Dark Souls - NPC/Secrets Walkthrough (Spoilers!)

Sep 8th, 2012
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  1. Introduction:
  3. *WARNING: It is recommended that you have completed Dark Souls at least once before consulting this guide, as this walkthrough makes no attempt at being Spoiler-free and the capability of reaching and navigating all areas is assumed.*
  5. This guide will cover NPCs, Invaders, Secrets, Special Weapons and other content of Dark Souls in a step-by-step fashion, although many parts can be done at any time and in any order. However, elaborating on all possible orders would go beyond the intended scope of this guide and would merely add clutter, obscuring the important parts.
  6. Therefore it is recommended to follow this guide's order if full completion is desired.
  8. **For guaranteed progression, always exhaust an NPC's dialogue until they repeat themselves.**
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Walkthrough:
  14. * (Firelink Shrine) The Crestfallen Warrior only has dialogue (though quite a bit). After talking to him several times, he'll keep repeating himself. He'll have new dialogue after certain events have occured: you rescued Griggs, you rescued Laurentius, you flew back and forth between Firelink Shrine and the Undead Asylum via Snuggly and once Kingseeker Frampt appears. Note that after Frampt appears and you exhaust the Crestfallen Warrior's dialogue, he'll turn Hollow and move to New Londo Ruins.
  16. * (Firelink Shrine) Petrus of Thorolund will have some short dialogue (and he'll give you a Copper Coin) that will only continue if you join his Covenant. Accept, and you can talk to him some more. Learn his Gesture. He'll offer to reveal the secret of his mission in exchange for a fee of 100 Souls per Level you have.
  18. * (Undead Burg) The Male Undead Merchant will only have some short dialogue. After progressing a bit with the story, however, he'll start talking about Yulia (his Katana or his wooden tub - not entirely sure).
  20. * (Undead Burg) If you have the Master key, you can open a door before the Taurus Demon to fight Havel the Rock for Havel's Ring. If you don't, you'll need a key that can be found after defeating the Moonlight Butterfly.
  22. * (Undead Burg) Solaire will have some dialogue, and he will offer you the White Sign Soapstone.
  24. * (Undead Parish) Using ranged weaponry (or a powerful melee weapon), you can destroy the Hellkite Drake's tail for the Drake sword.
  26. * (Undead Parish) If you have at least 25 Faith or if you have engaged in enough jolly cooperation, you may now join the Warriors of Sunlight covenant at the Sunlight Shrine. You will receive the Lightning Spear miracle. Trade 10 Sunlight Medals for the Great Lightning Spear miracle. Trade Soul of Gwyn for the Sunlight Spear miracle. You can also learn a Gesture.
  28. * (Undead Parish) Andrei of Astora only has dialogue. Learn his Gesture. After entering certain parts of the Darkroot Forest, he will comment on the Grave of Artorias. Killing him will yield the Blacksmith's Hammer (**Not recommended!**)
  30. * (Undead Parish) Speak to Siegmeyer of Catarina for some dialogue.
  32. * (Undead Parish) Lautrec can be freed from his prison cell in the church using the Mystery key or Master key.
  34. * (Firelink Shrine) Speak to Lautrec for a Sunlight Medal. He'll offer some dialogue, as well.
  36. * (Undead Parish) If you are human, you can now summon both Solaire of Astora and Knight Lautrec for the Gargoyles boss battle. Lautrec's sign can be found opposite of the second ladder, Solaire's is at the very top.
  38. * (Undead Parish) Destroying the first Gargoyle's tail will yield a Gargoyle Tail Axe.
  40. * (Undead Parish) The Pardoner, Oswald of Carim, will only offer some short dialogue. Learn his Gesture. He will mention Petrus after the events regarding Reah have occured.
  42. * (Firelink Shrine) Grab the Undead Asylum F2 West Key from atop the broken dome.
  44. * (Undead Asylum Revisited) You can listen to Snuggly the Crow when approaching its nest. You can drop certain items to trade with him/her.
  46. * (Undead Asylum Revisited) You can find and defeat Oscar of Astora for his Crest Shield. Don't forget the Rusted Iron Ring and the Peculiar doll for later.
  48. * (Darkroot Garden Pre-Gate) You can summon Witch Beatrice for the Moonlight Butterfly boss fight. Her summoning sign is hidden behind a bush beneath the stairs leading to the fog gate.
