Shitty Quake server tutorial

May 31st, 2017
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  1. So you want to play some fucking Quake with your friends or /vr/ online? You got it, sempai. Sorry for the bad english though
  3. First, you need a sourceport. Use Quakeworld ones, NetQuake sucks for online play. I use FTEQW (link:, I've used the separate .exes for this guide), but anything goes really, as far as it has an separate .exe for a dedicated server it's fine.
  5. Next, you need the game itself, so either buy it on Steam/GoG, use the link on the pastebin or download the original DOS game as a floppy or CD and install it on DOSBox so you get the files. Again, anything goes as long as you get the last version of the game.
  7. After that, you need to open the ports on your router so people can join to your server and fill them with viruses, rockets and shit. The procedure for doing so varies a lot with every router, but universally what you need to do is:
  8. - Go to your web browser of preference (even IE should be enough)
  9. - Write (or, those are the most common out there) and login (usually user:admin, if not, Google it).
  10. - Look up for any options that says "Port Forwarding" or "Virtual Server"
  11. - Open any port that you like (I use 10666-10700 as Doomseeker uses them by default) on TCP/UDP (also called "Both") to your STATIC IP (that means don't use HDCP and manually set your IP, subnet mask and default gateway on your adapter settings. Link:
  12. - Save your settings and you're good to go
  14. Finally, the easiest part of them all: actually creating the server. It's as easy as creating a .bat and executing it.
  15. Let's say you want 8 players on your server, use the port 10667 and start on the first map. Write:
  17. fteqwsv.exe -dedicated 8 -port 10667 +map start
  19. Run the .bat and it should open the dedicated server in a console. ¡You made a server! Give yourself a beer for the hard work.
  20. Some things you will need to change inside the console though (I'm sure there's an easier way to do it like running an autoexec.cfg with these settings but I never bothered, try it yourself):
  22. skill (0/1/2/3): selects the skill level. 0=Easy, 1=Normal, 2=Hard, 3=Nightmare
  23. deathmatch (0/1): selects the deathmatch mode. 0=Off, 1=On. If you want to play coop, it's obligatory to set this to 0.
  24. coop (0/1): selects the coop mode. 0=Off, 1=On. If you want to play deathmatch, it's obligatory to set this to 0.
  25. status: to see how your server it's doing.
  26. game *game name*: let's you choose the gamedir you are using, so you can play mods and other shit like Scourge of Armagon and other ones. Use "restart" after you're done.
  27. restart: self explanatory.
  29. Now go, give your external IP (e.g:, "yyyyy" being the port you opened and the external IP. Go to if you don't know it) to your friends and start playing with them. Easy shit, right?
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