Their Future - Chapter 1 (Shizune Epilogue)

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  1. Their Future – Chapter 1
  3. The gate looked too pompous for what it was. Its red brick and cold, unwelcoming black wrought iron gave it a sort of haughty attitude. At least, that was what I thought when I first came to Yamaku. Now, the gate is like an old friend, inviting me back into the lush green gardens. This is… home.
  5. I move to enter, but I’m stopped by the brown-haired woman beside me.
  7. “Wahaha~! Why so eager, Hicchan~?” Misha laughs her trademark laugh and beams at me. I rub the back of my head and laugh apologetically.
  9. “Heh, sorry. Guess I’m just excited to see the old place again.” At this, she grins at me once more, silently agreeing.
  11. Without exchanging another word, we step through this familiar gateway together, allowing waves of nostalgia to wash over us. Seeing the beautiful campus once more, I allow myself to reminisce about all the memories I had here: Kenji’s mad ranting, the long days and nights spent in the Student Council room, and especially the Tanabata celebration, where Shizune and I admired the fruits of our labours, and where we found love with each other.
  13. I am interrupted from my memories by the school’s headmaster, a seemingly young man in a black suit, with spiked up black hair that doesn’t quite seem to be able to stay down.
  15. “Aha! You must be our new teachers! Mr. Nakai and Miss Mikado, was it?” We nod in affirmation, and he beams at us, reminding me of the old head nurse. I briefly wonder if he still works here, but resolve to find out later, as the headmaster has already set off on a tour of the academy. He sets a brisk pace, and I’m thankful that Shizune reminded me to take my meds this morning.
  17. He brings us all around the school, showing us how much the place has changed since we graduated. We stop in on the Student Council room, and I notice how the room seems more in use than when we were here, and I ask the headmaster about it.
  19. “Hm? Oh yes, the Student Council is quite large this year! We’re very proud of how involved the students are in the school!” I make a note to myself to tell Shizune about this; I’m sure she’ll be pleased. Or maybe she’ll get competitive with them, like usual. Odds are 50/50 on that one.
  21. Finally, we stop outside our old classroom: 3-3. The headmaster opens the door; the place is just as I remember, though the blackboards have been replaced by electronic whiteboards.
  23. “Both of you remember this place, of course.” The headmaster states, clearly displaying that he’s done his research. “Mr Nakai, however, I would suggest you refamiliarize yourself with it, as you’ll be spending a lot of time here.”
  25. I’m slightly confused by this, before I remember that I’m not only replacing Mutou as the science teacher, but also as homeroom teacher for class 3-3. The headmaster grins as realisation dawns on me, and I step into the classroom, taking it all in. The sunlight hits my old desk perfectly, as if to say that I am well and truly home.
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