  50. * (Darkroot Garden Pre-Gate) You can trade the Divine Ember to Andrei of Astora for some dialogue.
  52. * (Darkroot Basin) See Havel above.
  54. * (Darkroot Basin) Defeat the Hydra. Quit and reload your game. Move past the lake and hug the left wall until you can see a Golden Golem. Defeat it. Dusk of Oolacile will spawn and offer Sorceries. Accept. Ran back to the large boulder near the Hydra, and summon her. She has some short dialogue. Learn her Gesture.
  56. * (Darkroot Basin) Return to where you fought the Golden Golem to find Dusk's corpse along with her set of clothes. May require reloading.
  58. * (The Catacombs) This is somewhat of a side-track (and quite difficult, as you most likely won't have any Divine weapons at this point), but if you go through The Catacombs, you can meet Patches at the lever near the second bonfire (the hidden one). He'll offer some short dialogue and ask if you are a cleric. Answer **"No"**. He will attempt to kill you by using the lever if you try to pass the bridge (regardless of your answer). Return to him for some more dialogue. Tell him you aren't happy about what he did, and he'll give you one Humanity.
  60. * (The Catacombs) Vamos will only offer some short dialogue. Killing him yields Hammer of Vamos and Royal Helmet (**Not Recommended!**)
  62. * (The Catacombs) Enter the coffin near the Titanite Demon and wait for 20-30 seconds. Pray to the Gravelord and enter his Covenant for the Gravelord Sword and Gravelord Sword Dance miracle. Trading him 10 Eyes of Death will reward you with the Gravelord Greatsword Dance miracle.
  64. * (The Catacombs) If you are Human, you can summon Paladin Leeroy for the boss fight by dropping down on to a ledge in the pit with all the floating Skull bombs.
  66. * (Lower Undead Burg) Griggs of Vinheim can be freed. Will offer some dialogue. He'll move to Firelink Shrine afterwards. Talk to him there for more dialogue and Sorcery services.
  68. * (Lower Undead Burg) The Female Undead Merchant will only have some short dialogue. Note that she'll say some new lines if you haven't spoken to her in quite some time.
  70. * (Firelink Shrine) After defeating the Capra Demon, you can backtrack to the Firelink Shrine. If you do, you'll find that Reah and her two bodyguards will have arrived. Petrus will have some new lines of dialogue, but still offer services. Reah and her bodyguards will also have some short dialogue. Exhaust all of it to progress.
  72. * (Firelink Shrine) You'll probably have to quit/reload or move to a different zone and then come back. Reah and her cohorts will have left Firelink Shrink. Petrus may be gone as well, zoning again may result in him reappearing. Speak to Petrus, and he will mention how he has been separated from Reah and her cohorts. If you speak to Lautruc now, he may offer some information to you, in exchange for 100 Souls per Level you have. It will trigger an attitude change in Petrus, if you speak to him again.
  74. * (Tomb of the Giants) You'll meet Patches again near the first bonfire. Talk to him and do what he says. After returning, talk to him again and tell him "No.", and he'll give you a Twin Humanities.
  76. * (Tomb of the Giants) You'll find Reah near the spot where you fell down to. Talk to her. Kill her hollowed Bodyguards nearby and speak to her again. You'll receive the miracle Replenishment.
  78. * (Undead Parish) After returning from the Tomb of the Giants, you can find Reah praying at the altar in the church. Talk to her for some dialogue and answer "Yes." to access her services. Learn her gesture. If you buy all her miracles, she will eventually leave that spot. Note that if you don't buy all her miracles or kill Petrus before visiting 2-3 new areas, she will be assassinated (7 Humanities, Pendant as drops, Petrus will drop her Ivory talisman if killed afterwards).
  80. * (Firelink Shrine) If you speak to Petrus now, he may first talk about him failing Reah and regretting it, but eventually he may change his attitude and openly criticize Reah.
  82. * (The Depths) Back on track now, you can rescue Laurentius of the Great Swamp by rolling into the barrels. He'll offer some short dialogue and move to the Firelink Shrine after you change areas.
  84. * (Firelink Shrine) Laurentius will offer more dialogue and Pyromancy related services.
  86. * (The Depths) If you pick up the Large Ember, you can later offer it to Andrei of Astora for some dialogue.
  88. * (The Depths) If you are Human, Kirk, Knight of Thorns will invade you in the short passageway between the giant rats and the Basilisks. Drops include Humanity and possibly Barbed Sword and Spiked Shield.
