Undercover Blues

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Chrysalis paced the halls of her hive, still seething with anger even after taking her hatchlings out to dinner. What a mistake that had been, the little delinquents shooting peas at one another until she gave all of them reason to stop, making sure to keep the ringleader squirming the whole time.
  3. Wrenching her thoughts back to the present, Chrysalis groaned at the beginnings of a headache. How she raged when she heard that wretched pink candy princess had given birth. And no, she hadn’t even had the decency to birth a normal foal, oh no. She had to rub Chrysalis’s face in her loss by bringing the very first natural-born alicorn foal into the world!
  5. Rubbing her temples, the Bug-Queen sat down to redo her takeover plan for the crystal empire all over again. Little Flurry Heart…gah, what a stupid pony name!...had effectively thrown a good dozen monkey wrenches into all the ones she had. Even the ones involving a stampede of wild pink elephants somehow!
  7. Two hours, three bottles of headache potion, and a mountain of crumpled paper later, and Chrysalis was still nowhere closer to capturing the Crystal Heart than before. It all came down to that blasted foal! Cadance would naturally be so protective of her that any invasion would be doomed…to….failure…..
  9. That was when Chrysalis suddenly grinned as an awful, festering idea popped into her mind. It would take practice, oh yes. Possibly years of research and magical training to perfect the form while retaining her mindset and all magical powers, to say nothing of the martial training In her new shape. But once she did…oh, revenge was going to be sweet.
  11. ------------------------------------------------
  13. It had been more than a couple of years, but Chrysalis had finally perfected her plan! She had mastered Flurry Heart’s form, managing to retain all her spells and maturity in the process! She had even managed to get in a good bit of martial training, in case she was captured. It was going to be a delicate operation, after all. She would have to sneak into the palace at the only time Flurry wasn’t there: Broad Daylight. Once there, it would be a simple matter to reach Cadance and Shining Armor, leave the various notes from “Shining’s” mistresses, then sneak out and steal the heart while everyone was distracted by their argument. Foolproof!
  15. At least, that’s what Chrysalis was telling herself as she approached the imposing spire of crystal. “Pre-operation jitters, Chrysalis, that’s all it is, and you know it.” She thought. “You’re already in Flurry Heart’s shape, you’re almost inside, and your spies have already told you where the Heart and the royal bedroom are located, along with the easiest paths to get there. You’ll be fine.”
  17. Steeling herself, the disguised queen trotted inside past the guards, smiling at them as she knew Flurry would do before trotting off down the hall. Once out of sight, she ducked into the next hallway, consulted her map, and set off along the next pathway, ducking through various side doors and a few secret passages before reaching to door to the Royal Bedroom. Right as she reached a hoof out to open it, though, she learned a lesson the hapless queen had forgotten in her scheming...
  19. “FLURRY HEART SPARKLE-CADENZA!!!!” a stern-voiced shout reached her ears as Chrysalis looked back over her shoulder and saw the Candy-Mare herself striding up the hall, looking none too pleased.
  21. No plan ever survives contact with the enemy.
  23. ------------------------------------------------
  25. “Ow!” Chrysalis yelped as she was dragged unceremoniously down the hall, Cadance’s magical grip on her ear tugging insistently whenever the disguised queen showed signs of slowing down. Already they had taken too many turns for Chrysalis to know where she was, until Cadance opened a door and pulled her inside before releasing the grip on her pained ear. The room they were in now was…pink. Very pink, with all sorts of girly toys strewn all over the floor, even including plush versions of all the Elements of Harmony. Seeing them, Chrysalis growled low in her throat as she rubbed the side of her head.
  27. That growl proved to be a mistake, as her ear was once more tugged sharply, drawing the queen closer to the angry Princess, who proceeded to plop “Flurry” down and begin to scold her vehemently. After listening for most of a minute…mostly to repeated iterations of “What are you doing home from school at this hour, young lady?!”…the bug queen tuned out the angry princess, instead taking note of her surroundings, trying to plot her escape. It was clear now the plan had been scuppered…
  29. “OWWY!” she yelped at the sudden pain in her hindquarters, glaring up at Cadance.
