Bad Beehive-iour

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. >Be filly
  2. >Naughty little filly, and having a very bad day
  3. >See beehive and convenient rock
  4. >You_know_what_to_do.jpg
  5. >Rock strikes true and all the bees buzz out, but don't attack
  6. >Instead their queen buzzes out, glows a second, and turns into a Bee-Pony
  7. >"Did you throw that rock?"
  8. >You shake your head frantically.
  9. >"Liar. Drone 265312879, get my paddle."
  10. >One bee flies in and retrieves a paddle made of thick hard beeswax.
  11. >It's so tiny you laugh, until it resizes itself to be much bigger in her hoof.
  12. >"You have one chance to escape this thing, filly. You're in for fifty swats from me, but for every word I give you that you spell right, I'll take off ten spanks."
  13. >Ohshit.jpg
  14. >You suck at spelling
  15. >"First word. Spell Naughty."
  16. >Okay, that's not so bad...
  17. >"N-A-U-G-H-T-Y."
  18. >"Correct, ten off. Now, spell Spanking."
  19. >Easy peasy! You know that word all too well.
  20. >"S-P-A-N-K-I-N-G."
  21. >"Not bad. You're only getting thirty. Now, spell Punitive."
  22. >Uhhhhh
  23. >"Can you use it in a sentence?"
  24. >"I am going to give a naughty filly thirty spankings for what she did to my hive as a punitive measure so she learns her lesson."
  25. >That doesn't help!
  26. >"P-U-N-E-T-E-V-E?"
  27. >"Incorrect. Still thirty. Now, spell Apiarist."
  28. >Wtf.jpg
  29. >"That's not a word!"
  30. >"It is indeed. It means a beekeeper. Now, spell."
  31. >Fucking...You'll teach her.
  32. >"A-P-E-F-A-C-E-D-F-A-T-B-E-E"
  33. >The queen is silent.
  34. >She looks pissed.
  35. >Now you've done it. Even her workers are buzzing angrily.
  36. >"I suppose you think that's funny. I think I'll just add another ten spanks back for that."
  37. >Crap
  38. >"And for your final word...I'm sure you know the word. Marey Poppins is famous for it."
  39. >Ohno.jpg
  40. >That know the word...
  41. >You slowly nod
  42. >"Spell it."
  43. >Ohcrapohcrapohcrap
  44. >You actually DO know how to spell that word. You studied it to impress your teacher and convince her to take off a failing grade on a spelling test.
  45. >"S-U-P-E-R-C-A-L-I-F-R-A-G-I-L-I-S-T-I-C-E-X-P-I-A-L-I-D-O-C-I-O-U-S"
  46. >You take a breath and hope.
  47. >"Wrong. I told you to spell it. It is spelled I-T. Forty spanks."
  48. >WHAT?!
  49. >Before you can move the queen has you grabbed and pulled across her knees, resting on her abdomen as well.
  50. >You can see that stinger of hers too...
  51. >With her pony-sized, it's huge
  52. >The first crack of that horrid paddle against your flanks puts an end to that thought chain.
  53. >"OWWWWYYY!!!"
  54. >That paddle is hard! Way harder than the modified ping-pong paddle Mom and Dad use!
  55. >She swats again and again, dancing that waxy thing up and down your flanks
  56. >You try to be strong, but you soon break down
  57. >"That's ten."
  58. >ONLY TEN?!
  59. >You can't stand it anymore, you start to sob and kick and squirm.
  60. >The drones and workers are buzzing around as the queen holds you tight.
  61. >You can hear them laughing!
  62. >"Pleaseplease I won't throw rocks!" you beg
  63. >She doesn't listen, and spanks you on your sit spots for all your squirming.
  64. >She's completely silent as she focuses everything she has on cracking that paddle down into your poor butt.
  65. >"Twenty."
  66. >Halfway there...maybe you can do thiOWWWW!
  67. >She's spanking harder now, much harder.
  68. >And she's aiming for your thighs too.
  69. >You can't stop kicking and squirming, and finally you throw a hoof back to try and stop it.
  70. >She grabs your hoof immediately and punishes you with a quick quintet of painful paddlings up and down the crack of your behind.
  71. >"Those don't count, they are punishment for squirming." she says.
  72. >No fair...
  73. >She's cracking that paddle down super-hard now, your breath is catching as you sob and try to beg
  74. >"Thirty."
  75. >Not ten can't take ten more.
  76. >You don't have a choice.
  77. >"PLEASE!"
  78. >"Five extra for begging."
  79. >She suddenly buzzes her wings and moves fast as lightning, cracking that paddle down into your butt so quick you can't distinguish the strikes
  80. >All you can feel is the pain and burning in your rump growing hotter and hotter.
  81. >You sob and kick and buck and plead, only to be held tight.
  82. >"Stop wriggling like a larva. You deserve this."
  83. >She punishes your wiggling with even more spanks to your crack.
  84. >You finally break down and wail
  85. >"I'M SORRRRYYYY!!! S-O-R-R-Y!!!"
  86. >She stops.
  87. >"Are you ever going to throw rocks at my hive or any other hive again?"
  88. >You shake your head. "N..No Ma'am."
  90. >Three spanks right on your sit spots.
  91. >"Are you going to lie when you misbehave again?"
  92. >Another headshake...
  94. >Three more to your thighs
  95. >OhCelestiaThatHurts
  96. >"Are you going to learn how to spell properly?"
  97. >You start to shake your head again, then quickly nod instead.
  99. >Three spanks to each of your cheeks!
  100. >She puts you down
  101. >"Good. See that you do. Because the next time you meet a bee like me, they won't be so generous."
  102. >Generous?! You won't be able to sit for a month!
  103. >"How were you generous?!"
  105. >She smiles.
  107. >"Most Spelling Bees are much harder on naughty fillies than that."
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