In Which Emms is a Silly Pony

May 30th, 2013
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  1. [10:12:13 AM] Globebutt:
  2. [1:37:23 PM] Emms: that is a nice looking bed
  3. [1:37:41 PM] Globebutt: That's not a bed, you silly pony.
  4. [1:37:55 PM] Globebutt: Globebutt ruffles Emms' mane and scratches behind an ear
  5. [1:38:00 PM] Emms: but to that ca--ttewsdgdgsdg
  6. [1:38:03 PM] Emms: it is to the cat
  7. [1:38:36 PM] Emms: you and your evil hands
  8. [1:41:57 PM] Globebutt: Pretending you don't like it.
  9. [1:42:15 PM] Globebutt: Globebutt rubs below Emms' chin with a finger
  10. [1:42:30 PM] Emms: Emms impulsively hold his chin up
  11. [1:42:32 PM] Emms: ngfdgs
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