  31. “When Mommy is lecturing, you listen to her, young lady.” The pink princess scolded. “Now, I don’t know what you’re doing home from school or where this attitude of growling at me came from, but this kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated in this palace, young filly. You are in so much trouble right now…” Cadance said, and then paused. This was, after all, where Flurry usually apologized for her behavior and begged forgiveness.
  33. Chrysalis, however, was not Flurry Heart. Instead, she just yawned at her supposed “Mother’s” threats.
  35. Immediately, the hapless bug found herself plucked up and held in the air as Cadance positioned herself on the bed before bringing the filly over and draping her across her lap. Chrysalis relaxed, remembering that a spanking wouldn’t hurt her. After all, she was a changeling! And not just any changeling, but a queen besides! This pony couldn’t cause her any pain!
  37. Except…she was in disguise…
  39. As a filly…Without her chitin…
  41. Oh crap…
  43. “AIEEEEE!!!!!” she yelped as Cadance’s hoof swung down with a resounding smack to her left cheek, the struggling bug being held in place across her lap by another strong hoof. Another swat connected with her tender backside, causing Chyrsalis to squirm and struggle more, desperately seeking escape.
  45. Cadance, however, was implacable. She was saying something…probably another lecture, but Chrysalis only had ears for the next swish of her hoof through the air, heralding the next slap to her sensitive bottom. The mare was deliberately aiming for the center of both cheeks to start with, warming up the filly on her lap before delivering the actual punishment.
  47. Only ten swats in, and Chrysalis was berating herself for such a stupid plan. Her ass was on fire! This was ridicul”OWWY!” she cried as another pair of spanks tenderized her bottom that little bit extra. Finally, after another three spanks, Cadance stopped and stared down at her. Already the queen’s eyes were misty, though she was holding back her tears.
  49. “Now, can you tell Mommy why you were spanked just now?” Cadance asked.
  51. “Because Mommy is a big mean stupid asOWWWW!” Chrysalis started to answer, only to be interrupted by a pair of spanks to the top of her bum, right beneath her tail.
  53. “Was that a swearword? Because I think I heard a swearword in there, and that is even more unacceptable.” Cadance said, tightening her grip on Chrysalis once again, causing her eyes to widen.
  55. “No! Mommy, no, I’m sorry!” she managed to get out, but to no avail. Cadance began spanking her again, this time aiming her hoof towards the top of both flank-cheeks, Chrysalis renewed her struggles again, trying to escape. Up until this point, she had never appreciated how strong Cadance actually was…but then, as an alicorn, she was part Earth Pony.
  57. Funny how being in pain near tears made the mind wander…
  59. Soon, though, Cadance stopped once again, and Chrysalis was able to breathe in a shaky sigh of relief. Oddly, she felt Cadance cross her legs beneath her, one knee raising her bottom up a bit further, exposing her upper thighs. Wiping her misty eyes, Chrysalis let out with a questioning whimper.
  61. Her answer was a flurry of spanks to the sensitive undercurves of her butt, each one focused solely on turning those small patches of fur and skin as bright rosy red as the rest of her bottom. Left with no other choice, the bound queen gave in and started bawling. It was too much for her, now that her sit spots were being spanked as well.
  63. Cadance, naturally, was showing no mercy. Each precisely placed spank to her filly’s sit spots was aimed where it would paint them the same color as the rest of her. Not that this was the last thing in store for her naughty filly, oh no. In fact, it looked like the time to start using her insurance.
  65. Chrysalis, still prone and bawling half-curse, half-apologies at her “Mommy”, heard the sound of magic being channeled through a horn again. Looking up, she saw a thick-bodied, flat, heavy hairbrush floating through the air. For a moment, she stared at it, then she immediately started trying to fly, run, whatever she could. “NO! Not the brush! Please! I’ll be good! I promise!” she sobbed.
