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  1. Session Start: Wed Apr 20 16:44:05 2011
  2. Session Ident: Nerding
  3. [16:44] Session Ident: Nerding (SwiftIRC, Elv) (~Behappy@E9E56E37.81E7A1BD.E0EC17E9.IP)
  4. [16:44] <Nerding> ok  i think u need to know why i got mad at u  
  5. [16:44] <Nerding> how long i know u ?
  6. [16:44] <Elv> 1 year+
  7. [16:44] <Nerding> and how long u know angel ?
  8. [16:44] <Elv> 6 weeks
  9. [16:45] <Nerding>   and i know i dont talk u much  but did i ever told u something make u mad at me ?
  10. [16:45] <Nerding> or did anything make u mad at me?
  11. [16:45] <Elv> i'm not mad at you lol
  12. [16:45] <Elv> I just know there's a bit of history
  13. [16:45] <Elv> before I was around
  14. [16:46] <Nerding> i know u not mad at me u listen to her lieing about me and u went and delete me from rs -.-
  15. [16:46] <Nerding> its really nice of u  to delete me
  16. [16:46] <Nerding> i even dont speak about her or anything but i know she talking sht about me  . am i wrong about that or no ?
  17. [16:47] <Elv> I got mad and deleted alot of people, she doesn't really care anymore and only really talks when people start shit in edge bank
  18. [16:48] <Nerding> elv she the one who starting sht and trying to seeking the drama  and ppl dont say nothing to her
  19. [16:49] <Elv> :/ I'm probably biased but I'd get pissed off if I was her too, I just stick up for her
  20. [16:49] <Nerding> nyway i dont care  about her i have in my ignore list    but delete me   and i did not do nothing  not to u or her
  21. [16:49] <Nerding> make me really sad -.-
  22. [16:50] <Nerding> not u only u know i brian too ? he did too i really dont know the reason and i dont wana ask him to be honest
  23. [16:50] <Elv> I'll add you again, that was my mistake but when people say stuff I obviously have to stick up for her
  24. [16:50] <Elv> brian doesnt play anymore really
  25. [16:50] <Elv> so idk
  26. [16:50] <Nerding> if u really gona let a girl u only know from 6week to controll in u then   never was good friend to me  
  27. [16:51] <Nerding>  meh  anyway dont make her involed u  in her sht tbh
  28. [16:51] <Nerding> cuz she only gona make u hate more ppl  and that not nice
  29. [16:51] <Elv> she doesn't control me >.> we're just close friends and she's been through alot of irl shit lately
  30. [16:51] <Elv> so I stick up for her
  31. [16:51] <Nerding> no elv she do controll u its all obv
  32. [16:52] <Elv> I don't really understand how lol, I choose to stick up for her
  33. [16:53] <Nerding> u know that i even dont fucking know her that well all wat i know from wat brandon and luc saying about her
  34. [16:53] <Nerding> brandon said she lie about lots of stuff
  35. [16:53] <Nerding> l2say no tbh -.- i know u are nice person
  36. [16:53] <Elv> she's a nice person, just did alot of shit back in the day she shouldnt of
  37. [16:54] <Nerding> no elv u nice person
  38. [16:54] <Nerding> she is attention seeker
  39. [16:54] <Nerding> i am not trying to make u  hate or anything i am just talking to u as friend
  40. [16:55] <Elv> I understand what you're saying but we're close friends and it pisses me off when people start shit in edge
  41. [16:56] <Nerding> edge is drama source  before she come into it
  42. [16:56] <Nerding> katy drama then  her drama
  43. [16:57] <Elv> ;/
  44. [16:57] <Nerding> and trying to involed  me in this drama is really sad  i lost u  and i lost brian cuz her for sure and havent done nothing to her
  45. [16:57] <Nerding> just cuz i am brandon friend
  46. [16:57] <Nerding> that just stupid
  47. [16:58] <Nerding> i have her and katy in ignore  so i really donthear nothing of wat they say
  48. [16:58] <Nerding> if she really trying to  stop the drama why she dont put  katy in ignore list ? not calling u whenever katy at bank
  49. [17:00] <Elv> if katy is talking shit about her, then she wants to see it
  50. [17:01] <Nerding> i doubt it
  51. [17:01] <Nerding> like the day when biko  say something about her outfit and he was kidding ( and biko is her friend too i believe not sure"
  52. [17:02] <Elv> her and biko don't get along
  53. [17:02] <Nerding> and after 2sec u come and was like "  oh drama around"  then she start saying sht like i am who start it ?
  54. [17:02] <Elv> it's never one person that tries to drama though, that's why I stick up for her
  55. [17:03] <Nerding> if that true then biko always say joke like that but he really nice person if u get to know him he say lots worse to me
  56. [17:03] <Elv> I can't forgive biko for giving fastforce information about angel, sooooooooo
  57. [17:04] <Nerding> elv  w132 edge is dramatic placeeeeee if  anyone dont need drama hello go away from edge
  58. [17:04] <Elv> I wouldn't care if it was one person trying to argue but it's always more than one person trying to argue
  59. [17:06] <Nerding> well all ppl have there reasons    and best way is to not ivnoled i know wat she did to brandon have i ever  say something about her no
  60. [17:06] <Elv> there's alot of history that I don't really know or care about but if people are starting shit of course I'm not gonna sit back and let it happen
  61. [17:07] <Nerding> she even ask me to send message to brandon and i did  , if she dont trust me to  ask me that  why she saying bs about me
  62. [17:08] <Elv> she doesnt talk about you lol, she only talks about people that bitch about her
  63. [17:08] <Nerding> then why u delete me if that true ^^?
  64. [17:15] <Nerding>  ppl odnt like her before katy
  65. [17:15] <Nerding> she used to say sht about  katy and send katy naked pics to everyone  
  66. [17:16] <Nerding> then when brandon break uo with her she become friend to katy
  67. [17:16] <Nerding> and start trolling brandon me chey  and lots other ppl
  68. [17:16] <Elv> ;/
  69. [17:17] <Nerding> then idont know wat happend   all wat i heard is katy and her  got into big fight
  70. [17:17] <Elv> yh
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