  90. * (The Depths) Domhnhall of Zena will be near the Blighttown entrance. Talk to him for some short dialogue. Note that everytime you buy something from him, he may offer one piece of advice (up to 3 or 4 times). Make sure to select "Talk" immediately after leaving the buying screen or you'll be forced to buy another item.
  92. * (The Depths) If you are Human, you can summon Knight Solaire and Knight Lautrec for the Gaping Dragon boss fight. Both signs are right before the last set of stairs that lead to the fog wall.
  94. * (The Depths) Destroying the Gaping Dragon's tail will yield the Dragon King Greataxe.
  96. * (Blighttown) If you are Human, Maneater Mildred will invade your world near the second bonfire. Drops Humanities, a Butcher Knife and sometimes a Sack.
  98. * (Blighttown) Quelana of Izalith will appear near a pillar between the second bonfire and Quelaag's Domain - but only if your Pyromancy Flame is sufficiently upgraded (+7-8 or higher, I think). She offers some short dialogue. Buy at least one of her unique Pyromancies for Laurentius' progression.
  100. * (Blighttown/Quelaag's Domain) Pillaging the Firekeeper's Soul or ringing the second Bell will trigger Lautrec of Carim to kill the Firelink Shrine's Firekeeper. She drops her armor and the Black Eye Orb.
  102. * (Quelaag's Domain) If you are Human, you can summon Maneater Mildred to fight against the boss. The sign is right next the fog gate.
  104. * (Quelaag's Domain) Talk to Eingyi and answer "Yes." He will let you pass, and will offer some dialogue. Note that if you deliberately let yourself be infected by a worm egg (by having one of the aggressive egg carriers impregnate your head) and wait until it spawns, he will be friendlier, offer more dialogue and sell Pyromancy to you. Also, if you have higher than 12 Intelligence (13-15, not sure how much), he will offer you a Pyromancy Flame.
  106. * (Quelaag's Domain) Quelaan will offer dialogue if you have the Old Witch's Ring (Starting Gift or trade Snuggly for it). Enter her Covenant for Chaos Great Fireball. Optional: Trade her 30 Humanity at any point in time (without leaving inbetween) for Chaos Storm and access to an important shortcut (don't leave the Covenant until you have actually opened it). **Note that you may want to hold off on this until later in the game, as there are several upcoming Covenants you can join for rewards.**
  108. * (Firelink Shrine) Laurentius will offer some dialogue if you haven't spoken to him yet. If at any point you have already bought Pyromancy from Quelana, he will ask about it. If you tell him, make sure you've already bought everything from him, as he will vanish afterwards. You can then find him Hollowed in Blighttown, midway between Quelaag's Domain and The Great Hollow.
  110. * (Firelink Shrine) Domhnhall of Zena will have moved beneath the huge Aqueduct after you rang the second bell. He'll offer some short new dialogue and certain boss armors for those you've defeated. He'll still offer the bits of advice after a trade.
  112. * (Firelink Shrine) Kingseeker Frampt will have appeared in Firelink Shrine and offer dialogue and garbage disposal. Note that trading him any of the Souls items that yield less than 500 Souls will result in 500 Souls, thus increasing their value.
  114. * (Sen's Fortress) Speak to Siegmeyer of Catarina for some dialogue.
  116. * (Sen's Fortress) Using the Master key or Cage key, you can free Big Hat Logan for some dialogue. He'll move to Firelink Shrine afterwards.
  118. * (Sen's Fortress) Crestfallen Merchant has some dialogue. Will have some more if you haven't spoken to him in a while.
  120. * (Sen's Fortress) Defeat Undead Prnce Ricard for his Ricard's Rapier.
  122. * (Firelink Shrine) Griggs and Logan both have some more dialogue. Buying all of Griggs Sorceries and items, as well as all of Logan's spells will lead to Griggs eventually becoming Hollow and moving to Sen's Fortress.
  124. * (Sen's Fortress) If you are Human, you can summon Iron Tarkus (TAAAARRRKUUSSSSSS!) in the empty room near the fog gate to the boss.
  126. * (Anor Londo) Lady of the Darkling will have some short dialogue.
  128. * (Anor Londo) At the very bottom of the moving spiral staircase, you can speak to Dark Sun Gwyndolin and join his Covenant "Blades of the Darkmoon". Trade 10 Souvenirs of Reprisal for the Darkmoon Blade miracle and Darkmoon talisman.