  67. Cadance took the brush into her hoof, ignoring her filly’s pleas as she tapped for aim, then delivered the first blistering spanks with it. Now she wasn’t aiming any longer just focusing instead on delivering a good, thorough warming to a naughty behind.
  69. Chrysalis was left bawling again by the second stroke with the brush, it hurt so much worse than Cadance’s hoof! She bucked, struggled, tried to bring her tail down to block, only to have it tugged back up and the top of her bottom smacked five times in punishment. After a minute or so, the queen threw both of her hooves back to try and block the next strike, but it never came.
  71. Instead, Chyrsalis found her hooves lifted up and pinned to the small of her back as Cadance sighed. There was a short, thirty second reprieve, and then it started again, the hairbrush spanking up one side and down the other, each smack flattening one of Chryssy’s cheeks before letting it bounce back up.
  73. Finally, right as Chrysalis thought she could take no more, and was about to break her disguise and face Cadance full on, the torment stopped, and she found herself scooped into a hug, the princess nuzzling her gently and rubbing her back.
  75. “Now, sweetie, Mommy loves you…but we can’t behave like you did today. Skipping school, fighting me, growling at me, swearing at me…and don’t think I didn’t hear those half-swears you were muttering either, young lady.” The princess scolded, frowning at her. “Your spanking from me is done, but you’re still going to be punished. From now until dinnertime, you are going to write out, one thousand times by hoof, “I am very sorry for my inappropriate behavior today.” After dinner, you are going to put on your pajamas, and then sit with your nose to the wall until your father comes in to read to you. She sentenced, nodding regally.
  77. With that, the Princess gave her a final kiss, then sat the queen on a little stool at a desk. Chrysalis squirmed as he sore bottom met hard wood, looking up at Cadance with teary eyes as the elder produced sheets of paper and a quill. “Oh, and one final thing…I’m going to put a shield spell on the door and the window so you can’t get out, young lady. And you can expect a bedtime spanking from your father as well.
  79. With that, Cadance left, leaving Chrysalis trapped, sore, and anxious about what was to come. To say nothing of the lines she needed to write…well, no point in making things worse. Dipping the quill into the ink, she started writing. One line…two lines…three lines…one thousand was a good ways away.
  81. ------------------------------------------------
  83. This, Chrysalis thought to herself as she stared at the corner before her, was absolutely the last straw. The spanking had been horrible, her bottom was still stinging as she shifted and squirmed on the hard floor. The thousand lines had bored her nearly to tears, and the poor queen had finally vented her frustration by throwing a major tantrum, wrecking all sorts of Flurry Heart’s favorite toys. That had been fun, and some satisfaction that at least Flurry would suffer as Chrysalis had.
  85. Her satisfaction, however, had lasted all of ten minutes before Cadance swept in, saw that her lines were only three quarters done, and then began scolding Chrysalis for her temper. Chrysalis had responded with a suggestion better left unsaid, and Cadance’s only response was to grab her by the ear…Chrysalis rubbed the side of her head at the memory, Cadance found that particular handle all too convenient…and drag the hapless queen to her bathroom. In there, despite her struggles, Chrysalis was reintroduced to the foul taste of soap for five minutes, “to clean out that filthy language” Cadance had said.
  87. Even after that, after being marched back to the stool and sat down on it, after finishing the lines and the extra three hundred Cadance set for the tantrum (“I will not destroy my toys because I am angry”), there was dinner to get to. And what a torment that was…forced to choke down all sorts of vegetables and “good for you” meals, gagging at the taste, all while Cadance’s love was floating all around, permeating the air and tantalizing her with its tenderness.
  89. Even her bath had been horrid, Cadance insisting on scrubbing her and playing with her while singing silly songs about rubber ducks.
