glslp"
  107. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/bsnes_gamma_ramp.glslp"
  108. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/crt-pi-curvature-vertical.glslp"
  109. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/crt-pi-curvature.glslp"
  110. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/crt-pi-vertical.glslp"
  111. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/crt-pi.glslp"
  112. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/gameboy-screen-grid.glslp"
  113. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/gameboy.glslp"
  114. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/gameboy2.glslp"
  115. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/gba-color.glslp"
  116. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq2x&lcd3x.glslp"
  117. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq2x.glslp"
  118. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq2x2.glslp"
  119. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq2x_lcd3x.glslp"
  120. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq2x_phosphor.glslp"
  121. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq2xwaterpaint.glslp"
  122. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq2xwaterpaintscanline.glslp"
  123. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq4x.glslp"
  124. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/hq4x_lcd3x.glslp"
  125. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/nds-color.glslp"
  126. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/nds.glslp"
  127. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/nedi.glslp"
  128. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/palm-color.glslp"
  129. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/phosphor.glslp"
  130. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/psp-color.glslp"
  131. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/sharp-bilinear-2x-prescale.glslp"
  132. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/sharp-bilinear-scanlines.glslp"
  133. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/sharp-bilinear-simple.glslp"
  134. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes.glslp"
  135. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes2.glslp"
  136. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes_hq2x.glslp"
  137. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes_hq2xwaterpaint.glslp"
  138. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes_hq2xwaterpainthicontrast.glslp"
  139. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes_hq2xwaterpaintscanline.glslp"
  140. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes_lcd3x.glslp"
  141. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes_phosphor.glslp"
  142. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes_scanline.glslp"
  143. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/snes_waterpaint.glslp"
  144. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/stock.glsl"
  145. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/super-2xsai.glslp"
  146. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/super-eagle.glslp"
  147. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/vba-color.glslp"
  148. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/xbr-lv1-noblend.glslp"
  149. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/zfast_crt_curve.glslp"
  150. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/zfast_crt_curve_vertical.glslp"
  151. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/zfast_crt_standard.glslp"
  152. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/zfast_crt_standard_vertical.glslp"
  153. [INFO] Found shader "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/shaders/zfast_lcd_standard.glslp"
  154. [INFO] ALSA: Using signed 16-bit format.
  155. [INFO] ALSA: Period size: 384 frames
  156. [INFO] ALSA: Buffer size: 1536 frames
  157. [INFO] [Menu]: Found menu display driver: "menu_display_gl".
  158. [INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: freetype.
  159. [INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: freetype.
  160. [INFO] [LED]: LED driver = 'null' 0x2b9f70
  161. [INFO] [MIDI]: Initializing ...
  162. [INFO] [MIDI]: Input disabled.
  163. [INFO] [MIDI]: Output disabled.
  164. [INFO] [MIDI]: Initialized "null" driver.
  165. [INFO] SRAM will not be saved.
  166. [INFO] Loading history file: [/home/pi/.config/retroarch/].
  167. [INFO] Loading history file: [/home/pi/.config/retroarch/].
  168. [INFO] Loading history file: [/home/pi/.config/retroarch/].
  169. [INFO] Loading history file: [/home/pi/.config/retroarch/].
  170. [INFO] Loading history file: [/home/pi/.config/retroarch/].
  171. [INFO] [GL]: VSync => on
  172. [INFO] [EGL]: eglSwapInterval(1)
  173. [INFO] [GL]: VSync => on
  174. [INFO] [EGL]: eglSwapInterval(1)
  175. [INFO] [Config]: Saved new config to "/home/pi/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg".
  176. [INFO] Unloading game..
  177. [INFO] Unloading core..
  178. [INFO] Unloading core symbols..
  179. [INFO] [Video]: Does not have enough samples for monitor refresh rate estimation. Requires to run for at least 4096 frames.
  180. [INFO] [Video]: Does not have enough samples for monitor refresh rate estimation. Requires to run for at least 4096 frames.
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