  130. * (Anor Londo) You can meet Solaire of Astora once more next to the third bonfire after the Silver Knight Archers gauntlet. He has some entertaining dialogue.
  132. * (Anor Londo) Siegmeyer will be in a side room, dozing away. Speak to him a bit, kill the Silver Knights in the adjacent room and return to him. He'll thank you and give you the Tiny Being's Ring.
  134. * (Anor Londo) The Giant Blacksmith offers a little bit of dialogue. Killing him yields Blacksmith Giant Hammer (**Not recommended!**)
  136. * (Anor Londo) You can use the Black Eye Orb in the large central room to invade Knight Lautrec's world as a Spirit of Vengeance. Kill him to receive Humanities, the Ring of Favor and Protection and the stolen Firekeeper's Soul.
  138. * (Anor Londo) You can summon Solaire of Astora for the boss battle. His sign is located on the large stairs leading to the Giant Blacksmith.
  140. * (Anor Londo/Chamber of the Princess) After using the elevator located in the boss room, look to the side opposite of the bonfire to find the corpse of Knight Lautrec, containing his armor set. May require quitting and reloading.
  142. * (Chamber of the Princess) Talk to Gwynevere for some dialogue. Join her Covenant, "Princess's Guard" for the Ring of the Sun Princess.
  144. * (Anor Londo) Optional: Kill Dark Sun Gwyndolin for some treasure and his soul. Lady of the Darkling will now be aggressive and attack you on sight - the bonfire will be permanently disabled once you kill her. Killing her will yield a Firekeeper's Soul.
  146. * (Chamber of the Princess) Optional: Kill Gwynevere to permanently darken Anor Londo. All Giants (save for the Giant Blacksmith), Winged Demons and Silver Knights will vanish for that playthrough. Lady of the Darkling will move near the large, moving staircase. You'll be able to continue using her bonfire as long as you do not kill her. If you are Human, you will always be open to invasions despite the boss being dead. Two non-respawning Undead warriors will wait for you in the central hall.
  148. * (Anor Londo) You can gain access to the Painted World of Ariamis by touching the massive painting in the large cathedral that is being guarded by the Painting Guardians.
  150. * (Painted World of Ariamis) The Dark Ember found here can be traded to Andrei of Astora for some short dialogue.
  152. * (Painted World of Ariamis) If you are Human, King Jeremiah will invade you if you trespass on the graveyard with the swords/spears. Drops Humanities and a Notched Whip.
  154. * (Painted World of Ariamis) Crossbreed Priscilla will have some short dialogue. Destroy her tail for Priscilla's Dagger. If you've killed King Jeremiah earlier, you can find his corpse on the left side shortly before the exit, containing his peculiar armor set.
  156. * (Firelink Shrine) Speak to Siegmeyer and answer "Yes." - he will reward you with the Emit Force miracle.
  158. * (Firelink Shrine) Speaking to Frampt will offer new dialogue, but beware: if you place the Lordvessel with his help, Darkstalker Kaathe and the Darkwraith covenant will be unavailable for this playthrough. On the other hand, you can keep using Frampt's services and Anastacia will have some more dialogue. **I'll assume from here on out you want access to the Darkwraith covenant.**
  160. * (Darkroot Garden Post-Gate) There are 3 Forest Hunter NPCs who do not respawn: two Undead Warriors with Fog Rings and Pharis. Killing Pharis will yield Humanities, Black Bow of Pharis and Pharis's Hat.
  162. * (Darkroot Garden Post-Gate) Speak to Alvina for some dialogue. Join her Covenant - slaying 3 foes by using the Cat Covenant Ring will reward you with a Divine Blessing and the Ring of Fog. You can now also speak to Shiva of the East right outside the building for some dialogue. Note that this is the first opportunity to kill his Ninja bodyguard for the Darkwood Grain Ring. You can safely pull the Ninja without aggroing Shiva by using a ranged weapon. (**Not yet recommended.**)
  164. * (Blighttown) If you've joined the Forest Hunter covenant, you can now find Shiva of the East beneath the wooden structure that offers a way back to the surface. He offers some dialogue, sells a unique selection of rare weapons and a ring. Learn his Gesture. Note that this is the second opportunity to kill his Ninja bodyguard for the Darkwood Grain Ring. Doing this will result in expulsion from the Covenant, though. If you fail to kill him by dying, Shiva and his Bodyguard will move back to Darkroot Forest. You can pull the Ninja pretty easily there, without aggroing Shiva. You can force this without dying by simply running away or using a Homeward bone, in case you don't want to deal with Shiva.