  91. But this…this was the last straw, Chrysalis grumbled, looking down at her body. Or rather, the fuzzy pink onesie pajamas covering her body. Chancing a glance at herself in the mirror, she grimaced. Bunny pajamas. Fuzzy, Pink, Dropseat, Onesie, Bunny Ear Pajamas.
  93. Even a time out held nothing to this final humiliation.
  95. ------------------------------------------------
  97. After over an hour of sitting, staring at the wall, and concocting various schemes to be rid of Shining Armor and Cadance, Chrysalis heard the door open, and the telltale clip-clop of Shining Armor’s hooves, a sound she recognized from her initial invasion. She started to turn around, only to jerk her head back in fear when she saw his face. Shining Armor did NOT look happy, carefree, or like his usual silly self. In fact, he looked as angry as he had when he threw his sister out of the wedding.
  99. “So, young lady, your Mommy tells me you decided that not only would it be a good idea to skip school today, but that when she caught you, you growled at her, said bad words to her, and even tried to fight her? And I can see the evidence of the tantrum you threw all around this room. Unacceptable, Flurry Heart.” He scolded her, glaring down into her eyes. “What do you have to say for yourself?”
  101. Chrysalis, right now, was faced with the most important choice of her life. Bottom still stinging, mouth watering from the sight of Cadance’s love at dinner, and clad in the most embarrassing pajamas this side of the Griffish Isles, she could either swallow her pride…or not. Two emotions warred inside her for a short moment, causing two tears to start forming in her eyes and her lower lip to pout out. Unfortunately for her, Shining took this the wrong way.
  103. “That’s not going to work on me, Flurry. And you should be ashamed for trying it.” He said, sitting down on the bed and patting his lap. “I can see why your Mommy told me I should do this before your story. Come here, young lady.” He ordered.
  105. Chrysalis immediately backed into the wall in a panic, hooves going to cover her aching bum. Not again…”Please no! Not another one! Please, Daddy!” she found herself saying, her mouth seeming to have a mind of its own…or was that her butt speaking through her mouth?
  107. Shining shook his head. “ know if Daddy has to count and gets to three, it’s going to get worse for you. Come on, over my lap, and we can get this finished with. I’ll even read you two stories tonight.” He cajoled her a little, hoping his bribe would work.
  109. Naturally, it didn’t. “P..Please, Daddy! I’ll be good! I promise! I won’t…”
  111. “One.” He said, his voice flat.
  113. “I’mSorryPleaseDon’t…”
  115. “Two…”
  117. “IWon’tDoItAgainIPromis…”
  119. “Three.” Shining said, and started to stand up. Before he could move, Chrysalis, realizing her danger, ran over and leaped into his lap, hugging her hooves around his neck in a desperate bid to try and plead with him for release, to no avail. She felt Shining’s hooves around her body, trying to pull her loose, and clutched tighter to his neck, not wanting to let go. There was something comforting about this hugging business, actually.
  121. Finally, after a minute or so of struggle, Shining just shrugged. “Do you just want me to spank you like this? Standing on my lap and hugging my neck?” he asked, to be answered by her nod as Chrysalis buried her head in his shoulder, resigned to her fate. “Alright then.” He said, moving her tail up and gently pinning it to her back with his other hoof, wrapping his foreleg around her shoulders to help keep her steady as he delivered the first spank.
  123. “AHHH!” Chrysalis squealed as that first swat awakened pained nerve endings gone dead in the intervening hours from her last spanking. This wasn’t quite s bad, but it still hurt. Tears were already building in her eyes as she felt Shining’s hoof begin the process of setting her rump ablaze, spanking all over her tender cheeks.
  125. “I’m not going to lecture you like your Mommy does, young lady…but you need to learn how to behave.” Shining scolded her, perfectly audible even above Chrysalis’s yelps of “Owwy” and “Please!”. To make his point, her delivered a quartet of spanks to each of her sit spots, bouncing his hoof off those sensitive undercurves.
