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  1. Dickhat lands on top of you his claws savagely ripping off your clothes. You feel his claws searching for you pussy as his member goes erect. He howls as it starts to rub it on your thighs.
  2. AMoose cries out, taken aback by the sudden ravaging! She screams, her entire body writhing and struglling as you force yourself onto her! Feeling the feral beasts erect member rubbing against her thighs turning her on so much, she pushes her arms against you in vain, trying to force you off but to no avail.
  3. Dickhat pushes your legs off and tore your panties apart. His hands hold you by your hair as if you were a horse, his cock goes inside of you. It's so big the pain is almost unbearable. You can feel the beast breathing on your neck. His claws on your breasts now only covered by what remains of your shirt.
  4. AMoose screams in pain, as in one movement you'd forced her legs apart and penetrated her, her head flinging upwards as her back arches in primal pleasure. She's already dripping wet as you force your thick member into her, her entire body racked in pain and pleasure, she can't help but feel so turned on as she's violated, feeling red lines forming where your claws dig into her breasts.
  5. Dickhat pulls her hair even harder. The beast howls as his cock goes in and out of your pussy. Sounds of your moist vagina can be heard along with your crying and the beast's howling. His dick throbs inside of you and feels hot. Lots of precum flow inside of you already. The beast sniffs your neck, never letting go of the firm grip on your hair.
  6. AMoose as her entire body struggles and writhes against you, tears streaming nown her face as she's raped by a savage beast, she can feel her tail acting on it's own, sliding down between her lecks and coiling ever so lightly around the bottom of the wolf's balls, as if to encourage it on. To tell it to use her in any way that she wants, to fill her full of it's seed. She cries out, the overwhelming musk of the wolf driving her wild, a scent no man could ever hope to have that brings her to the limit, her body trembles once more as she looses count of her countless orgasms.
  7. Dickhat howls out and pulls his cock inside of her in one mighty thrust his whole body arching. His cock throbs a lot while the beast's cum flow inside of you. It feels hot inside your pussy and it's like it's filling you up completely. As you pussy contracts you make the best cum even more, it's so much it starts driping off from you. The beast howls as your tentacles massage his balls and the base of his cock. He can't even think anymore from so much pleasure. Some saliva drips from his mouth on your back.
  8. AMoose cries out in pleasure, her whole body submitting to the wolves carnal desires. Tears still streaming down her cheeks as her lips curl into a perverted smile, feeling the wolf fill her completely, your juices combining with hers as she moans in pleasure, as your juices escape her she can feel them sliding down her thighs, and onto the floor beneath us/
  9. Dickhat My dick is still throbbing as I take it out of your pussy, some cum still flowing from it. There is some much cum everwhere you could probably fill some cups with it. Me, the beast, breath heavily and gently pass his claws on you back as if he was appreciating his prey. You can see he takes delight in your crying. You have claw marks all around you body and you can't stand on your fours by youself letting your body slip on the pool of cum and your pussy juices.
  10. Dickhat I take you as if you are a bag of potatos os some other thing and throw you inside of your jail again where you shall wait to be used again.
  11. AMoose as the beast picks me up onto his shoulders,  I don't resist, my eyes rolled back into my head and my pussy still dripping with cum as he throws me to the dank cell, my body eagerly anticipating whatever the wolf has in store for me
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