  166. * (Blighttown) Optional: Kill the Hollow Laurentius of the Great Swamp if you haven't already.
  168. * (Blighttown) Speak to Siegmeyer of Catarina near the large gnarly tree. Trade him 3 Purple Moss Clumps for a Pierce shield.
  170. * (Blighttown) Proceed to run up the ramp of the large tree. To the left of the corpse inside, you can reveal a path by hitting an illusory wall. Right behind the chest within that hallway, another illusory wall obscures the path to the Great Hollow.
  172. * (The Great Hollow) Make sure to pick up the Cloranthy Ring that requires you to roll into a hollow tree stump from atop the walkway. The Great Hollow also houses the largest amount of Crystal Lizards of any area - quitting and reloading is practically mandatory if you wish to hunt them all.
  174. * (Ash Lake) Speak to the immortal dragon to join the Covenant "Path of the Dragon" for the Dragon Eye and Dragon Head Stone. Trading 30 Dragon Scales will reward you with the Dragon Torso Stone. If you cut off the immortal dragon's tail (no repercussions whatsoever), you will receive the Dragon Greatsword.
  176. * (Darkroot Garden Post-Gate) If you trade the Enchanted Ember found here to Rickert of Vinheim, he'll offer some extra dialogue.
  178. * (Darkroot Garden Post-Gate) **Note that this is only available if you've completed the AotA/PtD storyline, which *requires* you to have placed the Lordvessel to access The Duke's Archives (solo or via Frampt) - this means you cannot side with Kaathe if you wish to see this scene!** Triggering the boss battle with Sif will yield an alternate scene where she acknowledges you with profound sadness due to past events.
  180. * (New Londo Ruins) Rickert of Vinheim will offer some blacksmith services and some dialogue.
  182. * (New Londo Ruins) Ingward will give you the key to the seal, offer some services as well as some dialogue. After you defeat the Four Kings, he will move to Firelink Shrine.
  184. * (New Londo Ruins) Trading the Very Large Ember you can find here to Andrei of Astora, will get you another tidbit of dialogue.
  186. * (New Londo Ruins) If you are Human, you can summon Witch Beatrice right before the fog gate that leads to the Four Kings. After defeating the Four Kings, you can find her corpse along with her belongings in the Valley of the Drakes, along a cliff (on the Firelink/Blighttown side).
  188. * (The Abyss) Darkstalker Kaathe will offer some dialogue. If you place the Lordvessel using him, he will also offer you access to the "Darkwraith" Covenant. **Note that this will cause Kingseeker Frampt to leave the next time you meet him.** If you join, you'll be rewarded with a Dark Hand, and you can buy Cracked Red Eye Orbs. If you offer him 10 Humanity, you'll receive a Red Eye Orb. Offer him a total of 30 Humanity, and you'll receive a full set of Dark(wraith) Armor, as well as a Darksword.
  190. * (Sunlight Altar/Undead Parish) You can find Solaire of Astora here. Talk to him for some dialogue.
  192. * (The Duke's Archives) Kill the dormant Crystal Golem for the Broken Pendant. This will unlock access to the DLC areas.
  194. * (The Duke's Archives) If you bought all of Reah's miracles and she left Undead Parish, you'll now be able to find her in a prison cell, hollowed. Killing her will yield her Ivory talisman and Humanity.
  196. * (The Duke's Archives) If you listen closely, you can hear two of the Pisaca (the tentacle monsters) quietly sobbing. Killing them yields the Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight miracles.
  198. * (The Duke's Archives) Speak to Big Hat Logan, who was imprisoned yet again for some short dialogue.
  200. * (The Duke's Archives) Free Big Hat Logan using the key found in the library. He will then move to said library. You can speak to him there for some dialogue and Sorcery services.
  202. * (The Duke's Archives) To obtain Avelyn, follow these steps: Kill all archers and the Channeler in the first room of the Archives. Then proceed to the moving staircase right above Avelyn. Take a look at where the bookshelf with Avelyn is located. Move the staircase so that you can go to the side of the balcony that is *closest* to Avelyn. Move to the balcony and then back on to the staircase. Use the lever to activate the staircase, and once it has stopped moving, quit and reload. You should now be back on the balcony. You can simply run forward to safely drop on to the bookshelf with Avelyn.