  127. Poor Chrysalis was crying loudly by this point, each smack bringing a fresh squeal or yelp as she clutched tightly to Shining’s neck, desperate for any form of comfort. Small comfort it was, at least her pajamas shielded her from some of the blows.
  129. Finally, after what seemed an eternity…but was really only about three minutes…Shining gently unwrapped her hooves from around his neck and nuzzled her. “Now, normally, you’d be done by now…but Daddy had to count to get you over here, and he had to count to three besides. And that’s all on top of some of the other things you did today. So you’ve earned what is about to come, young lady. Go and get Daddy’s belt from your dresser where he left it.”
  131. The Queen’s eyes narrowed in fear as she shook her head rapidly. “P..Pl…Ple…” she started to beg, but was cut off.
  133. “Sweetie, if I have to get it myself, then I won’t read you any stories at all tonight. Please, don’t make this any harder than it has to be. Go and get my belt, right now.” He ordered, in a tone that brooked no argument.
  135. Being a changeling, Chrysalis was no stranger to military orders, and her body obeyed even while her mind wandered in pain. She got up and gingerly walked over, picking the belt up in her mouth and bringing it back, the tough taste of the leather against her teeth. She gave it over to him, whimpering as she started to climb into his lap, only to be picked up and set down, bent over the bed with her rear end on display.
  137. That was when she felt Shining’s hooves going to work unbuttoning her Dropseat. In a panic, she threw her hooves back to hold it up, only to have it magically tugged free and dropped. “Move your hooves, young lady.” Shining ordered. When Chyrsalis obeyed, he inspected the damage. Flurry’s normally light pink bottom was a dusty red color, with a darker shade painting the bottom sides of her bum.
  139. Nodding to himself, Shining Armor raised the belt and let it fall, the leather slapping against Chryalis’s bare rear with that SNAP sound only leather could produce.
  141. “AAHHIIEEEOOOOWWWYYY!!!!” Chrysalis screamed, feeling her entire rear explode in pain, tears springing out of her eyes now as she grabbed for the nearest thing to her…a plush dragon…and clutched it close. The second spank fell, bringing another yell and a fresh wave of tears. Down and again the belt snapped across her flank, each one raising her pain to new heights.
  143. Finally at her wits end, Chrysalis had a brilliant idea! Regrow her chitin on her backside! She sparked her horn to try and do so, only to feel a jolt of magic against it. “Young lady…you know about casting during spankings.” Shining scolded her, bringing the belt down hard onto her sit spots. “That’s going to earn you extra after this is over.”
  145. This sentence only served to bring more tears to Chryssy’s eyes, making her clutch the dragon closer to herself as she felt Shining belt her again and again…wait? Where was the last spank? Was it over? Shining was picking her up now, and setting her back on his lap. And now he was bringing over the hairbrush…THE HAIRBRUSH?!
  147. “No! No, Daddy, no! I’m sorry, not that again, please no more!” Chrysalis broke down and begged, trying to fight against her former slave’s hoof as she pleaded, all thoughts of pride gone. Unfortunately, Shining was implacable, and she felt the unwelcome sting of hard wood against tender flesh once again, bringing her to bawling and begging, half-apologies as she blubbered.
  149. Up one cheek and down the other Shining spanked, the hairbrush painting Flurry’s bottom a good shade of red, making sure she would remember this lesson for a very long time. No matter how cute she was, she needed to be taught this lesson.
  151. Chrysalis still fought as she felt the brush sting her flank once more, squirming and writhing on Shining’s lap before finally just going limp and accepting it. Soon after that, it ended, and she felt herself gathered up, dragon and all, into a hug and a nuzzle from Shining.
  153. “Your spanking is over, and I think you deserve two stories, my little Snowstorm.” He told her, giving her a kiss and laying her into the bed, folding the blankets around her as he ignored her wiggling, selecting a book. “Here we go…From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler. You’ll love it, this was one of your Aunt Twilight’s favorite books when she was a filly.” He told her, laying next to her and beginning to read.
