Respected Players :3c

Jul 7th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Respected players: <3
  3. Arkanik: You nomod god, it was very fun battling for multiple spots on the leaderboards forever! You are truly one of the best NoMod RX Taiko Players out there! You deserve so much hype for your plays (even the ht volcanic play XDDD)
  5. Miniature Lamp: LAMPO, THE BEST (former) BN ON AKATSUKI, ALSO A SPEED DEMON, much love for always inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone with taiko you absolute god <3
  7. Pixelsnarfer: The most skilled acc player out there, you're insane bro, glad to be battling it out with you for so long :3c
  9. Peepee: Hi god owo you’re so chill and such a laid back guy. come back to akat (T-T)
  11. Cladrelax: Down to earth, very chill person. Highly skilled player. What more is there to say??? Good luck on your future endeavors <3
  13. Softiemoth: Very similar playstyle to clad, highly skilled acc player, amazing at rx taiko! Keep being you!!!
  15. Yuyuko: You're a beast at FL, pls play on Akatsuki more owo
  17. Eaves: My brother. You always know how to cheer me up or brighten my day! Such a privilege to call you a close friend. <3333
  19. Mqte: Leshawna. I love you biiiiitch
  21. Cover: Thank you for dealing with my stupidity when teaching me how to code, you're such a talented guy. Big things will come your way bro <3 thanks for always being by my side.
  23. Cmyui: Thanks for creating this server, otherwise I wouldn't have met all of these amazing people, god-tier coder as well :3c
  25. Alfie: It's chewsday innit bruv? I love you bro <3 keep being you! Thanks for always being there for us.
  27. Eternity: The man, the myth, the legend, Eternity. I know we don't talk much anymore but you're seriously one of the best of the best out there, much respect for you bro and good luck with whatever you're doing outside of osu! <3
  29. Janizmad: Jani, my Hungarian brother, we've known each other for not too long, but you're seriously such a skilled player. You have so much potential. Szeretlek, testvér <3
  31. Borgar: You fucking speed demon. You always keep us laughing during vc's and you're such a skilled player. Keep setting insane passes bro!
  33. Soul: Please stop sending me recipes for fries... jokes aside, you're cracked at the game bro, and you're funny as all hell. Much love man, keep doing your thing <3
  35. Zoom: Mr. Baguette, I'm expecting another 1v1 soon. I will win >:3
  37. Mahmood: Stop being so fucking good, inshallah :3
  39. CursorDance: you French man, yo mama :3 COME TO THE THEATER
  41. Halibel: Hey man, you make some good fucking memes. Keep up the good work, you're also a dt tech god <3
  43. Yasubee: YASUBEE You crazy motherfucker. Keep being you, love you much dude <3
  45. Kuwam: My Twitch VIP, thanks for making me laugh in vc and being a crazy motherfucker <3 Also P.S I'm shipping you to the Philippines
  47. Dog: Welcome back to akatsuki bitch
  49. Ristuki: You truly are the best 3 digit on bancho, and also a pretty amazing person :blobsip:
  51. Apple: say my name right next time when tagging me in something on twitter IT HAS 5 UNDERSCORES
  53. AkiraShine: Mr. Akira. cool guy :thumbsup:
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