  204. * (The Duke's Archives) If you bring the Crystal Ember found here to the Giant Blacksmith, you'll get some dialogue.
  206. * (The Duke's Archives - Outside) Defeat the Golden Golem to release Sieglinde of Catarina for some dialogue.
  208. * (Crystal Cave) Cut off Seath the Scaleless's tail to receive the Moonlight Greatsword.
  210. * (The Duke's Archives) After having defeated Seath, go back to Big Hat Logan and buy up **all** of his remaining spells. Speak to him some more, then quit and reload. He should have vanished now (if not, warp to another area and then back). Now back all the way to where you first fought Seath the Scaleless (where you could not damage him). You'll find Logan in a Hollowed state. Grant him mercy, then pick up his Tin Crystallization Catalyst and White Dragon Breath Sorcery.
  212. * (The Duke's Archives) In the same room where you fought Logan, you'll find a prominent chest with the Large Magic Ember. Deliver it to Rickert of Vinheim for some dialogue.
  214. * (Firelink Shrine) Speak to Sieglinde of Catarina for some dialogue - tell her that you *did* see her father. ("Yes")
  216. * (Demon Ruins) If you are Human, Kirk, Knight of Thorns will invade you when you are at the cliffside. Potential drops are the same as before.
  218. * (Demon Ruins) The Large Flame Ember can be traded to Vamos for some dialogue.
  220. * (Demon Ruins) Optional (**Recommended**): If you've successfully attained (or retained) the Chaos Servant +2 rank, you can now open the shortcut leading to Lost Izalith. If you do so, **make sure you kill the Sunlight Maggot with the glowing red head** - it will drop the Sunlight Maggot helmet (pick it up!). To be safe, kill all the other Maggots, as well.
  221. **Note that if you don't open the shortcut and obtain the Sunlight Maggot, Solaire will turn Hollow the moment you enter Lost Izalith - this cannot be reverted. However, this will also provide certain closure to his storyline and you will receive his armor set and his Sunlight talisman for killing him.
  222. Alternatively, if you do not wish to open the shortcut, you may use Poison Mist or Toxic Mist to kill the Sunlight Maggots through the stone gate, preventing Solaire from going insane.
  223. Note that while the helmet drop will be available even if you go all the way around through Lost Izalith, it will be lost if you die at any point inbetween. Also, there is a chance that you might not successfully hit and kill the correct Sunlight Maggot as there is no way of visually confirming its death without opening the shortcut.**
  225. * (Demon Ruins) If you are Human, you can summon Solaire of Astora for the boss fight against the Centipede Demon.
  227. * (Demon Ruins) With the Charred Orange Ring in hand, you can now collect the Chaos Flame Ember, which you can trade to Vamos for yet more dialogue.
  229. * (Lost Izalith - Normal Entrance) You can find Solaire of Astora near the bonfire here for some short dialogue.
  231. * (Lost Izalith) If you are Human, Kirk, Knight of Thorns will invade near the fog gate leading to the boss. Same potential drops as before.
  233. * (Lost Izalith) You will find Siegmeyer of Catarina at the Chaos Eater pit, dozing off yet again. You now have several options to continue his questline:
  235. 1. Defeat all but 1 Chaos Eater (the fifth one in the hallway does **not** count), then speak to him repeatedly until he jumps down to kick some butt. Assist him if needed (make sure he ends up with *more* than 50% Health left), then speak to him until he dozes off again. Go to *Firelink Shrine* and speak to Sieglinde of Catarina - answer "Yes.", you did see him. Proceed to *Ash Lake* Near the first bonfire, you will find Sieglinde and Siegmeyer. Speak to Sieglinde to be rewarded with a Titanite Slab. (**True Ending**)
  236. 2. See the above, except that he ends up with less than 50% Health. He will commit suicide - just loot him afterwards.
  237. 3. Kill all four Chaos Eaters before speaking to him. After the deed is done, talk to him and he'll reward you with the Speckled Stoneplate Ring. (**"Happy" Ending**)
  238. 4. Kill him for his Speckled Stoneplate Ring and delicious Humanity. (**Not recommended.**)
  240. * (Demon Ruins/Izalith Shortcut) You'll be able to find Solaire sitting here in the hallway, talk to him for some dialogue. May require more zoning or quitting/reloading.
