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  1. ```
  2. 1. Spamming or otherwise acting like a nuisance in the server is forbidden. If you are causing any sort of conversational issues, you will be swiftly disposed of, regardless of whether or not it directly violates rule number 9.
  4. 2. Use channels appropriately. If a channel contains information regarding what it is devised for, you are expected to adhere to it respectively. There is a reason why multiple channels exist, and that reason is to maintain order.
  6. 4. Council abuse is not tolerated in our server. If you are in a position of power or authority, you are expected to utilize utmost maturity, be responsible, and use the power you have both effectively and appropriately. Make your decisions wisely and set a positive standard for the members.
  8. 5. Do not unban the user who goes by futurezoid2, there are private reasons, so please don’t question.
  10. 6. Do not provoke any fights/drama/arguments.
  12. 7. Arrogance is never permitted. Unless you are given a role that we consider to be administrative or managerial, you are no more powerful than the average member. However, even with a position of power that places you above others in regards to authority, never consider yourself better than anybody. Conceit is a reprehensible quality to have.
  14. 8. Only post fetishes/NSFW content in #nsfw. Child pornography is forbidden.
  16. 9. Do not joke around with serious first world problems such as rape, terrorism, racism, sexism, suicide, diseases and sexuality. Let people vent out as well.
  18. 10. Do not harass people for any reason at all, even if you claim it was a "joke" at the end, it doesn't make it fine.
  20. 11. If you get banned, do not bypass the ban filters. We will find out and fortify your ban.
  22. 12. Making dangerous threats such as leaking addresses, hacking accounts, leaking personal information, and blackmailing will not be tolerated, if someone is making these threats report them to a council member (if related to this server) and the Discord Trust and Safety team.```
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