  155. ------------------------------------------------
  157. It was long past Bedtime when a lone, small figure slipped out the servant’s door to the palace, clutching her stinging bottom as she fled into the night. The guards, ordered to let her go, reported to the Crystal Princess that she had awoken and escaped the city.
  158. Cadance smiled at Shining as he came in while she noted the report down at her desk, looking at her husband with all the love in the world. “So, did you read our daughter a good bedtime story?” she asked, one eye still on the other reports on her desk.
  160. “Yeah, but I really had to give her a good spanking before she would stop. I think that’s the harshest I ever had to get with her…I hated every minute of it, how do you DO it?” Shining responded, flopping down on their bed as Cadance chuckled.
  162. “Well, Sweetie, don’t you think you should go back to Flurry’s real bedroom and read her a story? She’s probably waiting for you.” She teased.
  164. “Wait, what do you mean? I just read her a…” Shining started, only for Cadance to come over and whisper something in his ear.
  165. The entire castle shook with the force of the next word from Shining’s mouth. “WHAT?!”
  167. ------------------------------------------------
  169. Two weeks later, Chrysalis still had yet to live down what had happened to her. While she had tried to keep it on the secret side of things, one of her spies in the Empire had made his weekly report two days after, while her chitinous flanks were still tinged with red.
  171. It had been nothing but teasing and laughter after that. Even as the queen, she was the joke of the hive. It had happened before, a changeling getting spanked while on assignment…such was the danger of impersonating foals…but never a spanking of such caliber! And from Buglic Enemy Numbers One and Two, no less!
  173. Two weeks it had taken for Chrysalis to restore some sense of order and decorum. She was still sitting on cushions in meetings, and had taken to hugging her pillow close to her chest for comfort at night. She didn’t want to admit it, but…the snuggles she got after both spankings had been nice. And the story was a lot more interesting than she expected, though she regretted they didn’t finish it. It had been pleasant to be read to, though she didn’t dare suggest one of her changelings read to her each night. Being a laughingstock over a spanking was bad enough.
  175. A knock on the door of her office drew her attention. It was one of her crystal empire spies, carrying a box on his back. Setting it down, he saluted and addressed her. “My Queen. I fear I have been found out. Earlier this day, Princess Cadance approached me and ordered me to take this to my queen. I have ascertained it is no threat already, and have left it unopened.”
  177. Curiosity piqued, Chrysalis dismissed the spy and levitated the box over to her desk, slitting the tape with one of the sharp edges of her leg. She pulled the lid open and gasped in embarrassment.
  179. Inside the box was the stuffed dragon she had held while Shining spanked her, any tears her tantrum had inflicted on it mended. Pulling that out and laying it on her desk, she saw and removed the book he had read as well, along with a folded note…and a familiar hairbrush.
  180. Unfolding the note, she read, in Cadance’s unmistakable hornwriting, “I knew it was you the moment I laid eyes on you. It’s not mother’s instinct when my baby never goes out without her precious Teddy Wolf. I hope the experience you had taught you more than a few lessons. You did fool Shining, though. It was rather cute how guilty he felt about spanking you so hard.”
  182. “Enter my empire again, especially disguised as my daughter, and I promise you that spanking with a belt will be the least of your worries. We follow Equestria’s legal system for now, and public paddlings are an accepted punishment. –Princess Cadance”
  184. Grumbling to herself, Chrysalis crumpled up the note, spitting an unflattering epithet about Cadance’s ancestry and what she could do with her public paddlings before she noticed writing on the back. Picking the note back up, she smoothed it and read it again, still swearing about Cadance.
  186. “PS. I had Twily enchant this hairbrush. For a year, if you ever misbehave within its range, it will activate, take a moment to adjust and figure out what you deserve, and then deliver a bottom blistering that you probably have coming to you. Have fun!”
  187. Upon reading that, Chrysalis slowly turned to look where she had left the hairbrush while unpacking the box.
  189. It wasn’t there anymore…
  191. “AAAAIEEE!!!!”
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