  242. * (Quelaag's Domain) You will be able to find the corpse of Kirk, Knight of Thorns, laying against the wall near Quelaan, containing his full armor set.
  244. * (Tomb of the Giants) *I assume you've already been here before.* In a pit with Giant Skeletons, you'll find a Large Divine Ember. Return with it to Andrei of Astora, and you'll get some short dialogue.
  246. * (Tomb of the Giants) If you are Human, Paladin Leeroy will invade you shortly after reaching the lit part of the Tomb. He'll drop Humanity, Grant and Sanctus.
  248. * (Tomb of the Giants) After defeating Nito, quit your game and reload. You'll be able to find Paladin Leeroy's corpse along with his Paladin armor in a corner.
  250. * (Firelink Shrine) Patches will now have moved to Firelink Shrine after Nito's defeat. He'll offer some insight on many other NPCs and sell some items. If you kill him, he will drop Humanity and his Crescent Axe (**Not recommended unless you've already bought everything and want to exact revenge.**)
  252. **DLC Content:**
  254. * (Sanctuary Garden) Destroy the Sanctuary Guardian's tail for a Guardian's Tail whip.
  256. * (Oolacile Sanctuary) Speak to Elizabeth for some dialogue.
  258. * (Sanctuary Garden) Return to the boss arena to meet 2 non-boss, respawning Sanctuary Guardians. You can try to get their tails, as well.
  260. * (Royal Wood) Speak to Marvellous Chester for some dialogue and shopping.
  262. * (Oolacile Township) After defeating Artorias, quit and reload (or move back and forth between areas). You'll find Lord's Blade Ciaran paying respects to Artorias in the former battle arena. Trade her Artorias' soul for her two weapons, Gold Tracer and Dark Silver Tracer. Alternatively, you can kill her to gain the aforementioned two weapons in addition to a full set of Lord's Blade armor (without losing Artorias' soul).
  264. * (Oolacile Township) If you are Human, Marvellous Chester will invade your world. No drops, but returning to him in Royal Woods will lead to some new dialogue.
  266. * (Oolacile Township) There's a message on the ground with the Knight icon that mentions light. Use the Skull Lantern, the Sunlight Maggot or a Light spell to reveal a hidden room with the Silver Pendant inside.
  268. * (Chasm of the Abyss) Follow Alvina's projected image and banish the illusory wall she leads you to. Defeat all the Humanity enemies to free Sif. You'll be rewarded with the Cleansing Greatshield.
  270. * (Chasm of the Abyss) If you are Human, you will be able to summon Sif to fight alongside you during your battle with Manus, Father of the Abyss. When you first drop into the arena, the sign will be to the left of you. Unlike normal signs, you just have to touch it once - no confirmation dialogue is necessary.
  272. * (Chasm of the Abyss) Killing Dusk here will yield nothing. But if you return to the Oolacile Sanctuary, Elizabeth will have vanished, leaving behind 3 Elizabeth's mushrooms (**Not recommended.**)
  274. * (Oolacile Township) With the Crest Key from the Oolacile Township Dungeon in hand, you can open the door that leads to the tower where Hawkeye Gough is imprisoned. If you've met Kalameet before, he will offer to shoot him for you so you may defeat him in battle. You'll have to talk to him a second time in case you've met him only after meeting Kalameet.
  276. * (Royal Woods) Destroy Kalameet's tail for the Obsidian Greatsword. This is very difficult - I recommend enlisting Phantom support.
  278. * (Oolacile Township) Return to Hawkeye Gough and talk to him for a bit - he'll reward you with his Greatbow.
  280. * (Oolacile Township) Optional: You may kill Hawkeye Gough for his armor set.
  282. * (Oolacile Sanctuary) Return to Elizabeth for some dialogue and 3 Elizabeth's mushrooms. Note that you may kill her at any point in time before or after beating Manus (without talking) and you will still receive the 3 mushrooms.
  284. * (Darkroot Basin) Summon Dusk once more and talk to her for some closing dialogue.
  286. **End of the DLC Content.**
  288. * (Kiln of the First Flame) If you've successfully prevented Solaire from picking up the Sunlight Maggot, you will now be able to summon him for the battle against Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. His summoning sign is to the left right after the bridge section.
  290. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  292. Copyright 2012 André Fobbe (Rhayve)
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