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Aug 22nd, 2019
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  1. In this project, you are going to be creating a simple calculator that will only operate on positive numbers. Your program has already been set up to take in a single line of input formatted as a String, without spaces. You may assume that the input is guaranteed to be valid. The output should be something like "The result is ____".
  3. Your result must be printed as an integer.
  5. Your program should be able to handle the following operators:
  6. Addition
  7. Subtraction
  8. Multiplication
  9. Division
  10. Modulo
  11. You may find a new String method, .contains(), to be helpful.
  12. .contains(char/String)
  13. returns: true if the char/String is found in the original String, false otherwise
  15. You can use the following to convert Strings to ints (assuming they can be converted):
  16. Integer.parseInt(str);
  18. Sample input/output:
  19. In:53-22
  20. The result is 31
  21. In:39%4
  22. The result is 3
  23. In: 65
  24. The result is 32
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